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  1. Destiny (MP)

    I need to level up first, I'm only at 5 right now
  2. Destiny (MP)

    I'll be jumping in as well this weekend. On PS4. ErwinBro.
  3. PSN ID exchange

    I got a PS4 last week! Playing InFamous Second Son. My ID is ErwinBro
  4. Chris Roberts' new space combat sim

    Sheeeet yeah, I pledged! I'm a huge Wing Commander fan.
  5. So today I was working on my hotel for a while, until I was distracted by a lot of noise on the floor below. When I entered the hallway I found I have visitors: Where are they going? It seems there was a party going on in room number 201. I wonder what they were looking at in the corner. I don't feel very welcome...
  6. I'm in favor of this option as well, so that's already 3 of us.
  7. Please don't, as I haven't finished my challenging project yet.
  8. Show me your desk/gaming space

    Still happy with my IKEA less.
  9. Yeah, but if you don't know how to eat, it's all pretty useless.
  10. Discovered an abandoned mine. A very frightening place, especially the part where hundreds of tiny spiders jump at you: Minecraft by Erwin_Br, on Flickr
  11. But what do you need snowballs for? Last time I played they were pretty useless.
  12. The Witcher 2

    I'm also curious, as I'm not very far in the game yet.
  13. So after /fly you can spawn blocks? And if so, how does that work? /item seems to be restricted.
  14. Wow, guys, that tree at spawn is awesome. And Minecraft's terrain generator has been improved hugely, since last time I played. This world looks great.