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  1. So, when's the next podcast scheduled, then?
  2. Movie/TV recommendations

    It's ATROCIOUS. Even my New-Dr-Who-fan housemate thought it was terrible. You thought Kevin Costner was anachronistic as Robin? Wait 'til you see this hairgelled loverboy poncing about amongst the leaves. The whole thing is boring, unfunny, badly directed and flabby. Meanwhile... Smokin' Aces: Fun middle section where all the characters come together, but ends abruptly in a mess of unnecessary plot twists and loose ends. Night At The Museum: Shit, obviously. Bobby: Professional but dull. Lots of people do stuff, then Bobby's shot. End. The Fountain: Amazing imagery, performances, soundtrack as usual from Aronofsky, but very 2001 in its unfulfilled promise of story resolution. Probably needs a couple of rewatches to appreciate. Blood Diamond: Powerful, but jarring mix between message movie and action thriller. How many times can these three characters dodge bullets?! DiCaprio good but accent strained, Hounsou powerful, and Connelly believable and back on the boil. Sorry if these have all been out forever in America!
  3. BenchGuys.Net...

    Being an internet idiot, I have no idea why they would do this. Who's going to accidentally type in when looking for And what would they possibly do with someone's idlethumbs forum password? To quote Tom Hanks in Big: I don't get it!
  4. I actually assumed they'd licensed 'Angel' and taken the vocals out. Massive Attack must live off the royalties of that song, it's used everywhere!
  5. I voted for 321 as well, to get it up level with the other pages. Although I would have voted for the whole book...
  6. How did you find Idle Forums?

    Good man! Are you on the Gibbage forums too? I found The Thumb through ukresistance or adventuregamers, back when I was working as a tape-monkey, sitting in a basement through the night copying 100s of VHSs of shitty nature programmes and the like. Reading these forums is inextricably linked with the voice of Janet Ellis telling me how wonderful caribou are. Which is no bad thing.
  7. Would you rather...

    Here's another one: Would you rather be Ace Ventura, The Mask or Bruce Almighty?
  8. Man to Man

    Seconded. Watch 'Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge' again instead. Although I didn't like Dark Place either...
  9. Specific Lost question

    Can anyone give me a yes or no answer to this question about Lost: In the Desmond flashback, where he meets the lady whose dead husband left her a boat, was that Hurley's girlfriend from the island, but with different hair? Someone told me it was, but I totally didn't notice. Thaaaanks!
  10. Know your game designers

    I know a good amout!
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    If you want to see Crank, I'd recommend paying the asking price, rather than stealing it. If you don't, don't. Hundreds of people worked hard on that film, whatever you think of it, and personally I think it's unjustifiable to pirate it.
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    Crank is really good fun, and pretty close to how GTA: The Movie should be done. The only thing that lets it down is generic baddies (hello, GTA) and final shootout. The ending saves that though. In all, it's great. Well worth a watch.
  13. Sam and Max is coming back

    I think they're self-contained episodes/cases, but with an overarc-ing 'uber-plot', a la X Files or whatever.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    Children Of Men - Amazing. Go see it now. Little Miss Sunshine - good but typical indie fare. Clerks II - Enjoyable middle-aged Smith, nothing more.
  15. What's your favourite movie?

    I know exactly what you mean. What I liked about the first one was that although it had lots of supernatural macguffins, it essentially stayed earthy, human. The villains were just a load of mean blokes, albeit with the occasional skelly-effect. When I saw the trailer for P2, I was really worried that it just seemed like a CG-fest, with big Sharkhead baddies, and prosthetics that even Nighy wouldn't be able to emote through. But then I saw it and I had to eat my tri-corner hat. Jones' crew was ickily tangible, and Nighy was magnificent, using only his eyes, voice and body-language. And the voodoo lady was just some woman with nasty teeth, which was cool. Less fx than Monkey 1 VL. Oh, and a fave movie I forgot is A Fish Called Wanda.
  16. What's your favourite movie?

    I didn't really enjoy the first film that much, but loved the second one. It's got a lot of flaws, but it overcomes them all with charm and sheer ridiculousness. And for me the ending was fine. I expected an Empire-style depressing cliffhanger, and I loved 'Ello, beastie!"
  17. Important confession

    Can't hear it, just get a load of text. Is that me being stupid?
  18. What's your favourite movie?

    Can't...fight...such brilliantly expressed arguments......GAAH okay you win, Tremors 4 kicks ass. "I feel I've not been privy to critical, most needful information"
  19. The Star Wars DVDs

    Woah woah woah, and people say I'm crazy? Oh wait, I had this argument in an earlier thread: PS I'm so predictable, I was going to start this reply by subtly quoting all three Indy films ("Are you crazy?"), before I realised I'd already done so in the one I'm quoting...
  20. What's your favourite movie?

    Wrong, goof. Tremors = excellent, Tremors 2 = good fun, clever continuation and referencing of the original, Tremors 3 = back-to-basics fun with Burt Gummer nearing Ash-like iconic status. Tremors 4 = pretty lame, although the setting of it 100 years in the past is a neat nod to Back To The Future 3. All in all, and it's not saying much, 2 and 3 are amongst the best sequels to an excellent film. Never saw the tv series, broke up with my girlfriend before I could record them off her digital. And I even missed the one with the Christopher Lloyd cameo. Sigh...
  21. What's your favourite movie?

    I'm glad we went with 'favourite', rather than 'best'. Back To The Future (+ most Zemeckis) A Goofy Movie Raiders Of The Lost Ark Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade Tremors Robocop Terminator Freddy Vs Jason Face/Off (+ a lot of Nic Cage) Withnail & I Ed Wood (+ most Burton) Predator Die Hard Wild At Heart Aliens Nightmare On Elm Street Life Of Brian. I can just watch all these over and over.
  22. The Star Wars DVDs

    Ep 4 - fun Ep 5 - boring Ep 6 - shit except the Palpatine/Vader/Skywalker finale Ep 1 - shit, obv. Ep 2 - fun Ep 3 - lots of fun Overall, not as good as the Tremors quadrilogy.
  23. Movie/TV recommendations

    Miami Vice - rubbish. Feels like a made-for-tv undercover action thriller, with worse hair. Monster House - rubbish. Smug, boring, no empathetic characters, and full of those creepy-looking CG-kids that only The Incredibles has managed to avoid. Stormbreaker - godawful. Unbelievably clumsy and amateurish on every level. A Scanner Darkly - really good. Looks gorgeous, great performances. Don't expect a plot. Snakes On A Plane - good fun. Yes, I have a season-ticket for Cineworld cinemas, and yes, I'm 'between jobs' at the moment.
  24. Snakes on a Plane (and Gnarls Barkley)

    I saw it yesterday. It takes a bit too long to get going, and the ending could have done with being ramped up a bit, but it's generally good fun, inventive and cleverly avoids most cliches. Not Tremors, but exactly as good as you expect it to be deep down in your heart.
  25. I loved the voices in CoMI. Especially Earl Boen as LeChuck, and Denny Delk as MURRAY! I really liked Dominic Armato as Guybrush as well, he was perfect. I pissed myself when I read some idiot claim they messed it up by making him a "whiny American idiot". Guybrush is a whiny idiot! In an American game! The best Mario voice, obviously, was Bob Hoskins.