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  1. Games that nail atmosphere and immersion

    Some standouts for me are FarCry, Deus Ex (roaming around unatco HQ was pretty amazing at the time), Half-Life... Some others: Mafia, Fallout, X-Com, Soldiers at War, & Hitman, it's hard to be completely immersed when it's 3rd person or isometric, though. Grim fandango probably deserves to be on the list as well. Going way back, Return to Zork is probably one of the first games I can think of that really captured me. Oh, thought of another. KOTOR II (I never played the first) Call my crazy but I was pretty immersed into that game, between the character interaction, story, the ship, etc. I think I agree with everyone's contributions so far, though. Atleast of those that I have played.
  2. Black Mesa Source?

    Not at the moment, but it was greenlit on steam. So, it should be on there in a few weeks.
  3. The Walking Dead

    I haven't really done much gaming in the past year or so and just happened to see this. I ended up buying it on a console for some reason. I haven't played a telltale game since the first ep. of sam n' max, however, I've been eyeing back to the future. This was the best game I've played in a great while. Because I've been out of the loop for so long, I assumed all the episodes had already been released. I can't describe how pissed off I was when I realized the first one had just been released (after I finished the first episode) I loved the choose-your-own adventure style, I hope some of these early decisions carry over well into the series. I can see replaying it from start to finish once all are out. It's certainly one of the most emotionally engaging games I've ever played. I just wish I knew when the next ep. was coming out.
  4. Duke Nukem Forever Canned [and then not]

    I thought duke3d was awesome, but then quake came and I never looked back.... for some reason. Probably because of QuakeWorld. I kind've wish I played it longer, multiplayer was a hell of a lot of fun, but I only played it on a lan and those occassions were few and far between.
  5. Mafia II

    I'm just quoting myself because this turned up being true. It does, however run fine on my PC, I was impressed with that. I wish they would bring back hidden & dangerous.
  6. Duke Nukem Forever Canned [and then not]

    I'm assuming this as well, and I can understand why 2K picked Gearbox for this project. However, we never really knew for sure at what state the current build was of the game. I feel like they are taking a pretty big gamble on this. I am wondering what what the dollar figure is on Gearbox's contract, too. I honestly don't think it is a good idea. The snakes on a plane reference from somebody is spot-on. This game looked great 10 years ago, but I feel like this type of FPS is way past its prime, plus the IP is irrevelent and I don't see it being resurrected in the way we are seeing the Fallout/System Shock/X-Com franchises rebirthed. 2K does have the ability to market this beyond belief, but I just have this feeling it won't pay off.
  7. Mafia II

    What's your beef with steam exactly? I saw a similar post on gamasutra regarding another game, I don't remember which. I promise I'm not stalking, nor trying to be an asshole.... just recognized your avatar. (it's a small world afterall) As for me, I plan on playing it but i'm not sure my PC is 100% up to the task so I will probably just wait a few months until I build my next PC. I was pretty fanatical about the first. I don't expect this one to live up to the narrative quality judging from the previews i've seen thus far.
  8. Limbo

    This should be recognized for the longest development cycle of an indie game at the next spike tv game awards. Might have to dust off my 360 for this one.
  9. Hmm... I haven't been here in awhile. Is there another way I can get these podcasts other than iTunes?
  10. I was practically born with a NES controller in my hand, but in the end I have accepted the fact that I am just a PC gamer. My dad got an NES as a gift (I think it was as a joke, I can't remember what the exact circumstances were) when I was about 3. Some of my fondest memories of he and I are playing Dragon Warrior together. Being 5 in 1988 was about the greatest time of my life. All my friends lived either next door or across the street and all we did is fuck around and play NES. Both of my grandparents had PC's, one an Amiga and the other a C64. Whenever I would visit they mesmerized me in ways I can't really explain. I don't have many memories of the games I would play other than some stupid muppets game on the C64 and an afterburner clone on the amiga. I do, however have many memories of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? on the Amiga. I think it was in 1992 when our family got our first PC. It was a Pionex 486 @ 25mhz with 4mb of ram. That christmas my grandmother gave me Kings Quest IV and some helicopter game. Aside from the fact that I was lured to the PC even without games this just entangled me even more. Games like the Police Quest series, King's Quest, Return to Zork, X-wing/Tie Fighter, X-com. My first Lucas adventure was Sam & Max courtesy of my best friend/neighbor, then on to the Indy series, then DotT, I didn't play the MI series until later when I got some CD with the first 2 on it (I think it came with Grim Fandango) I eventually got a Genesis, I'm not sure why I picked it over the SNES... It was probably because of Road Rash. I played the SNES extensively at friends house, some stand-outs being Shadow Run and A Link to the Past. Other than that I don't really feel like anything really inspired me. At this point Prodigy/Compuserve/AOL and other services were proliferating. My first online-gaming experience was Air Warrior. That consumed my life for sometime. Then Quake came. Before Quake I wasn't a complete FPS freak, but at that time the genre barely existed I guess. My first exposure to Quake was at a computer camp I went to at Emory Univ. one summer when I was in 6th grade, I think... The Quake demo (as had WC2) came out at that point. All I can say is that it was awesome, and that was probably the nerdiest point of my life. I still had the now shitty Pionex, even though it had been upgraded to capacity (my dad had put in a dx2 @ 66mhz and 40mb of ram (absurd at that time) and for one christmas I got a 1 gig hard drive. I'm not sure how much time passed but eventually my family got a new PC. I think the first thing I did was install Quake and Airwarrior. Quakeworld was around, TF had just come out, oh and then Fallout. It was glorious. And then Tribes came and blew my mind even further. It wasn't really until I got my PS1 that I think I started to become more of a console player. Other than Dragon Warrior, I didn't really have any exposure to JRPG's. The N64/PS1&2 era was about the prime for me in terms of consoles. I was heavily entrenched in that. Metal Gear, FF7&8, GT, GTA, Zelda, Goldeneye/PD, etc. My PC menu just consisted of CS & Tribes. After that I feel like it went downhill for me. I first bought a Gamecube and eventually an x-box playing halo, zelda, & the like. I began to play the PC more once HL2 came out and it just snowballed after that. My last real console time was spent in college playing Time Splitters and Guitar Hero. Oh and I did buy an SNES my last semester and played through Breath of Fire as well as a bunch of other games I felt like I missed out on. I bought a 360 for GTAIV when it first came out and to this day that is all I have except for 2 xbox live games that I bought. I have pondered over buying a ps3 for Drakes Fortune and Metal Gear, but I haven't found the motivation yet. There's something about the PC that makes me feel more comfortable. It is certainly more immersive. I was also introduced in to modding/mapmaking via quakED and perhaps even more influenced by a turn based strat by the name of Soldiers at War. As of the past few years I really just play TF2 and games of the past (I'm currently replaying Deus Ex) I totally forgot to mention my MMO background... but it's probably not worth mentioning (unless you count Airwarrior/Aces High/WWIIOL... oh and Starwars Galaxies) I have had to come to terms to the fact that I am really just a FPS gamer but I think that the market is just saturated with them, mostly on the PC. I started out with adventure games, sims and RTS' and in this day and age there isn't a whole lot of that out there. It's a shame. I will say this though, if I never got my hands on QuakeED... I don't have any idea what I would be doing for a living. I'm not in the gaming industry, but in architecture. I would like modding to remain a hobby. With that said, I don't feel like I am missing a whole lot with consoles. I surely don't have the motivation to sit on the couch and go at it, I just wish I did.
  11. Old Games That Hold Up...Or Don't

    I recently played Jaws for the NES, made of all people LJN. That game still rocks. Alot of the early 3d stuff like many have previously said suffer the most. Just about all of the N64 catalog is unbearable to play. I think I tried to play rogue squadron a few years back and had forgotten how bad the fog was. I can still play the early kings/police/space quest games and enjoy them. That may just be an extreme case of nostalgia, though. Going forward in time a bit, I found that some xbox games are difficult to play. Knights of the Old Republic was pretty much just unbearable in regards to navigating through menus and reading text. I bought bully a year or so ago to play on my 360 and that game just looked wretched, speaking of which GTA 3 is hard to go back to and enjoy, and I would argue that the originals are more fun nostalgia-wise. Mafia still looks great, mostly due to the cut scenes. I've recently played all the way through Jagged Alliance 2 and X-Com, those games will never get old.
  12. Next² Generation Consoles

    I got my wii and I got my 360... I haven't touched my wii basically since I bought it, I barely started on twilight princess. I bought my 360 when gta4 came out and once I was finished with that it just collected dust since.... I did however pick up Bully and Assasin's Creed. I am about 3/4 way throug Assasin's Creed as of now (2 months later). Point being is that I really just have given up on consoles, not really sure why. I would like the ps3 mainly just for drake's fortune and mgs4, but it is just not worth it end the end. I am now primarily a PC gamer, which is somewhat of a change. I don't reckon I will pick up a next gen console if things are in the same shape as they are in now.
  13. I don't think it was marketed that much here, I rarely heard anything about it. I've only seen the preview once or twice while watching tv. It was also PG-13, I don't know if that had anything to do with it, though.
  14. Crysis

    My specs are pretty close to yours. Except I only have 2 gigs of ram and the 640mb version of the 8800. I was able to get a steady 20fps on high at 1280x1024. This is on windows XP.
  15. The Backlog

    I'm pretty bad at finishing some games, it seems mostly to be console games. I find it easier to stay devoted to a game on the PC because there aren't any distractions, it's more intimate whereas on a console i'm in my living room sitting on a couch 8 ft away with something else always going on. SNES: Chrono Trigger - Got it after I got Chrono Cross actually and can't compell myself to get farther than 2 hours into it. Breath of Fire - I actually started this the other year during exams, got very close to the end... once I finished exams/studying, I quit playing it. I was nearly finished. N64: Majora's Mask - Never bought it back then, tried to play the ROM... I don't have a gamepad so the effort was futile. PS1: Chrono Cross - I've been putting it off for like 5 years, yet it has been my fav JRPG I've played to date. I'm at the very end too. FFVIII - Got to space or whatever, but I just kept getting my ass kicked and I finally gave up. Impossible. PS2 FFX - Blitzball PC: STALKER - Just got kind of bored of it, no real desire to finish it right now. Fallout 2 - I couldn't get into this like i did the first, I can't really explain why I didn't like it. I still want to finish it someday, though. GC: Wind Waker - Got stuck trying to find one of the pieces of triforce like 3 years ago, still haven't motivated myself to finish it. Metal Gear Solid remake - I got about halfway through it and realized that I had beaten the game twice already and didn't feel like doing it again just for the extra eye-candy. Wii: Twilight Princess - My friend and I plan on finally finishing it over christmas. We are doing it together because neither of us have the motivation to do it on our own. Rayman - I only got this because the wii had just come out and it was one of the few 'party' games. Novelty game, don't care much to play it again. DS: Sonic Rush - I haven't touched my DS in like 6 months. Xbox: Knights of the Old Republic - I played the second one on PC and it was freakin' awesome... but playing the first on the xbox, text was too hard to read and I couldn't get used to the consolized controls. I need to find a copy for the PC, however I'd rather just play Mass Effect now that I finally have a 360 and HD set. I suck. Luckily I'm graduating next week and other than work on my portfolio I won't have shit to do, hopefully I can cross some of these off the list.