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  1. eReaders. What is everyone's opinion on them. Do you enjoy them? Which one do you use? Also, if you don't use one, how come? I'll start off that I own a Kindle 2 and use to read it on the train. I loved how convenient it was to read on public transit (easy to hold in one hand, can carry multiple books with me, etc). However, I've just recently in the last few months made the switch back to paper and I think I've settled on physical books again. One of the things that made me switch back to physical was the Kindle 2's screen resolution wasn't that great IMO, especially when you compare to a real book. Plus, there's just something about reading an actual, physical book in my hands. Also I missed perusing my local bookstore, especially the used & recommendation section, for cool finds. I don't know, maybe the newer Kindles or iPad Mini are better than my 3+ year old Kindle 2. They have a higher resolution, plus a backlight, etc. However, I'm happy now to have made the switch back to physical books. Plus I got a sweet stack of the Idle Book Club books for Xmas! (Evidence of Things Unseen + Telegraph Ave)