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  1. Feminism

    Well, thanks for the vote of confidence - but I can hardly claim to be 'non-prejudiced' if prejudices leap to mind automatically!
  2. Feminism

    Interesting - I've repeatedly told Asian (indian) friends that I am a racist. They insist that I'm not, due to a lack of any overt NF white power kind of behaviour I assume, but I know in myself, sometimes when I see a different skin colour, a thought may pop into my head (guard your valuables! for example). It makes me uncomfortable that my mind is capable of that, and makes me question if I am actually as non-racist as I think I am. I usually try to get over it by resolving not to next time, should it ever occur. This never occurs with regards to females, however - perhaps I have successfully purged that, or I never had it in the first place, generally having grown up around a strong woman (my mother) and being married to one.
  3. Feminism

    Aaaaanyway, here's more on the 'Girls in science' thing:
  4. EVE Online

    I love this game, moreso when I was directly involved in the Providence Debacle (was a pilot in Ushra'Khan). I un-subbed both chars in 2010 due to the botting issue, which CCP were doing nothing about. Interview with botter who made 55K euros (2010). I received an email from a CCP employee asking what I thought about it (when you unsub you can enter a short sentence about why you quit). I had a brief exchange with him, explaining my reasons, which culminated in him saying 'thanks for your feedback, we are looking into it'. Evidently they were getting that feedback from lots of people, because they finally did something about it in the lead up to Inferno. This, coupled with CCP's refocus on fighting, rather than bullshit captain's quarters, made me resub. But in the last three months, I have found that I just haven't got the heart to grind cash with my mission runner to support my PvP antics. I did get a lucky mission reward from 1 that was worth 1 billion isk, but it soon goes I've not heard about the OTEC< but then I haven't been reading EVE24 slavishly, and so think my love affair with this game is dying somewhat. Still, great vision, and great game. Wish I had the time to devote to it to get really embroiled again.
  5. New Forums! Post feedback, notes, etc here

    I have, tried that a while back, but the thread is still appearing using the 'My Content' tool. Unless I'm using that wrongly of course and can track threads in a different manner. It doesn't appear in the 'content I follow' link either.
  6. New Forums! Post feedback, notes, etc here

    Any news on the 'converted' details being edited? Still can't unsubscribe to threads - they still appear in 'my content'. One other thing - how do I force the 'full' site on mobile? Every so often it 'forgets' and loads the mobile type site. Which I can't stand.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    While I see what you're saying, I've disregarded Tron canon (as I'm not that familiar with it), and am taking it at face value - the art style is great, the score is great, and the characters seem to be rounding out a bit. I thought ep4 fell a little flat, although . I doubt it will win any awards for advanced story-telling, but purely as a solid, stylish and above all slightly more adult animation than say Clone Wars, I'm liking it.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'm digging Tron: Uprising at the moment. Worth a check.
  9. Diablo III

    Got to level 13 with my HC DH. Then lost concentration and attacked a village full of Moon Clan warriors and somersaulted forward by accident into more. Used a HP, then somersaulted further ahead accidentally instead of backwards, tried to run away and got clouted by a tree. Dead. Bugger.
  10. Diablo III

    Why is it that rare amulets are so expensive? They seem to hold their price far better than other things.
  11. Non-video games

    Well, I know you'r emostly talking about board games, but I get to go to the Hitchhiker's Guide Live show tonight. Original Cast! (minus Peter Jones).
  12. Diablo III

    It's not really about maths, or I've not really felt it be about maths - beyond 'make this number bigger, while keeping everything else similar where possible'.
  13. Diablo III

    When I was upgrading my WD, Int was my main for dmg, so I focussed on that. Doing so made me a bit of a glass cannon, so after I got respectable DPS at around lvl 30 or so (600 ish) I switched to boosting my vit (and hence health), and pretty much ignored everything else. As for spells I tended to use ones that hit for max damage in 1 hit that affect an area, and ALWAYS keep my garg hanging around as a meatshield to distract enemies if I need to run, along with passive abilities that boost his resistances. Also use an ability that when he picks up a health globe he gets an an int boost (and a corresponding dmg boost) which stacks for up to 5 health globes. I've noticed that there are somethings that increase the drop rate for health globes, so when fighting a bunch, you always get 2 or three dropping, and DPS scales quite well. E.g. now at lvl 43 with 1.7K dps, with aforementioned spec, health globes drop, I rush into the middle, grab a couple, and if I'm lucky, DPS will scale up to about 3K. Usually hoping that this additional will dispatch the lot in short order. Any protracted fights will cause me problems. For boss fights I will have a go, and if I die, will respec for more health and damage over time/slow which usually does the trick. I am only on the 2nd difficulty level though, the next one up might cause more problems.
  14. Diablo III

    Any links to read about re: duplication?
  15. Life

    Are motels cheap in the US? We found them ludicrously expensive in Canananannanananada
  16. Life

    My parents have just moved back in with us. Ok, so we're in their house (that was) and they're building one that isn't quite finished... it's still tough though.
  17. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Thisis one of my all-time fave gifs. All it needs is sound.
  18. Diablo III

    How does it work then? In Eve it reduces incoming damage by the number quotes (e.g. T2 craft have better resists, 80% EM resist on shield, meaning you only take 20% of the calculated damage). Does the number quoted just take the number of damage points off the incoming? In effect meaning the armour (or whatever) isn't scalable as the damage increases on higher levels, meaning you have to upgrade.
  19. Game of Thrones (TV show)

    I don't think the second series was any cop until the last two episodes, and the finale wasn't as good as the penultimate. The whole thing just feels too rushed, with some bits removed. Obviously they had to, as the books are mighty, and Martin worked on the script himself, so it was all 'sanctioned' by the canon originator, but still... it was vaguely disappointing, and a bit of a let down.
  20. New Forums! Post feedback, notes, etc here

    Two things: How do I remove subscriptions for a thread, so it no longer appears in 'My Content'; also, how do I edit out location information that shows in my profile under 'Converted'? Ta.
  21. Diablo III

    If it's anything like Eve, then resistances are king. Perhaps it's slightly different though, as Eve's resistances are shown as percentages, rather than just a number. FWIW, I get the lag too. As does anyone who I've ever mentioned it to.
  22. Life

    ...and piss in his eye.
  23. Diablo III

    If it's purely w/out authenticator, then it's might be a keylogger, i.e. simple password theft. If you're using one, then it might be session theft using ARP Poisoning and session capture/replay. The actual replay part of it would depend on how BZ's servers behave when setting up a session; for example, if the session mgt on server end is cack, and you get the same session ID each time you log in (a la Steam), then once you have captured a user's session, it would be trivial to log in as them and steal everything. If the session ID changes every time you log in, then it would have to be done while the user is online. Not sure how this would play out. At this point, the server would be receiving the same session ID from 2 machines. How the attacker would make sure it's theirs, I'm not sure. It could be luck. Thoughts: Steam doesn't change session ID unless you change your password. So, if this was the case with BN, then it's easy to see how it happens. Perhaps BZ use the authenticator to 'trick' the servers into thinking you've changed your password (i.e. a bodge), and therefore give you a new ID. If that is the case, those who have got authenticators attached, but only require it every so often, would only receive a new ID when an authenticator code is requested, and be potentially vulnerable for that period. Accounts set to require authenticator code each login would therefore have better protection. This is all conjecture, of course. BZ are understandably remaining tight-lipped. Would require testing.