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  1. Now "Codex of Victory" supports Linux!
  2. We just pushed a new update to the game, that adds the Army Builder. Now you can setup your army for 100 poins, upgrade units, give them modules and try to defeat your friend on the battlefield.
  3. Super! Early Access is completely optional!
  4. New Augment unit - Channeler (working name) - a unit that fires a chain-lightning to damages a group of enemy units standing together.
  5. Thank you! I'm happy to hear that! I'm going to keep posting game news in this tread to keep it up to date.
  6. Hi All, We have opened a new turn-based strategy game "Codex of Victory" in Steam Early Access and now looking for an active community to shape final months of game development. We have several features that we want to discuss with players before implementing. The game is in an active development, currently it has first Act ready (several playable starting missions plus the underground base between missions) and we are looking to release it in November this year, so a lot of work to do and you may be a part of the process. Sorry for this post on this forum, this game we are making without a publisher and we are not that good in marketing, in the same time, I think it could be interesting for this community. All feedback is welcomed and I'm ready to answer your questions if you have them. Here is the link to the game page on Steam: