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  1. I haven't been issued my new super-powered work computer yet, so this one is going to have to hold off a couple of weeks until I return home. I'm a bit worried about the motion sickness thing, though. It really varies from game to game (I'm struggling through The Witness's narrow field of view right now) but having camera control taken away from me is a big trigger. I may just have to dose myself up with anti-nausea medication and see how I go.
  2. Does it have Steam cloud saves? I'm heading overseas next week and am considering installing it on my work laptop. I'd like to be able to continue it from home, though.
  3. I know that export of encryption tools used to be protected by the US government. Perhaps it still is - I haven't looked into it lately.
  4. Psychonauts 2

    Some disjointed thoughts, typed out for the second time because my initial post seems to have been lost into the ether: I was somewhat hesitant about the prospect of Psychonauts 2 because I assumed Erik Wolpaw couldn't be involved. And now he is. And I am excited. Is it just me or is Raz's HD face creepy as fuck? He looks like an elderly man dressed up as a little child. Lily looks wierd too, but not quite as much. Also, I find it wierd that there are a whole bunch of extras on the Fig page, with little information to explain what they're like. The one that stood out to me was the Psychonauts themed View-Master, which was described as follows: It sounds like a cute idea and the sort of thing that I'd like to have gathering dust on my memorabilia shelf. But without seeing photos and judging whether it's going to be a cool design or just a basic View-Master with a sticker applied, I'm not going to pay a not-inconsiderable sum to add it on. Tim replied to my question as follows, but I'm going to hold off for now. EDIT: How do I embed tweets on this damned site?^tfw
  5. No Man's Sky

    True. Still less energy than what's being spent hyping it, though.
  6. No Man's Sky

    This sums up the way I've been feeling about No Man's Sky:
  7. Return of the Steam Box!

    What trackball do you have? I've been looking for a wireless trackball for couch-based Adventure gaming for ages. (I'm clearly not getting into the spirit of this thread )
  8. Armikrog: Earthworm Neverhood 2?

    It hasn't been buggy for me (on Linux, Steam), but it is definitely poorly designed. Some issues are annoying but fixable, like the fact that to walk through a door you need to click right off the edge of the screen past it. And some seem to be from a bunch of artists making a game without an actual experienced game designer who knows what makes Adventure games tick: The characters barely ever talk to each other so you don't have any explanation of what's going on and why Puzzles just kinda happen with barely any brain power getting involved You pick up objects and have no idea what they are because Tommynaut doesn't describe them. You forget that you have the object because there's no inventory. Then you go up to something that you thought was scenery because Tommynaut ignores objects he can't interact with yet. Then you click on it and Tommy solves the puzzle for you by attaching the widget into the doodad. Similarly, there's a bigarse button on the wall. Nothing happens when I click the mouse on it. Characters don't explain why they're ignoring it. Then I try with the other character and it works. Or I'll do something in an entirely different room and suddenly they'll pay attention to it. All that said, it sure is pretty.
  9. Technically it would be 'Sue that massively wealthy corporation that's helping promote a charity'. I think they'd be more successful suing the charity.
  10. I saw this in the elevator at work today. I really, really hope someone asked Campo Santo's permission for this.
  11. I thought DF just licensed Residual then did some tweaks? *goes to Wikipedia to check* It says that they reached out to some of Residual's developers. I'm gonna work on the assumption that means they took the bulk of Residual's codebase and made their own tweaks. Was there any resolution on releasing the soundtrack?
  12. The Last Guardian

    Be careful. Stewart Gilray has a habit of talking out of his arse off the cuff and then posting retractions.
  13. E3 2015

    That was announced late on March 31st and I was genuinely convinced it was an April Fool's gag. And I work for Amazon!
  14. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    No, sadly. The host has disappeared into the great black hole of the internet. That said, I'm guessing the 'Beta' only gives it out a day in advance. Steam should just update with Part 2 tomorrow, right? I'll just have to find some other way of entertaining myself tonight.
  15. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    I didn't get that email. Maybe they're still working off their old email lists from the Kickstarter and not based on Humble Bundle accounts? I've changed my email address since the Kickstarter happened.
  16. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    Where are you seeing that? The version on Humble hasn't been updated since July 2014. In a couple of emails they've told backers to expect emails from Humble Bundle about Part 2. Is that only for the DRM-free versions? Wouldn't the Steam version just update itself when it's available? Why isn't Steam updating already?!
  17. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Buy it on sale and reduce his revenue stream, then.
  18. I need a little help regarding my buttocks

    The thing is that there are a fair few nice looking trackballs out there, but they're all wired.
  19. I need a little help regarding my buttocks

    Peripherally related question: I've got Steam streaming set up to my living room TV. I don't play anything particularly hardcore, but some games (e.g. Adventures) need mouse input. What do you recommend as a couch-based input device? I've considered thumbstick-as-mouse, standalone touchpad, or trackball. My gut feeling is that I'd like a nice big trackball, but a quick google didn't show up any wireless models that would sit comfortably on my lap or next to me on the couch. Your thoughts? Any models you recommend?
  20. The Big VR Thread

    Actually, I do admit that my favourite part of that video was the early UI/productivity/whateverwanttoyoucallit interaction. Give me some Terminator-vision goggles!
  21. The Big VR Thread

    I've been thinking all along that AR is going to be much more interesting than VR. I severely doubt that this video is an accurate representation of the current Magic Leap technology, but even as an aspirational target it's got me salivating.
  22. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    IIRC, they said that there'd be 2 coming. One covering the leadup to release and a second covering the release and wrapping up.
  23. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    Muggins here looked at that page but scrolled down to the bottom, because that's where contact details tend to be. Thanks.
  24. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    Have any other backers found that they can't log into the DFA subforum any more? It just keeps asking me for my username and password, despite me already being logged in. DF don't appear to have a contact email address on their website any more. Not really sure how to contact them about it.
  25. Project Godus: Don't believe his lies

    An example that's probably a bit more relevant to Curiosity is TV game shows. At least in Australia, contestants sign a contract that states that they won't see any winnings until the episode airs. Which screwed over a lot of people in the early 2000s when they pre-recorded 10 episodes of a gameshow and cancelled it after three, then told the winners to get stuffed.