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  1. Fight Garbage With Garbage [devlog]

    I got enemies working! (mostly) They will roll around and pick up the nearest piece of garbage, even if that piece of garbage is on another enemy. When they collide they will be destroyed! I eventually want to add that the bigger garbage collector can only destroy a smaller one, so I will be working on that next. I am having issues where if only one enemy is destroyed the object that were attached to them act strangely. They unchild themselves and disconnect their joints with the parent, but they sometimes interact oddly with the object that destroyed their parent. They often form a joint without attaching to the new rigidbody, or they child themselves to the new object, but don't form a joint. This makes them bounce around a little and then just fall through the floor... I'm guessing this is because of trying to do things with different object in different scripts on a single collision so wires are getting crossed... I'm just not sure what the wires are... Any tips are appreciated! I'm kind of in debugging mode which... sucks.
  2. Fight Garbage With Garbage [devlog]

    I’ve always loved the feeling of Katamari and always wanted to try it! Hopefully I can make it feel somewhat good, will take a lot of tuning! Having a predetermined connection would make it a lot smoother! I was trying to go for that kind of movement and look when I started, but now I am liking the weird sloshy movement I am getting with spring joints. It may be a mess if I have different sized objects and a lot more of them... but that will come after enemies! Working on enemies now that are essentially the same as the player, just rolling over the object nearest to them (including the player and other enemies). Not quite working yet, but will show it off when it does!
  3. Fight Garbage With Garbage [devlog]

    Made some progress today! I came up with a better system for handling picking up objects! I have a trigger collider on the player that detects garbage in range. When that happens the garbage forms a spring joint with the player's rigidbody. This results in some weird springy motion that doesn't feel great.. but I kind of like it. I'm sure with more tuning it will be better too! Here it is...
  4. Fight Garbage With Garbage [devlog]

    I have changed my mind... no longer doing my Meme Scream idea... because I failed! And I had a more fun idea. Now it's Fight Garbage With Garbage! It is a type of Katamari Damacy rip off. Essentially you are garbage. And you roll over more garbage to pick it up, becoming more... garbage. I am also taking inspiration from games like snake.io and slither.io. I want the player to start as a small garbage orb and collect pieces of garbage to grow. There will also be enemy garbage orbs doing the same thing, trying to roll you and each other up. If you are rolled over, that's the end! The goal is essentially to get as big as you can. So far I have done the following: - Made a working third person camera and controller - Made pick up-able objects that stick to the player via joints on contact The issue I am running into right now is getting more objects to stick to the player without getting caught on each other and bouncing around too much... I have it so that on collision with the player they attach to the player with a joint. Whenever the player picks up another object I have the sphere collider slightly increase in radius. This works... kind of. I'm sure there is a better way so if anybody has input I would appreciate it!
  5. Hello Wizard Jammers! I don't how active I will be with the devlog this time around, but I at least wanted to get something up here as I start up the project. This'll be my second Wizard Jam, my first being Wizard Jam 5 where I made a Twin Peaks first person exploration game. The Meme Scream is to be a first person arcade-ish game. The player will be walking through a crowded area (like a mall or something) and be trying to avoid running into NPC's that are wandering in the direction of the player. The hook is that there is a big phone in middle of the screen that is always fixed in the middle of the view, so using the mouse to look around and change direction will move the phone along with it, blocking the view. On the phone I want there to be a scrolling feed of images. There will be memes and news. Memes are good and must be selected and shared for points (and screams of joy), news is bad and if selected will deduct points. I'm thinking that the feed will be scrolling fast enough that picking memes instead of news will be difficult because of maneuvering through a crowd. Honestly I don't know how well this will work in execution, but we're going to find out!!!
  6. [RELEASED] Odds and Ends

    That is probably the best compliment I could get. Thank you! I'm glad you like the cheesy owl! I was glad I got that in there. And thanks all for playing! It means a lot
  7. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Yours is the game I keep coming to whenever I want to feel intense jealousy. I love your peasant and I can't wait to Get Hoisted!
  8. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    I'm glad this exists. I love Downwell and have hoped to see other games riff on that falling mechanic. Looks nice!
  9. [Released ] The Wizard

    This just keeps looking better and better! All the new characters look great.
  10. [RELEASE] Super Pools n' Ghosts

    I've been checking in on this game, and I just want to say it is lookin' great! I love everything about it.
  11. [RELEASED] Odds and Ends

    Dev log... final?!?! It looks like everything I am adding from here on is polish. I have to submit early (Friday), because I will be camping soon! I want to see if I can mess with lighting a bit more... It's just not quite as dramatic as I'd like it to be. I also need to do a little bit of audio mixing just to make sure everything is in order there. I finally got sounds in, which I was excited to do! As soon as I did that the game feels like a 100% real game. My code and assets are in disarray, but my first game is almost done. Wow! I am excited to finish this and start a new game Good luck to everyone finishing up your games. I can't wait to play them and hope you'll give mine a shot!
  12. [RELEASED] Odds and Ends

    Oh, I fixed the furniture. I was messing around with making the furniture physics enabled and when I first attached everything they all fell through the floor. But it works now!
  13. [RELEASED] Odds and Ends

    Alright, dev log part two! I made a looong tunnel for the player to fall through, down into the Red Room. I put star textures on the walls that stretch out as the tunnel gets deeper so it looks like space is stretching by! It looks pretty good! At the bottom is the red room. I don't love the lighting, but that is something I will work on more if I have time. I put most of the furnishings in. They aren't as close to the show as I would have liked, but I'm no artist! I got these from open game art sites. I've been pleasantly surprised to find that scripting in Unity is really not bad at all! I thought it would be a pain, but there are a lot of really useful built in functions that move things along pretty quickly. In most of my experience programming bugs are always an infuriating thing, but when they happen making games they are usually fun! Usually. Sometimes your furniture just falls through the floor! I also have a placeholder cylinder in the corner of the room (it will eventually be a tree) that is going to slowly grow larger while moving to the player, and when it makes contact I want the screen to go black, then have some classic Twin Peaks strobe lights while the furniture goes crazy. Anyway, my next steps are as follows: - Mess with lighting changes after the tree touches the player - Make the walls fall away so player is just standing on chevron floor in darkness - Have a cheesy owl fly at the player - Add sound effect and ambient sounds (I'm excited for this part) - Whatever else I have time for!
  14. [RELEASED] Odds and Ends

    Thanks! After seeing the word gameplay it got me thinking... the player doesn't really do much other than walk around and trigger things right now. I may add some puzzle element, but I kind of like the idea of just walking around a surreal environment while weird things happen around you! We'll see how much time I have to add on to this! I think I will try and do it that way! Right now the ceiling is just a plane with a star texture on it, but I don't really like it.
  15. [RELEASED] Odds and Ends

    I'm working on the Red Room and couldn't think of what the ceiling looks like... so I did some digging and could find nothing! I don't think the ceiling is ever revealed in the series. Can anyone confirm or deny this??? Also, I'm open to suggestions as to what the ceiling should look like