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  1. I took the changes in the motel and the car to be a change in the timeline that just wasn't fully remarked on. Jeffries did say something about it being "really slippery in here," meaning, I think, that time is malleable and you can't really capture the moments as solidly as you like. Poot-tee-weet. Billy Pilgrim has become unstuck in time.
  2. I cannot say that I am pleased, but I am satisfied. What did you expect? Happiness, rainbows, and unicorns? It's David Lynch, people.
  3. This episode had me alternately shouting at the TV, laughing, and crying. Loved every minute of it. I was touched that the final dedication was to Margaret Lanterman.
  4. Not the only one ... Nice surprise. I wanted the girls to morph into Maddie and Donna though ... Just a little Flicker. Like they did in my head.
  5. It seems more like traumatic brain injury behavior to me.
  6. Possibly inconsequential, possibly not. In another thread I had remarked on the use of Morley cigarettes, which someone pointed out was a standard fake brand, rather than an X-Files reference ... But Sarah Palmer was buying a carton of perfectly ordinary Salems in the market.
  7. Kept hoping that she would crawl over and untie Johnny so he's give Richard a well deserved smackdown. Working in a psych hospital I've been attacked by the mittens and helmet folks. They don't stop until they're on the bottom of about ten staff.
  8. So ... What do we make of Gordon's The Buck Stops Here doodle). Is his subconscious driving him toward Truman?
  9. While Jerry Horne was arguing with not his foot in the woods, I kept hoping for Doctor Jacoby to show up to talk him down from his trip. A defrocked shrink is still a shrink, after all ...
  10. And with this episode, my favorite tee shirt became my favorite Twin Peaks tee shirt ...
  11. Quitter's Club: Don't be afraid to quit the book

    Because there is a lot of really bad content out there because of the ease of publishing ebooks, and the tendency of author support groups to give wildly inflated reviews, I have learned, finally, to just stop. Beware the free Kindle books with five star reviews!
  12. Perhaps she'll birth Bob, giving him physical form and human agency? Of, the dangers of a kiss on the first date!
  13. I was thinking that the dust hobo contually asking, "Got a light," was a reference to the light of a soul/consciousness.
  14. I was completely entranced. I knew that we were going to see the first a-bomb test from the date, and was fascinated by the use of the Threnody for the accompanying music. The idea that the A-bomb actually split the world is pretty intriguing.
  15. That got mighty Lynchy, didn't it?