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  1. When Nick Breckon's attempt to marry his room mate ends with him cheating on her and subsequently breaking up with her and moving out. What adventures will Nick go on? what odd jobs will he get to make rent? Different games can be chosen in the menu Current Odd Jobs: Crazy Uber <Crazy Taxi> Attempt to find love <Dating Sim> Diversifiers: Idle Thumbs: The Tale of Nick Breckon Idle Weekend: Crazy Uber Things I can Do: (Also at Request) Love2D Engine (Lua) Audacity (Simple) Accordion (Learning) Saxophones & Clarinet (Good) Things I can not Do: (Please Help ME) 2D art 3D models => 2D pictures Better Programing Better Engine My jam game will have Crazy Uber regardless whether I can get others in not sure. My main problem to solve is how to make physics of a car bouncing off buildings.
  2. WJ4 "Why I Jam" Audio Compilation

    Hope fully I'm in just under the wire for Wednesday edit! This is my promise to my self that I will actually make something WhyJam_Amuzet.mp3
  3. Well if I dont finish my own Jam, then atleast i'll have contributed to this I am in. Do i send you that image?
  4. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    De4r god Travis the 4mount of 4's in your post w4s 4lmost a multiple of 4! BTW This is my first post on IdleThumbs 4ums! hope to be in the comunity 4 a while.