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  1. [RELEASE] The Eyes of Luigi

    So for whatever reason the thought of a creepy 'The Eyes of Luigi' cover of Sarah McLachlan's 'Arms of an Angel' came up when I was viewing this. I think just because of the similar number of words/body parts in the title? So I googled the lyrics to that song and they are oddly appropriate. So there's that. ...anyway, this game looks awesome and meta in the way of TSP, really looking forward to where it ends up.
  2. [Release] In Search Of Paradise

    I'm living vicariously through your cross-outs. Love the idea of the on-foot version, I can imagine it being very zen. Just you, your footsteps, and the landscape stretching forever around you, promising Paradise just beyond every ridge.
  3. Thirding the death scene love, slick as!
  4. [Release] Punch Wizard

    Holy crap that is the best idea. Back at uni my friends and I used to make stop-motion movies with action figures, each entitled 'Ruin Shit 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.'. It got pretty competitive by the end, with Matrix-style wrap-arounds and fishing line making some pretty impressive setups. This reminded me of that for the first time in years, so both thank you and great work!
  5. [Dev Log] The Classic Alien Form

    Looking great!
  6. [Release] Life as a Dung Beetle

    Ahhh, Nan-tendo. Never change. Also thanks, I hope it'll be fun to play. Not at all rude. I really want to do a game sometime in the future using entirely old cc0 woodcut images. I think it's a wonderful style and could really lend itself well if the images were chosen properly. And hey, if my partner doesn't deliver it'll probably be pretty close to what it is now so you may get lucky!
  7. [Release] Life as a Dung Beetle

    Okay! I've been a little busy at work lately so not as much progress as I'd like, but I've got all the basic mechanics down! First, here's a slightly more zoomed out version of the 'arena' portion of the game: I made the dung fall in slightly more interesting patterns, and added special dung pick-ups that will give your dung ammo some extra properties. AI still to come, but I've got a pretty good steering behaviour system that I can plonk in there. This is the 'tower fight' portion of the game. Players will be able to select areas of the enemy tower to attack with the dung balls they picked up in the arena portion. The opponent will be doing the same thing though, so players can choose to use a dung ball to shore up the tower defences rather than firing it. Obviously all this is place holder art (I highly recommend using old book illustrations, they class the place up) but I'm currently in contracts with my fiancée for her to do a kind of brush-stroke/wall-art style for the sprites. Alright, better get back to it. Really want to get at least a semi-functional demo for people to play by the time this ends!
  8. [Release] In Search Of Paradise

    That's fantastic! I definitely want to cruise over those dunes soon.
  9. [RELEASE] Explode Mode

    That is an incredible tip, I'm going to try it out sometime.
  10. [RELEASE] Dot Gobbler

    Well at least now when I wake up screaming tonight, I'll know what caused it.
  11. [RELEASE] Explode Mode

    Looking swell! Love the rainbow bullets (is it just the video, or is the screenshake on the smaller bullets quite high frequency?). From what you described, the controls should be pretty easy to pick up. It'd be like using a wheelchair, where you need to drag down on the opposite wheel to turn faster, right?
  12. [Release] You Gotta Have Spice

    Agree that those dunes look sweet as heck. Just the right shade of orange, too. THE SPICE MUST FLOW
  13. [Release] The Three Antidotes

    This is a really cool interpretation of the metroidvania powering up sequence. Instead of gaining powers, you're regaining powers. I like that it makes the 'instant expert' issue that metroidvanias have ("Oh hey, I found an alien technology rocket launcher, I definitely know exactly how to use this in high stress situations!") irrelevant. Nice! The animations look sweet already, can't wait to see more of this one.
  14. [Release] In Search Of Paradise

    Anyone else getting those sweet, sweet Interstate 76 vibes?
  15. [Release] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    There are so many damn sprite editors. I can highly recommend Aseprite, but if you've found something that works for you that's the important part. Keep going, I want to see what ant-lion-tongue gets up to!
  16. [RELEASE] Dot Gobbler

    For whatever reason it's the kneecaps that really make this for me.
  17. [RELEASE] Explode Mode

    That menu looks fantastic, really like the colours you've chosen. Looking forward to how you approach the gameplay!
  18. [Release] Life as a Dung Beetle

    I use a little program called GifCam at 33FPS. Works a charm!
  19. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    Hello all. Long time listener, first time wizard jammer. Looking forward to playing all your games and making something vaguely enjoyable for others to play!