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  1. Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    Central location
  2. Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    Hi! In my previous post I told about my game Chronicles of cyberpunk and here I will post updates about the second part of this game Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening. This is an independent game, you don't need to play the first part to understand what is happening, since there will be a brief retelling of the events of the first part in the beginning Unreal Engine working on it since January 8, 2017 (and the first part was released on January 7) twitter instagram
  3. Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    Some new character icons http://kozyr.org/2016/03/17/liner-paper/
  4. Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    Check out instagram of the Chronicles of cyberpunk https://www.instagram.com/dimakozyr/
  5. Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    One of 11 locations from ~Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening~, work in progress
  6. Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    A little screenshot
  7. Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    Here is all 11 locations from the game. These screenshots will allow you to estimate its scale. The most important thing for me is to make this world more alive than in the previous game
  8. Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    Hi! I keep working every day and have already finished the basis for the game world. I had about 150 photos of different architectural constructions and interesting design objects, I made models, which don'd looks the same, I just inspired by them. But the longer I did it, the more I got bored .. productivity has decreased very much and recently did not make more than 2 models a day, sometimes also made animations. But now for the current stage the world is ready and I can finally start programming. By the way, the game will have 11 locations and you could move freely between some of them (in the first part there was 9 locations)
  9. Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    Check out my updated post with all animated images of the people ftom the 1st part http://kozyr.org/2016/03/17/liner-paper/
  10. Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    Keep working on the second part of the "Chronicles of cyberpunk". And you can play the first part with 50% discount http://store.steampowered.com/app/742470/Chronicles_of_cyberpunk/
  11. Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

    Here is some illustrations for the game. Now I'm learning how to program on UE4 using C++, my knowledge about C# is useless here. And finished 5 locations, but still need to add a lot of details to it
  12. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Hi! Subscribe to my new development diary about my new game Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening
  13. Chronicles of cyberpunk is adventure in the city of the near future in which power belongs to the big brother and his supercomputer. You have to convince the inhabitants of the city is in danger of artificial intelligence and fight together with the forces of cyborgs. Play it on Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/742470/Chronicles_of_cyberpunk/ Story and atmosphere of the game inspired by a lot of movies, games and images about cyberpunk. One of my main goals is to create a world to which the player wants to plunge and which he did not want to leave. Game will contain a lot of handmade artwork .. and many models
  14. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Chronicles of cyberpunk was released on Steam. You can play it right now http://store.steampowered.com/app/742470/Chronicles_of_cyberpunk/
  15. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    It is so strange that now I don't need to do anything every day on the game. Over the years it has become so habitual for me that now I just don't know what to do in my free time in the evenings. Now I want to rest a bit and start learning to be able to make the next game even better. I have a small prototype for it
  16. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    This is it - the final commit number 1018 in the first day of winter. After almost 3 years of work
  17. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Some quotes from the game http://kozyr.org/2017/11/29/quotes-from-the-chronicles-of-cyberpunk/
  18. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Thanks! Yes, this is it =)
  19. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    I continue to add new models. Now this is a better game than it was two weeks ago
  20. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    There is not much time left before the release, and I try to add 10-20 new models every day. I tested everything I could, hope there is no more critical bugs. Some people have already added the game to the wishlist in Steam
  21. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Chronicles of cyberpunk is on Steam now. It will be available on December 7, 2017 http://store.steampowered.com/app/742470/Chronicles_of_cyberpunk/
  22. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Hi, thanks! Yes, you right about the explosions)) It is a little hard for me to make a normal explosion effect, but if I could, then I will add it. That fonts looks really cool. Maybe I will add it, if it is not very hard. Anyway I will keep it for my future projects =)
  23. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Trailer of the game
  24. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Some new screenshots from the game. It is completely done and now I only want to add more models to the empty locations to make the game flawless
  25. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Technical part of development is finished. Now I only need to finish the localisation and I can publish it to Steam. So coming soon =)