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  1. Blade Runner 2049

    I haven't seen it yet, but apparently cinematographer Roger Deakins oversaw the 3D conversion process himself, so that might account to why it is so subtle and well done. According to some very quick googling it's all 2d-to-3d conversion, so none of it was actually shot with two cameras.
  2. I quite like that it's focusing on a different crew member than the captain of the ship, because then they can do the ambiguous captain character. I hope he has more depth than just "madman monster-collector" and it doesn't just end up with the monster eating him or something.. We'll see! Saru is great! I'm very hopeful and thoroughly entertained, so far!
  3. Oh shit, thanks for the mention of my Shitty Wizard! Regarding pronounciation of cwine, I personally always pronounce it "swine" while some people argue it should be "kwine" This also reminds me I should get back to cwine development so it can actually every be used for anything!
  4. I like to mix it up. I introduced my son to educational ones, but he also gets to play Angry Birds 2 because he does learn *some* fine-motor skills while playing it. You can slowly see him getting better at making micro-adjusments to the shooting curve, which is wonderful to see. But he's still only five, so he still quite likes the educational stuff and goes back and forth between that stuff. That said, I'm probably way looser with the iPad compared to other parents. As long as he also plays outside and wants to do other stuff, I'm fine with him doing whatever on the iPad when he wants to cool down.. What kind of apps are the stupid ones she likes? Like.. Farmville stuff?
  5. Plug your shit

    I recently got Cinema4D R19 at work, which included some very nice updates to the Voronoi Fracture tool. So I've been playing around with that, rendering some tests using Octane Render (a fantastic unbiased render) Here's my latest test: Here it is in (30fps) video form.
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty excited to see what this is. The CGI looks pretty nice for such a CGI-heavy TV show. And I never minded the nuTrek look with the heavy bloom, so I'm fine with that stuff. I really liked the war-heavy seasons of DS9, so I'm interested in seeing what Discovery does with a Klingon war.
  7. Plug your shit

    Haha oh my god, that Twin Peaks reggae is fantastic! Good job!
  8. Alright, is anyone getting a bit of Nintendo fever again? Or did all sympathy for them disappear with their "We don't play with Garage Developers" comments? I'm pretty excited. Don't know if I'd buy it. I got excited for the Wii, but never bought it. Didn't buy 360 or PS3, either, so I might jump on an HD capable console from Nintendo. But still, all that aside, this is all very interesting. What with touch-screen controller rumors, and all. Anyways, anyone else have thoughts? Figured we could start babbling about it in this thread come E3 in June. So, Idle Thumbs Forum is ready for Nintendo E3 now!
  9. Is anyone else not seeing this episode on their Ad-Free Feed? Does it always just take a bit more time to propagate?

    Agree with everything here.
  11. I've started watching the latest Netflix version, Ten Years Later and am really enjoying it. I don't have a lot of thoughts yet, but I felt I'd make a thread now in case anyone else is watching as well and has any thoughts. So here's your official Wet Hot American Summer thread for all your Wet Hot American Summer chat about the movie and the two Netflix seasons.
  12. HBO Nordic

    HBO is coming out with their HBO Go service in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. This is amazing news, and I think this is a step in the right direction for how I'd like television to work one day (without regional restrictions). They've announced a price that's somewhere over 10€. Is anyone else here going to pick this up when it goes online? I'm amazed by some of the comments I've seen surrounding this. People asking them if they'll be able to watch "the CSI's and NCIS" on this. People lamenting that they're not interested in any HBO series. Why were they interested in HBO Go in the first place?
  13. Baby Driver (Boss Baby Successor)

    Don't get me wrong, I thought it was mostly shallow and devoid of character development. I just loved it nonetheless because of its endless amounts of charm. How affecting you'll find that charm will differ, I guess! I don't think just the technical aspect of the music-matching and choreography would've worked as well for me without the charming cast, humour, directing. Which is why I wouldn't slot this anywhere near a Zack Snyder movie, which I typically find completely devoid of any charm.. The movie did seem like it was trying for some subtext about identity during the last act, with all the behind-the-nickname reveals, but it never actually seemed to go anywhere. With the the whole movie directed and shot to very rigid music lengths, I imagine the structure of the story was very rigid after they started shooting. So there's no room for the kind of character building Simon and Nick are so good at when they just improvise whole scenes.
  14. You don't like the show, that's fine, but there's no need to be rude about it.
  15. Fortnite

    I just bought it! It's pretty neat! I'm "bigjko" on there if anyone wants to play. Also, none of my missions have lasted an hour so far. They've been like 10-20 min games, maybe? They're over pretty quickly, I feel. You could, theoretically just not activate the objective and go resource-hunting for hours, I guess?
  16. Jeff Goldblum

  17. Baby Driver (Boss Baby Successor)

    Here's the opening car chase for anyone who isn't going to go see it in theaters again, but wants to relive that great opening. There's lots of great audio/visual matching going on there. First time around I didn't notice that John Bernthals shooting in the bank is timed to the music. Or that the wall blocks whizzing past the camera are in sync with the snare drum at 3:05 and 5:11. The editing here is *fantastic*, but also some great timed stuff, like when they switch the cars at the end. That's one continuous shot where they have 10 seconds to switch places and get into the new car and close the doors before the song ends. I've watchd this opening sequence 10 times now. It's just so much fun!
  18. Fargo (TV series)

    Here's a long list of "easter eggs" and some more
  19. Baby Driver (Boss Baby Successor)

    Oh my god, yes. They need to get Michel Gagné to do an overlay and include that on the Bluray or something:
  20. Baby Driver (Boss Baby Successor)

    Oh wow, that is a great interview!
  21. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    I laughed so hard at that final pause every single episode to the point where my wife got mad at me.. It's A++!!
  22. Baby Driver (Boss Baby Successor)

    There was an absolutely crazy amount of that stuff throughout the film. The amount of preparation that must've gone into timing all of these things. I listened to this podcast interviewing Edgar and he says whenever they could they had the music playing on set while acting out the scenes. And when they couldn't they had a choreographer calling out the beats so everyone could time their acting to the music. Simple scenes like them just getting out of a car and getting into a new getaway car are so meticulously timed to the music it's absolutely bonkers. I'm pretty sure Darling never pops her gum without it being timed to the music. I vaguely remember a background character, a cop or a bystander, having dialogue that was identical, and timed, to the lyrics. I'm very excited to see it again to be even more on the lookout for this stuff.