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  1. After 4, Mission Impossible should have become a series of crossovers - Harry Potter, Men In Black, Jurassic Park...
  2. Marvel movies

    A simplified version of my IM3 opinion is that all the stuff with Tony out of the suit is great, the stuff with him in it not so much. Re. the twist, I think I would have enjoyed it more if Killian hadn't clearly been set up as a villain already - rather than enjoying the film's bravado of suddenly removing the main villain, I was immediately thinking about where they were clearly going to go from there. Just saw Captain Marvel, and didn't enjoy it much. Some charming elements, but has the same old MCU issues - overstuffed, weighed down by the series arc, and terribly directed fight/action scenes.
  3. Recommend me a cool book!

    Probably still making their way through Dracula.
  4. This is great! Fun theme put together well, clean presentation and tight mini-games!
  5. [RELEASED!] War of the Broses

    I really like the look of this, like you're playing with Duplo or similar, and it may be a very simple gameplay loop but it's very satisfying once you get to throwing houses around and such. Would be great to see some of the more complicated ideas you had implemented here.
  6. [Released] Palpable Dreams

    This is really slick, and a great idea. I had trouble sometimes working out what effect my movements were having, but I guess that's a big part of the game!
  7. [Released] Meet the Kerfluffles

    Love the look of this - it feels like The Incredible Machine or something, and the character art is all really cute. The music works really well too, and when you get to control your swarm ("like a flock of birds evading a predator") it feels really cool. Would be great to see some more mechanics get layered on top of this!
  8. Lovely atmosphere here, especially that opening title sequence. I found it quite difficult, but it was cool looking out for clues and doing some Victorian detective work!
  9. This was really cool! Very effective atmosphere and scares (I actually jumped at one point!) and clever use of environmental signposting. Works well as a proof of concept - it's just a shame the player doesn't at least get to run to the satellite tower and lock themselves in the hut, as you had all that in there, but never mind.
  10. Hooray, another Fetchem case! This looks gorgeous, it's well-written and I love the central mechanic - fun and tactile.
  11. [Released] To Me, To Me, To Me

    This is really well-presented - really cute graphics, animation and music - but I'm afraid I just could not figure out how to play! I watched your playthrough video, which didn't help but was entertaining!
  12. Mailbag for a Tattered Nation

    Really nice music and art, and I liked how the writing gave glimpses of the world while focusing on the letters. Depressing but good!
  13. [Released on] Alexa, Destroy Me

    Great writing and it feels impressively expansive! I felt like some of the passages were a bit long to be spoken aloud, though - I enjoyed reading them but Alexa is just too damn slow at reading. Nevertheless, this is a great idea for a smart home app - if you're bored at home and want to kill five minutes, have a go on this game and try some different choices. You could even keep updating it with more branches. Hope you get it working on a smart home device soon!
  14. [RELEASED] Tactical Gamer Chair

    I almost agree with this - it is funny (and it's really nicely presented too - cute graphics and amusing audio), and there's not much game there - but I think with some more motivation for physics madness this could definitely be a lot of fun. Perhaps make it more like an actual office chair race - a lot harder to change direction so you end up careening off stuff - and encourage the player to destroy their opponents by pushing them into brick walls, that kind of thing. Enjoyed my short time with it!
  15. Recommend me a cool book!

    Halo2 hasn't been active for 5 years, so they may not see your recommendation!
  16. Endorsements from Thumbs Readers

    Are you going to do that, @twmac? If you can find an affordable/practical film degree, I recommend that - I thought I was a film nerd, then I did my degree and it really enabled me to enjoy films (and other media) on a different level.
  17. The only one I could think of immediately was at the end of Lost season 5 (which fits quite well with this pattern even though it also has a more specific 'tabula rasa' type implication too). But here's a supercut video with some other examples: Films used (in order of appearance):
  18. Yeah, you're probably right. It definitely feels like more reveals are planned, though - that Ba'ul design seems notably vague..!
  19. My guess for what the Ba'ul would be: I'm still holding out a sliver of hope that this is the actual double-twist truth.
  20. Filmmaking

    Twin Peaksy!
  21. Netflix Originals

    The final half-season of Kimmy Schmidt came out a while back, and boy that show really fizzled out. I loved the first season, felt the second dipped a little then the third one got better again. But season 4 has just been really aimless and, worse, not that funny. Where before it had that 30 Rock feel of meticulous yet effortless, you could really hear the gears grinding by the end
  22. Half-Life 3

    Ha ha, was just about to report it!
  23. Plug your shit

    Nice design!