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  1. Destiny (MP)

    I need to level up first, I'm only at 5 right now
  2. Destiny (MP)

    I'll be jumping in as well this weekend. On PS4. ErwinBro.
  3. PSN ID exchange

    I got a PS4 last week! Playing InFamous Second Son. My ID is ErwinBro
  4. Chris Roberts' new space combat sim

    Sheeeet yeah, I pledged! I'm a huge Wing Commander fan.
  5. So today I was working on my hotel for a while, until I was distracted by a lot of noise on the floor below. When I entered the hallway I found I have visitors: Where are they going? It seems there was a party going on in room number 201. I wonder what they were looking at in the corner. I don't feel very welcome...
  6. I'm in favor of this option as well, so that's already 3 of us.
  7. Please don't, as I haven't finished my challenging project yet.
  8. Show me your desk/gaming space

    Still happy with my IKEA less.
  9. Yeah, but if you don't know how to eat, it's all pretty useless.
  10. Discovered an abandoned mine. A very frightening place, especially the part where hundreds of tiny spiders jump at you: Minecraft by Erwin_Br, on Flickr
  11. But what do you need snowballs for? Last time I played they were pretty useless.
  12. The Witcher 2

    I'm also curious, as I'm not very far in the game yet.
  13. So after /fly you can spawn blocks? And if so, how does that work? /item seems to be restricted.
  14. Wow, guys, that tree at spawn is awesome. And Minecraft's terrain generator has been improved hugely, since last time I played. This world looks great.
  15. Leisure Suit Larry in "gimme your money"

    Oh no there goes my money.
  16. Mass Effect 3

    Funny, because I felt too constrained in ME2, after I had played ME1. I loved the walking and elevator moments.
  17. Fund Tim Schafer's next game YOURSELF!

    What audience?
  18. Minecraft

    That would be awesome. Don't know if anyone remembers my office building in New Haven, but I love building skyscrapers.
  19. Minecraft

    Me too. I can't enjoy single player mode anymore since IdleMC.
  20. Mass Effect 3
  21. I'm more of a Wing Commander guy. Wake me up when Chris Roberts is doing another game.
  22. Fund Tim Schafer's next game YOURSELF!

    If they make $4 million, I'll subscribe to EA's Origin.