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  1. Destiny

    Bad news e'ry body. If you take a goosey gander at , and skip to 3:32, you will see why Chris Remo won't be playing Destiny any more.
  2. Life

    I've been skulking around in this thread for a while now, checking in on you guys to make sure everything was all right, and it's nice to see everyone talking so openly about stuff to strangers on the internet. It feels kind of weird writing out stuff to a bunch of avatars. There's not much to say other than I've been kind of bored recently and that might be the final push into me posting in this thread. It's kind of a self induced boredom though, or more of a limitation on what I can do that costs money. I recently got onto a CELTA course (the more generally accepted/expected EU/English Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate) and I'm currently lodging with a woman and her grandson. I've paid for the course, which was pretty damn expensive, for me at least, and now I'm just saving up so I have something to work with when I get over to Spain. I'm aiming to have around £2000 (~E2300 if I'm being generous) to spend on short term accommodation, like hostels etc., and I've asked a few people in similar situations and they've all said that's a decent-to-doable budget. Anyone have any experience/know anyone who's done something similar? And does anyone have any advice to moving to a new country with a new language? I kind of believe that boredom is your own fault considering there's so much to do, but I like interacting with other humanoid-sentientoids and society has dictated that costs money, even if it's just grabbing a cup of coffee or eight beers. So I'm having to revert to things that don't cost any money to entertain myself such as improving my guitar playing and playing Guild Wars 2. I'm really enjoying seriously playing guitar now, or making a more concerted effort to improve my abilities. I've had a guitar for about 4 years now, and I've only really been playing for about a year. I've had a seriously rocky relationship with music, and I seem to be going through "Christ, this is fun" period instead of an endlessly frustrating period. Let's see how long that lasts. I've been following the Justin Guitar web series, and I'd say I'm at an intermediate level of playing. Does anyone have any sites/videos/tutorials or general advice for someone at this stage of their journey to eventual Guitar Legend status? Btw congrats Synth!
  3. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    It's funny that there's so many UI'less (I really can't think of a better way to put it) indie games being announced recently. It almost seems like a direct response by indie devs to triple A. Keep that shit clean!
  4. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    I didn't watch the actually press event but I'm still pretty damn excited for The Division. I watched Sony's live last year, but I don't have any consoles now so I don't really have any "allegiances" so I might just wait until the morning for all the trailers, rather than staying up to 1AM Queen's Time. I actually L-O-L'D!!! at Scalebound. Do we seriously need another scoffing punky white kid being snarky? And he was wearing Beats by Dre knock offs too. I mean that's kind of embarrassing.
  5. Transistor

  6. Transistor

  7. My phone ate my original response so here's a second one with 100% more flavour and additives. Firstly I'd like to echo everyone's opinion that Danielle is awesome and should be on the podcast forever more. It's nice to hear views from the journalism side of things on the cast again, and even more importantly it's nice to hear a woman's view on my favourite hobby. It's one of the main reasons I listen to The Indoor Kids, simply to hear a female talk about it. That and it's a funny show. In terms of the whole "Sean's advice" thing I think it's a pretty reasonable thing to do. I still kind of struggle with a similar issue with a bunch of friends I went to school with. I moved away to university and occasionally Skype them to play Hearthstone and the like, or I'll see them when I go back home. However, they frequently use the word "faggot" to vent frustration or express anger. It really bugs me as my brother is gay, and they all know that too, and I've expressed that they could at least prevent themselves from using it when I'm in their company. I used to use the word in the exact same way when I was a little, ignorant, angry, arrogant arsehole of a teenager, but I've definitely become more aware of my language and the effect of language in general. I also kind of feel like I'm letting my brother down if I don't make some sort of deal about it. It's weird, I feel like I'd often go to bat for him if we were out drinking and it came to someone verbally, or physically, assaulting him (not that he'd need me to because he's way bigger than I am), but then I consider the whole situation with my friends and realise I'm actually pretty impotent when it comes to those kind of situations.
  8. Transistor

    I'm pretty much here to parrot Codicier. This game is just gorgeous. I mean it is really, really beautiful. I love the little cutaways and cut scenes. They're just oozing with style and confidence. However, I'm getting some pretty bad stutters which are breaking the flow of combat a bit too often.
  9. Transistor

    I've tried downloading my copy of transistor that I pre ordered through the humble store, but it keeps saying "transistor will be available on the 20th of May" and doesn't provide a download link. Is any one else having the same problem? It's available to download from Steam so SOMEONE BETTER START EXPLAINING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Titanfall

    I haven't played it in forever but I really preferred using a controller over a k&m. I grew up playing CoD and Halo on a 360 controller so it feels way more natural. I managed to smash most people's faces on Titanfall, a large majority of which were most likely using keyboards and mousices. That may have also been due to the fact that most people were just getting used to the game, and it would probably end up way more negatively if I was to return as logic dictates that the more dedicated players will still be there. To counter the natural advantage to traversal in Titanfall when using a mouse I just boosted the sensitivity really high and was flying around like a crazy person.
  11. I know everyone has been just dying to hear about my recent adventures, they're way more exciting than Bjorn's 1 vs 20 high end PVP experiences, and I'm sorry for the radio silence but I was going through a rough patch. I used my Stinky Twig of Yesterday on the statue lady this time through which led me to the Shaded Woods area, and boy does that place suck a load of butts. It's a very, very different area to the rest of the game and those rasta lion men hit like a train filled with buses. I'm also not a massive fan of the cursed pots thing. It's just irritating, not interesting. Thankfully while I was cleaning my bathroom I was listening to The Crate and Crowbar and they said that the game gets back on track after that area. It's a shame because I really like the aesthetic and atmosphere of the place just not the game experience.
  12. Inclusion in Gaming

    I'm surprised that people were so openly aggressive towards you whilst raiding. How are you supposed to learn without experiencing it first? I went on 1000's of raids, organised guild raids and PuG's, and most of the time they'd be more than happy to explain fights to new people. Although, I think I must have been quite lucky with stuff like that as I transferred to one of the better EU PVE servers. I'm surprised we even got through Molten Core with my pre-TBC guild. I was a terrible, terrible Paladin and my brother was an even worse Hunter (we both improved one million percent after TBC), and we just didn't really care about, or commit to, most of the boss fights and we still managed to do it somehow. Although, BWL fights really kicked it up a notch when it came to difficulty. I was also really lucky in regards to who I played with too. I played with about 8-10 friends from school and I guess a lot of the time we would just kind of shield ourselves from any particularly aggressive player behaviour by trolling them. A lot of the time narratives would form between us and the server community like when we almost financially destroyed one of the best guilds on our server, or when we made nemesis' with characters from the opposite team and would spark full on 60 man fights outside of instances just to kill them. The community on MMO's was what made it for me and it makes me sad to think that it puts people off from playing. Maybe we were part of the problem... Besides my nostalgic ramblings about a game, and a part of my life I will never return to, Lords Management/DOTA/LOMA/LOL is just something I know I will never, ever, ever get into simply for the time I'd have to sink in just to get less than average results for 100+ hours.
  13. Ok, so I've started again. Don't ask me why. Just don't alright. I was wondering about Boss Souls.. is it generally worth consuming them for souls or do they offer access to the best weapons in the game? I mean not all of them can do that so what souls are worth holding on to? In NG+ (if I make it that far) is it just like starting a new game but it's harder? As in are the bosses all still there and you can get their souls again? Interrogation over. I restarted because I killed the Emerald Herald by accident. I didn't really, but you thought I was an idiot for a second, right?
  14. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    You pretty much guessed my intentions with my first post. I thought it was a joke because 1) it looks bad and 2) it seems like it's meant to be provocative. There's yet to be a game that has been able to appropriately address race issues, and I doubt Far Cry 4 will be the game to do so. Bioshock did a similar thing with it's racial stuff and that turned out to be nothing more than surface level discussion which amounted to nothing. I'm not saying games won't ever be able to do these, I very much believe they will one day. But it seems dangerous to me to release a relatively touchy image without the game to back up the image's statement for months and months. edit: cool guy sunglasses.
  15. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    Is this for real? I mean not only does it look terribly put together... but I mean Jesus Christ...
  16. Sorry to be that guy... but what exactly does "e scaling" mean? I was going to use miracles for ranged attacks. Should I be investing a decent amount of stuff in to magic? Like is it viable to be a heavy melee hitter with a bit of magic to back it up, or at that point should you just go one way or the other?
  17. I'm using the Drangeleic Sword with like +1 on it or something, you're right though, I haven't really upgraded it too much out of fear of using up all the shards. Is this weapon worth upgrading? It seems pretty gnarly so far. Can I re use the Soul Vessel to respec again if I mess up, or will I need to find another one?
  18. Is there an easy way to respec? Or this being Dark Souls is that a silly question?
  19. Man, reading this thread makes me feel like an idiot when you guys are talking about animation frames. I barely know what half the stats do. I'm mainly going melee so my build looks like this VGR 11, STR 30, END 31, VIT 14, DEX 20, FTH 20. All the the other stats are at the base ones for a Knight class. I don't know if that's any good or not. Is there some way I could be more efficient for a melee build? I've gone for some magic based stuff just because I've heard it's handy to get some ranged damage in boss fights. I defeated the Ruin Sentinels eventually. I just got some more stamina and whittled them down. I spent about 2 hours consistently failing, turned the game off, came back the next day and downed them first try. Reminds me of raiding on WoW, but in a good way. I went to the Huntsman's Copse, but I can only find the Chariot boss and he's insanely difficult. I've defeated the Lost Sinner and I don't think there's anything else to do in the Sinner's Rise so I'm at a bit of an impasse at the moment. I am enjoying it though even if it is rage inducing some times. Also, I used my Smelly Twig of Yesterday on a vendor without realising it was a one use item, so I didn't use it on the lady in front of that pully thing in Majula. Whoops. I hope I find another one soon.
  20. I started playing this game the other day and at first I hated it. I really got no sense of enjoyment from it. It was just relentless. I picked up the Ring of Binding and it just made it so much less daunting. I'm up to the Ruin Sentinel guys now, and they are just caning me. I manage to kill the first one no problem, but fighting two enemies at once proves enough of a problem never mind two bosses. After about 2 hours of attempting to kill them I got them close to doing it, but one of them would always just jump attack me and kick my teeth down my throat. I tried looking up some YouTube play throughs to get some rough tactics but none of them amounted to anything more than "SUMMON PEOPLE AND SHOOT HTEM IWTH MAGIC!" Anybody got any pointers for these bastards? I'm playing some sort of tanky build thing, but my house mate (who has finished the game) has recommended I get some magic so I can do some ranged damage.
  21. Transistor

    Yeah, if it's any thing like Bastion then it will definitely reward slower and more thorough play throughs just to find all the secrets etc. I preordered it straight from their website through the Humble widget and ended up paying £12.25, a bit less than the £15 on Steam. My logic is that they'll get a higher percentage of the sale if it's through their store, right? Also could someone explain how I'd have to pay £12.25 when it was exchanged from $20 on the Humble site, but Steam has the price equating to £15? Is it something to do with tax? Or does Steam personally hate me?
  22. Transistor

    I've preordered it solely so I can say "I told you so" to no one in particular.
  23. Transistor

    Yeah, I think they've demo'd it a few times already, but I was talking more about written previews on industry sites.
  24. Transistor

    I really hope the fact there's barely any press about this game atm is a good sign... hopefully they're just so confident they're not too worried about spamming trailers and screen caps everywhere. Most the time with bigger games it's a bad sign if there's not any previews up any where, but what does it mean for indie devs? Is any one slightly worried? I think I'm still gonna pre-order the game purely based on how good Bastion was. I mean it's only £15. I want to go into it blind without any sort of reviews or previews hovering around in my brain and clouding up my judgement.
  25. Other podcasts

    Does any one know any good Spanish language casts? I tried finding some decent gaming ones but I literally couldn't find any on iTunes. Considering my comprehension isn't any where near good enough to really appreciate the casts themselves, and I'm just using them as an immersion tool, I don't really mind what the topic is. They just have to be well produced and understandable. If there's any about tech or even just current events let me know!