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  1. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    Sooo... iiiis... The Slack still a thing? Say that I'm missing the community? Here's my email if someone'd be so kind to send me an invite. schrijverleeuwenhart [[[at]]] gmail . com
  2. Who's Buying the Switch Lite?

    I'm not getting one, owning an original already. Also, I'd be hesitant to get any new Switch unless and until Nintendo decisively solve the Joy-Con issues with drift and poor connectivity. The Joy-Cons, for all their wonderful gimmicks, are some of the poorest controllers Nintendo have ever made.
  3. Something True 2.4: Okaasan

    Ooooh, I liked this one quite a bit, since I adore Japanese history. I'm more than usually confused now at how accurate these stories are, though. Are they complete fiction or humorously adapted retellings of true events? (Sorry if this is utterly clear to everyone else at this point)
  4. Marvel movies

  5. Filmmaking

    Luckily, there are professional trailer makers on this forum. (Though they might cost you.)
  6. Clickbait Games Journalism: Polygon vs Kotaku

    I like it! Please do. I am sure to miss just about anything good otherwise.
  7. Filmmaking

    Filmmaking is tough, but it's own reward. Hopefully the festival will accept your work, would be sweet!
  8. Life

    Good job, Gormongous! Now you can finally spend a significant amount of time on anime again!
  9. Marvel movies

    Did not know that, since I've only seen the second Andrew Garfield one. Which... wasn't particularly good in my opinion! I like Jamie Foxx just fine, but yikes. To be fair I remember very little of the movie, it was way too messy.
  10. Marvel movies

    Oh, it's totally smart. And Far From Home once again features a father figure for Peter,
  11. Marvel movies

    Yeah, I liked J. B. Smoove too. Had a rather puzzling conversation with someone who was disappointed and/or vexed with Far From Home. She hadn't kept up with any of the other Marvel or Avengers films, so she was confused about what had happened and considered it a spoiler, even. Iron Man suddenly dead, where did Spider-Man get a nano suit, the Blip, etc. Initially, and mostly still, my reaction was that you couldn't blame the movie that you hadn't been following the whole MCU. Spider-Man has appeared in no less than five movies at this point, and especially the Avengers movies will always be watershed moments that drastically shake things up. This is something that's uniquely peculiar to the MCU, and in keeping with the way (Marvel) comics are written - with lots of crossovers. So, that's the deal, that's what you sign up for. But then I also feel she's right in feeling left out. In no other case would it fly to have a direct sequel leave such a gaping hole in the series. (This was true, though somewhat less so, for Civil War as well, which hinged primarily on the Sokovia stuff in Age of Ultron). It's clear the MCU is shaking up how we perceive and experience movies, but is it unfair to expect traditional storytelling cues and then be disappointed, going from Spider-Man 1 to Spider-Man 2?
  12. Such an adventurous and slap-dash attitude to life is anathema to my very existence.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    One thing I learned today that I thought was pretty wild, was that in Into The Spider-Verse they animate Miles at 12 fps at first, as he learns to handle his powers. As he becomes more confident, they start animating him in 24 fps to give a better sense of his newfound grace and power. Such neat animation storytelling!