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Found 3 results

  1. Destiny on Xbox

    I thought I'd start a new post since the other was started so long ago and doesn't seem to get any replies (apologies if I broke any forum rules). Anyone still playing this on Xbox? I played through original Destiny and most of the expansions but because I don't know anyone who also plays online I never got to try the raids. I'm ideally looking for a couple of people from the UK to play the raids with who haven't been through them before. I'm happy to go through the game again from scratch too. Message me if you're interested.
  2. Destiny (MP)

    5/14/15 Update - Zeus has made a shared calendar on which to list your availability for strikes/raids. You can access it here - Also, I removed the list of people and their platform IDs because it was out of date. In lieu of that, I created a new sheet in the Idle Thumbs Consolidated ID workbook specifically for Destiny players. I included anyone who has posted their ID in the last calendar year or is active in the main Destiny thread. Feel free to add your name if you're left off - Destiny ID Exchange (click the Destiny tab at the bottom) --- Mington has been good enough to make us a Idle Thumbs [iDLE] clan for the game which you can find on at the following link -