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  1. 'Ben There, Dan That!' from Size Five Games

    Hello! Glad you got it sorted One thing that seems to throw a few people off with regards to BTDT's puzzles is that they're all thoroughly logical. There's no madcap, improbable solutions to anything (I don't think) which is odd because most adventure games have a few 'use monkey's hand with ********* to get past the grumpy sailor' puzzles With regards to a Gibbage sequel: it's definitely happening. We're shooting for an XBLA release which is probably a bit unlikely, especially given that the studio's very much a part-time affair... so we need to shift some serious numbers of games in order to be able to afford to pay to get it done 'properly'. I'm not committing to a full-on online HD Xbox version unless it gets coded properly, arted properly and what-have-you. And that's going to require serious £££, I'm afraid. Business, eh? Tsh. Anyway- enjoy BTDT. Have a download of Cruxade as well - I know it's a block-dropper, but it's surprisingly good fun. Like Lumines, only BETTERER. EDIT: out of interest, why have your forums censored the word 'pine' 'apple'? That's an unusual thing to have done. Do I win a prize?
  2. Sounds like someone's hankering for a good old game of GIBBAGE...! [that link above goes to my 'anti big games' article, btw, which explains pretty much why I wrote Gibbage...] Sorry, I'll stop going on about Gibbage, now. ps buy gibbage.
  3. Sonic Rivals Gameplay Trailer

    That bit where Sonic skids on his arse made me smile, though. I have highish hopes.
  4. Can We Save Planet Earth?

    Creepy, I had that exaclt same idea yesterday while driving past that big Windfarm rotatey-thing just outside London on the M4 yesterday. I came to the conclusion that, in order to be cost effective in the slightest, they have to be massive.
  5. Sonic Rivals Gameplay Trailer

    Sonic Rivals trailer, at last! Looks ace! No, wait, rubbish. No, ace! No, rubbish. Ooooh can't decide, can't decide.
  6. My First Review (Gibbage related ¬¬)

    Yeah, I figured I'd better stay out of it. My favourite bit is where Russ says: "My guess is that Gibbage saw some sales due to the round-up." Nope. Not one.
  7. My First Review (Gibbage related ¬¬)

    There's no way I'll let them sell it. Until sales comepletely dry up, at which point I'll let any old crook flog it in the hopes of making a little extra beer money...!
  8. My First Review (Gibbage related ¬¬)

    Not a chance! After the creidt card peoples' fees and transfer fees, I make little enough cash out of this little enterprise as it is!
  9. My First Review (Gibbage related ¬¬)

    Groovy. Let me know how you get on...! Cheers for the comments, guys. It just got reviewed on GameTunnel who, moments after deciding it was 'meh' offered to sell it for me taking a large slice of the profits. Unbelievable.
  10. My First Review (Gibbage related ¬¬)

    They do a round up of 5 Indie games each month. This month, I'm number one, which is the best number to be.
  11. No Pre-Owned PS3 Games?

    Boo to 'facts' and 'truth' I hear the Sony PS3 will make you blind and plugs directly into your nipples.
  12. No Pre-Owned PS3 Games?

    Ha ha ha ha haha. Sony really don't have a clue what they're doing anymore, do they?! Ha ah ah ha ha haah ha ha. This'll keep me going all through the winter.
  13. Sorry to go back to blithering on about Gibbage, but: Woo hoo! PCZone's review of Gibbage is out today, and it was raaaather favourable! I'm extremely happy! I'm off to count the doubtless neverending tide of money that's about to start flying my way...! Dan ps ooh, there's more info on what they said here.
  14. Dreamfall question

  15. Game and watch DS mods

    Now that makes me want a DS...!