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  1. Finished this last night, and really loved it, especially Act IV. Hungry for more, like I often am, I looked up some discussions on the 'net, and found this forum post which instantly multiplied my nostalgia by a million and took me right back to my previous life as a terrible gaming forum guy (nowadays, I'm just a terrible guy): Then I logged on here and posted this! (fuuck, "emoticons" ❤️❤️❤️❤️, I think my previous post was from before emoji was even a thing)
  2. Red Dead Redemption

    Coming out in April on Xbox 360 and PS3. The trailer looks magnificent. It's pretty obviously using the RAGE engine, which should make for some fantastic sequences of people falling of rooftops and horses. I wonder if the horses will have the Euphoria stuff and fall over realistically. That would be awesome. Also, maybe they'll have multiplayer with ice-cream wagons and horseback gunfights.
  3. Tomb Raider

    So they're rebooting the Tomb Raider franchise, and Game Informer has the scoop, apparently. I wonder if this will be a game in the classical Tomb Raider style, or the new, isometric thing. My impression is the isometric Tomb Raider is more of a spin-off than a proper game. Anyway, I love the Tomb Raiders, so this will likely be sweet, whenever it's out. Side note: Anyone subscribe to Game Informer? It seems they get tons of hot scoops, but are they a decent magazine? Is it worth subscribing to if you have internet access?
  4. Guess who's coming to dinner? It's Elite: Dangerous! I don't know how this will be different from Star Citizen, but I guess some of you can probably detail the finer differences. They're both space trade-or-shoot-em-ups, right?
  5. Here, check this out: If you haven't played Outcast, you probably shouldn't, unless you're the kind of person who handles horribly aged games uncommonly well. It was a fantastic late-Nineties action adventure that had a bunch of incredible stuff in it, some of which I had never experienced in a game before when I played it back in 1999/2000. First of all, it had a sweet voxel-based graphics engine that made it necessary to run the game in a super-low resolution, so the software renderer could render wonderfully anti-aliased reflections and shadows and vast landscapes and cities. It had a fantastic orchestral score. It had tons and tons of content and was totally open world, before that became a thing non-RPGs did (as far as I know). This Kickstarter looks pretty bad.
  6. Half-Life 3

    So much talk of this in the last months, and no thread (that I could find)? Latest rumor, which is definitely probably false, is a Gamescom announcement.
  7. This is a fun little asynchronous Scrabble-esque Scrabble-like Scrabblevania Scrabble clone that you can play on iOS and Android (cross-platform even!) but is much more fun if you know or have heard of your opponents. If you're playing this, or would like to, and want people to play with that you sort of know or have heard of, I thought this could maybe be a thread where we reveal our secret Words with Friends aliases. Mine's toblix. Feel free to challenge me!
  8. Huh, what's this? If you're interested in discussing video games, amateur video game development or secret hints, you need to join #idlethumbs on QuakeNet! It's an internet chat room like in the 90s, and we discuss things and issues on there, like what video games are fun, how to do a thing in Unity or post Vines of how our next racing game is coming along. #idlethumbs? Sounds like a hashtag to me, old man! No, this is a channel on IRC. Okay I'm sold. How do I join? Joining is easy and free! You'll need an IRC client, such as: mIRC (Windows) Xchat (Windows, Linux) LimeChat (Mac) Colloquy (Mac) Pidgin (Windows, Linux, Mac) (In your browser!) Install or start the client, join a QuakeNet server. You can find the closest one to you here. After connecting, join the channel #idlethumbs.
  9. So I try to give every Quick Look on Giant Bomb at least a few minutes, even for games I'm not that interested in. I just watched the one for Crusader Kings II and went from not being interested at all to holy shit take a look at that Quick Look! It's a strategy game you play on a motherfucking gorgeous map of Europe that has all these sweet labels that fade in as you zoom around and move through time. Instead of playing as an abstract civilization or faceless ruler, you're actually this guy (though you can choose from a wide array of historical figures) and you have to manage your personal life, which I did not expect. There are menus for wives and heirs, and you have all these people under you that you can do stuff with, I guess. I didn't really watch the whole thing, but these two things made me want the game: The beautiful map of Europe A war strategy game where you get half of your wife's stats, and have to decide how your stuff is divided up when you die, and then I guess you play as your heir. The reason I haven't bought it yet is that apparently it's super complicated, and the tutorials are not that good, and I don't really enjoy complicated games. Anyway!
  10. Cyberpunk 2077

    DUDE THERE'S BULLETS EVERYWHERE AND THIS HOT CYBERCHICK WITH SLOW-MO BULLETPROOF TITS OMG If I had just seen the logo for this game, I'd be maximus excitimus: Sorry, Still interested of course, seeing as marketing doesn't necessarily mean much about the game itself. Still.
  11. Inside

    Hello! I just finished Inside, the latest (and second) game from Playdead, the Danish studio that did Limbo six years ago. It's out on Xbox One, and will be out on PC on July 7th. Anyway, I just finished it, and then, as I always do after finishing a game, I came here to read through page after page of intelligent discussion about it. Imagine, if you can, my disappointment at finding no discussion, not even a thread. I guess people are waiting for the PC release? Anyway, it's a fantastic game, but know this: it's very very very similar to Limbo in most ways. It has similar controls and mechanics, the same quiet, lonely, depressing tone, and a similar structure. It's technically more adwanced, and looks and moves and sounds like a thoughtfully put together and better funded 2016 Danish puzzle platformer. If you enjoyed Limbo (and if you don't know, you should try it!), you'll probably love Inside; run, jump, push and pull across a large, linear, continuous series of moody, desolate, eerie, beautiful set pieces, enjoy some light physics puzzles and some mildly exciting (but forgiving) action sequences, and finish off with one of the most creepy and satisfying video game ending sequences I've ever played.
  12. Kentucky Route Zero

    So tell me this doesn't look pretty interesting: You can sign up for a mailing list here.
  13. Half-Life 2: Episode 3

    Maybe by then they'll have fixed their fucking horrible VAC unban policy, which is so amazingly terrible that I'm amazed that anyone in their right mind would spend as much as a cent on Steam.
  14. Thanks miffy! Yeah, it's totally my own shitty completionist fixation on a very peripheral element of the game that ruins it for me. I did go for it in Human Revolution, and when I got it it felt incredible. I can still taste it.
  15. I just finished this, and I'm so fucking angry I'm going to complain about it on the internet. I didn't get the no alarms achievement, and I don't know why. The game tells you nothing about the viability of the achievement as you go, so the only way to know if you made it is to finish the game and hope for the best. Apparently at some point an alarm was triggered and I was fucked out of the achievement without realizing. Maybe due to a bug in the alarm system, or in scripting, or who knows what? Maybe it happened 20 minutes into the game, or maybe 40 hours! I knew I was setting myself up for this the moment I started playing, and I'm not really surprised, because if you google that achievement there's so much FUD going around and weird incorrect hints and tips, and nobody knows exactly what can cause you to fail, and fuck it fuck what a major annoyance this is to me as a shitty complaining whiny gamer. I'm more than 30 years old. The rest of the game was cool! It had all the Deus Ex things I like, such as sneaking around and avoiding detection for 43 hours.
  16. Rocksmith

    I'm pretty excited about this. I've always wanted to be able to play the guitar, but I can never motivate myself to stick to even the most trivial of challenges. Maybe a context like this will make it easier or more fun? Only time and lots of money will tell.
  17. Quake Champions

    This trailer makes me cautiously optimistic about Quake Champions:
  18. Torment: Tides of Numenera

    Kickstarter:, and holy shit it took off like a five dollar pistol on a Saturday night. It reached 10% after 20 minutes, and it's now passing 30%, so it's probably a sure thing already.
  19. GTA V

    Some speculation about the next GTA. If they're going to announce it soon, which could make sense with LA Noire coming out, when would they most likely do it? Aren't announcements usually made at game conventions nowadays?
  20. The Last Guardian

    I've played this for a few hours and I enjoyed it. That is, I enjoyed it until , which is the most incomprehensible bullshit I've ever seen in what is arguably a mainstream video game. After furiously struggling for twenty minutes trying to figure out even the most basic aspects of that garbage, I don't even know if I want to continue playing at all. I know I could probably look up the "actual" controls, but I feel like I should be able to figure it out on my own, especially with the crazy amount of hand-holding the game has been doing up to this point.
  21. Still newer forum!

    Good job, this looks great!
  22. Wasteland 2

    They just launched the Kickstarter for Wasteland 2.
  23. If any of you need to chat while playing and don't want to use Skype for whatever reason, but you want to use Mumble, there is a Idle Thumbs server you could use for that: Mumble Download client: Location: Europe Max users: 25 Address: Port: 8302 Password: wizaaaaaaaard (that's 8 a's) I shut down the server!