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  1. Valkyria Chronicles

    Ouch. So I just tried the demo for this and I have to say I'm really genuinely impressed, not to mention giddy with excitement as to how the full version holds up. For those that haven't tried it the game is a turn-based strategy title with pseudo-real-time segments for when you control your units directly. I don't know anything about the story, or the setting but at a glance I'd say it's a super good guys vs super bad guys type of affair. You start off deploying your chosen characters on the battlefield using an overhead map, and once everyone is in place you use up your limited, and precious command points to then take control of them individually, one at a time. It's at this point the action switches to a third person viewpoint in what I guess you could call pseudo-real-time, and where you can run around freely, get into position for a better shot, take cover, fire your weapon or use special items (like healing comrades or repairing vehicles). The only time you'll be interrupted in this mode by the enemy is when you enter their line of sight (which means you'll be shot at) or you shoot at someone and they get a courteous moment to return fire. It's all very simple and straightforward, and the interface and controls are too, so there's no barrier to enjoying it like most games of this nature. The characters appear nicely fleshed out with appropriately cute skills and deficiencies that come into play during battles - and the opening skit is suggestive of a strong singleplayer storyline. I'm not sure about multiplayer, but it seems suited to that sort of thing so hopefully that's covered too. I love the stylistic approach they've taken, especially in regards to the amazing graphics. Whilst it might not be a technological juggernaut like, say, the less attractive Crysis, it looks and moves fucking great nonetheless. The aesthetics are spot on, and won me over straight away - sort of like Team Fortress 2 in that respect. I just hope the full game lives up to the potential the demo hints at.
  2. Don't worry, I did my homework, I painstakingly searched the archives of the forum and found to my delight that the majority of Metal Gear detractors are no longer active on the forum; win! So is anyone else actually looking forward to this? News of my pre-order being processed has filled me with excitement, especially as I've already completed GTA4 and my PS3 is just sitting there pleading for something, ('...anything!'), to do. Now the painful waiting game begins. Oh, a word of warning; stay clear of any comment sections on any of the gaming websites. There's spoilers galore being posted with the intention of ruining your experience so I'm told.
  3. Diablo III

    Obviously been a lot of speculation that it was coming out but its been made official at this Blizzard conference in Paris. Here's a blurry screenshot, there should be a streaming video online at some point as well; Some comments lifted from RPS and their live blogging;
  4. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I don't remember much of it except that I didn't like it - but in the absence of anyone else coming forward; you'd be better off passing, and reinstalling HoMMIII or something like Age of Wonders if you want to scratch that itch.
  5. Artist for hire

    There's something sinister about that upside down smiley and the way he hangs off every post. My guess is he doesn't do the drawings at all, but has a factory full of little chinese children do them for him. I'll give them their due though, it's some good stuff.
  6. Games giveaway

    Whoops, If this is my fault for posting clickable links I apologise (for being lazy). Seems a little coincidental.
  7. Games giveaway

    Could be yeah. I guess one of them will be Batman Arkham Asylum - since I know I had that at the time.
  8. Games giveaway

    I've got a spare Crusader Kings II STEAM key for the unlikely thumb who doesn't already have it? PM/write to fabricate a claim for the game. And some humble bundle gifts which I'd copy and pasted into 'Google keep' but forgot to note the game they referred to (doh); All gone And since these aren't the sort of games someone is going to PM me for;
  9. Return of the Steam Box!

    Must have missed that part, did he go into any detail?
  10. Kerbal Space Program

    What does any of it mean? This game took me by surprise. I bought it simply because of the sale, but after spending some time with it I think I've fallen in love. It's quite an inspiring game. I'm just hoping the new update drops soon as apparently it breaks compatibility with old saves.
  11. Half-Life 3

    I wanted to believe so much I didn't realise how ridiculous it was until the end...
  12. Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    I haven't noticed either on sale if that helps. Savvy Gamer is also a pretty good site for keeping track of things. If you've got a phone it'll also start up and log into the STEAM app quietly in the background. It won't be long before they send someone round to 'help' you type in your credit card number.
  13. Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    An interesting thought - especially as they will presumably be 'out of print' following the sale. I'm not optimistic, but thanks for the idea, Hopefully nobody else thinks of it!
  14. PL4YST4TION 4

    I played enough of it to appreciate what was on offer, but not being a particular fan of the game, or console FPS in general, didn't stick with it. I'm not saying it's above criticism but I think it did bring enough to the table to warrant some distinction, even if they failed to make a more compelling game out of it. I feel people dismiss it out of hand too easily personally - it had a lot going for it. That said... it doesn't look like they've made any great strides on building upon that with KZPS4. Well I was referring more to this forum than the internet at large. The internet dislikes everything. I get the impression Gears of War is generally well liked round these parts though.
  15. PL4YST4TION 4

    I don't like first person shooters in general on consoles but I think KZ2 gets a disproportionate amount of criticism. Outside of its graphics/sound/atmosphere I thought it had a good feature set, from the included bots and multiplayer, to some good combat mechanics which were a little less gung-ho and ice-skatery than other games. I like the idea of moving from cover to cover and flushing enemies out methodically rather than the typical run & gun that defines the majority of shooters and I thought KZ2 did that pretty well - with some decent AI to boot. Not to say I'm a fan of the series or anything (when I saw the KZPS4 trailer I groaned and fell asleep like everyone else), but I could lump practically every mainstream shooter into the same category. Off the top of my head Call of Duty 4 was probably the last one to really distinguish itself for me. But this is supposedly the sort of games the mainstream wants.
  16. Yeah I really enjoyed this too. The lack of 'gameplay' filler made it all the better in my opinion and the format was a nice change. I didn't play them in any particular order and I felt like it fell together quite well, even if the ending was a little contrived. My only worry is I doubt any of the choices I made will have that much of an impact but since I only seem to care about that afterwards it's not dulled my appetite for season 2. Me neither, it's almost too subtle. I caught the references to the boat and 'the guy with the moustache' though which was pretty funny.
  17. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    Am I wrong in thinking it was Remo who warned against the game balloning in size in one of the first backer videos, or...? I don't know how anyone can be angry, upset or too disappointed when they watch the teaser trailer previously posted. That should calm anyones nerves. I think they will be secretly hoping backers will find it in them to be extra generous...
  18. If I hadn't already been sold by the concept then the RPS interview would have have been the tipping point. I remember randomnly borrowing a copy of syndicate from a friend at school not knowing what the hell it was and getting sucked in immediately. Syndicate Wars less so in practice, but if you read the interview you can see they understand why, so I'm not too worried.
  19. Games giveaway

    Should have clarified to avoid confusion, but I've sent TheLastBaron a key for Nightsky already so he should be good to go
  20. Games giveaway

    Anyone want either/both of these STEAM keys let me know; - Night Sky - Waking Mars
  21. The Last of Us

    There's quite a few exchanges between Ellie and Joel I noticed that occur entirely in game which, if you take the time to position the camera and watch unfold, are fully animated and very convincing. They'd be easy to miss if for example you're swinging the camera around searching for supplies or pile driving through the game but I thought they added a lot of personality and because you're not forced to take any notice its a bit more personal.
  22. The Last of Us

    What difficulty did you play on? At first I started on hard difficulty and found supplies to be quite low, to the extent I usually only had 1 or 2 rounds in my pistol if I was lucky. As the game progressed I got so frustrated by some areas that I switched to normal and supplies were as plentiful as you describe, and the game was markedly easier. I personally enjoyed this more since it gave me the freedom to play it how I wanted without the frustration of getting repeatedly killed by clickers/hunters - but it definitely impacts the whole 'surival' motif. As for the first turret sequence, it's a concession to the fact you're not able to move and ellie is preoccupied. She can die in the sequence if you don't help. I don't think my ammunition went down either, for what it's worth.
  23. Games giveaway

    Anomaly Warzone Earth (STEAM); Aquaria (STEAM); Frozen Synapse (STEAM);
  24. Dreaming The Simulation Dream

    Someone should link to those articles on the Project Eternity and Wasteland kickstarters if they haven't already. I'd hate to think they'll still be relevant.