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  1. I looked it up and apparently you have to own the original capital of each Civ so maybe I just missed one. However, on the actual victory tracking screen it says I've got all 6 capitals.


    I started a new game with Greece to try out a cultural victory. It's fun not having so many units to think about each turn like with the domination victory.

  2. I tried to do a domination victory with Macedonia, but after about 260 turns, and capturing all 6 capitals on the map it just didn't work for some reason. I don't know if I have to wait a certain amount of turns or something afterwards, but boy howdy did that feel like a waste of time.


    I just finished Oxenfree the other day. It was a lot of fun, a nice change of pace from what I'd been playing, interesting characters. I did feel a bit lost a few times and didn't really understand how the island actually functioned as a tourist trap if your average Joe is expected to climb rock faces to get back to town from the woods, but never mind.

  3. Thanks for the info on Bangkok twmac! And for those who think it looks like I'm low key shaming them... they did send me a list of recommendations in a private message. Unfortunately we did go to Khoa San road just to gawk and be amazed by everything. It was worth the trip in my opinion. We ended up in China town and managed to find a little bar attached to a car park which reminded me a lot of Vietnam and the owner was blasting live versions of everything from Bon Jovi to Lady Gaga on their phone. It was great.


    I've moved to New Zealand to look for work and travel with my girlfriend. We're gonna look for seasonal work picking fruit at the end of January and then just play it by ear. It's really weird being in a part of the world where the sun doesn't always set at 5:30-6pm throughout the whole year. I keep being baffled when the sun is still out at 8:30pm. Craziness.


    What's new in every one else's lives?

  4. I bought Celeste based on the entire internet's recommendation. I seem to have  a love hate relationship with it. I really dislike the chase sequences with the mirror version super early on in the game. It just seems like a really cheap and boring way to build tension. I do really like a lot of the sections though. Currently stuck on one where you have to bounce between two platforms, and it's pretty frustrating. The previous sections were super fun though.


    I also bought Oxenfree coz it was on sale. I love that so far. It's super spooky though so I can't play it at night.

  5. Mine's kind of mundane but my last day at work was supposed to be today. However, I managed to get the flu and then an ear infection for a few days meaning I have to work some extra days and finish on Monday instead. Damn immune system! You're supposed to be on my side here.

  6. Okey doke! I'll send you a message.


    My time in Vietnam is coming to an end and I'm succumbing to the feelings I always get when I leave a place. It's my fourth big move in my life and I always start to appreciate/like everything more in a place when I'm about to leave. I know it has to happen coz we're just not happy here unfortunately. The weather has been surprisingly cold here recently. Very crisp and clear, which is my favourite type of weather.


    I'm still plugging away at my course and I finally got my head around what padding actually does on a webpage. I think.


    What are people's Christmas plans? Since it's my first one away from home, and my girlfriend's third, we're gonna treat ourselves to a spa day and a nice meal and cocktails.

  7. Oh it seems like you got some pretty decent ones! Apart from Griftah obviously.


    Yeah, I'm still missing more than half of the DKs at this point and they seem like an auto include in a lot of decks. Especially after this expansion. I mean there were some that haven't really seen play until very recently like Paladin for example. But any Hunter deck, and a lot of Warrior decks, need them. I really like the idea of releasing hero cards every expansion.


    I'm still waiting for the meta to settle before I craft anything, but I'm really hoping odd-mage becomes a thing because I only need to the Loa to make it.

  8. It is! I got it a few days ago in fact as an early Christmas present. I really like the portability, the game in general, etc...


    However, I feel like there's just something wrong with my brain when it comes to turn-based stuff. I always feel like I'm always doing something wrong, or there's a better way to go about what I'm doing. It's not a sleight against Civ. I knew that's how I worked coming into it, but I just always feel like I have no idea what I'm doing and I can't be bothered to look up tutorials or read into the tech trees too much.


    Instead I'm just trying to play different victories on different campaigns and then resetting when I inevitably realise I made mistake 800 turns ago. I like the 60 turn scenario games. They feel much more concise to me and like I know what I'm doing.


    I've always been fascinated with the competitive scene and read far too much about it for a game I have no interest in. I've got no one to play it with, never have and I'm not massively bothered about Nintendo in general. I'm sure it'd be an amazing party game, but it's just not my thing. Are you gonna play online?

  9. For me catching the Pokemon in a GO style is quite new, and a bit more interesting than just repeatedly one shotting everything I fight. It very much is a Baby's First Pokemon game, which is ok, because I can't imagine I found the original Red and Blue particularly difficult as a 7 year old myself.


    I always found the grinding tedious anyway though. A lot of it involved just picking a counter type for the area, walking around and KO'ing everything in one special move. At least with the catching mechanic you can trade your Pokemon in for candy.


    There are a few things that I found a bit surprising in terms of production quality. For example some of moves, like dig, don't have any special animations. Your Pokemon just sinks into the ground. When you watch the guy teach you the Cut TM he just jumps up and down. It's weird that there's a lot of detail for models and stuff, but at some points the game manages to feel very alive and at the same time weirdly static.


    I think I'm going to treat myself to Civ 6 when my girlfriend goes out of town for 2 weeks. Very excited for it. After downloading Pokemon I've now hit my space limit on my Switch so I'll have to get a memory card. Physical copies of Switch games are hard to come by in Hanoi.

  10. I never played Magic to any real extent, especially not the actual card game itself so I'm very wary to check it out.


    It really is! There's a bunch of cards that could be fun, and they're bringing back some Warlock discard stuff. I always find it weird in HS that they sort of tease these archetypes for 1 (Freeze Shammy) or 2 expansions (Discard Lock) and then never really support them, or skip an expansion or two. It just seems odd that they abandon them so quickly. I also like that odd mage could finally shine. We'll see.


    I haven't spent any where near as much time playing ranked as I used to. I've only gotten to rank 12 this season and I don't think I'll bother pushing any further. I played a bunch of Deathrattle Rogue, but I'm discovering more and more that I really don't like high roll decks. If they can manage to counter one of your cubes or deathrattles and push for the board you're pretty much donezo.

  11. Yeah, I think it probably is a genuine thing. Just having a particularly cynical day judging by my other posts on here on the same day. I got a golden Dr. Morrigan (so a free legendary if she continues to be a dud) and I got 2 golden Giggling Inventors which DE'd for 800 dust a piece.


    I'm just playing arena at the moment. Got my first 11 arena run the other week. So annoyed I couldn't get those 12 wins! I think got a 9 run with a crazy Twig of The World Tree and UI arena deck. I misplayed like heck 2 of the games and threw them unfortunately. Could've been another 11 wins... or possibly 12.


    Have you tried Artifact? Or have you been tempted? I'm far too invested in HS now to even consider playing another CCG.

  12. I'm really enjoying Pokemon. The Let's Go catching aspect is actually a nice change of pace and it kind of gives you a reason to catch multiple pokemon from the same species. My girlfriend is completely addicted to it. It's nice to see her playing games. It's the first video game she's played since the original Red and Blue and she seems to be enjoying it.

  13. What do yous think of WoW classic? I personally can't believe any one wants to play it passed morbid curiosity. As much as Warcraft was your teens, @Gormongous, WoW was mine, but I think I enjoyed WoW so much because I went through the Vanilla dark times of wiping on Onyxia 50 times before getting her to phase 18, and then got to enjoy the world when it changed so drastically in TBC. I just can't imagine wanting to go back to that slow lethargic world.


    I understand they're implementing a lot of quality of life changes, balance doodads etc, but I just don't get the appeal beyond nostalgia. But god knows that stuff sells. I mean I'm buying Pokemon Yellow Remastered(Let's Go) in a week's time. But I've got my own excuses for that.

  14. You know what you're not wrong about the icky stereotypes. I have thought about that before for sure.


    I think the cards revealed so far look kind of fun. I like the idea of the Loas. I'm not really sure why/if the classes will get 2 legendaries this expansion. Seems like a good way for them to get more money if they do give us 2 for each class. At least for the last few expansions there's been like Legendary Weapons, spells or quests. I'm not so sure I like the idea of just 2 legendary minions.

  15. Just to clarify when I said I sympathize with the Brazilians it's not because something as explicitly or overtly evil is happening in Vietnam. It's just I've been reading about Brazil and he seems like an awful, evil man and I worry about the more outspoken opponents and what he'll do to them. Unfortunately, in this part of the world stuff like what you posted, @twmac has been going on for a hell of a long time.


    The weather has just turned to autumn/winter weather here and it's lovely. It's like an ideal British summer day. Bright, warm(ish) and no where near as humid. I never spent anytime in The Netherlands during winter, but I loved it in the summer as a kid. I spent a lot of holidays in Delft and really miss it.


    I'm really enjoying my programming now. I've just started learning about lists in Python and it's giving my brain a run for its money. It really is like learning a foreign language. I see things earlier on that I have no idea what they could possibly mean, and then they show up in a later part of the course and I think "I bet I know what that does" and maybe 50% of the time I do! I'm a genius. The course is way more aimed at beginners and isn't bogging me down in how the language itself works, so I'd highly recommend it.



  16. I mean honestly I don't know. There's a lot of censorship here. You can't access the BBC (you can get to the recipe site though for some reason), and Twitter has been inaccessible for the last 3 weeks or so. Even googling why that might be revealed no results. 


    There was a riot a few months ago in Hanoi and that didn't seem to be being reported on, and there was a big protest about something which also didn't turn up on international sites. It's pretty scary.


    Honestly though I can't really tell how the locals feel about it. I can't speak about it to them, and the ones I can communicate with would rather not talk about it. The same thing happened while visiting Laos and Cambodia. 


    It's late here now so I don't want to read about it but it seems Bolsonaro has recently done some scary stuff to do with teachers.


    It honestly seems to me like we're on the brink of our generation's/century's dark times. Whatever that means. I feel like I'm going to live my adult life in a very different world to my childhood one. I'm sorry this got so dark.