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  1. Do you have favorite game mount?

    Mine are Orc Greenskin battleBoars, by far <3 (Warhammer Online): Here's couple more pics of battle piggies:
  2. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    Life is Feudal By: Bitbox Available: Official Site (co-op launched, MMO is yet to come) Synopsis: Sandbox medieval fantasy MMORPG Playthrough (by Lost Anju): Official Trailer:
  3. 2015's Games of the Year?

    5.Chess, offline (Yes, that's how little the market has to offer me ATM). 4.Fallout 4 - this one might rise to even higher positions over time. 3.Elder Scrolls Online - Cyrodiil, PvP and stuff...say no more =) 2.Vanilla WoW - yes, the glasses are colored rose, shiny fluorescent neon rose <3 1.Warhammer Online - "But, it was shut down in 2013??" - Yes, it was... I like the spoiler idea very much, an excellent way to protect others from myself <3 Bookmarked!
  4. Camelot Unchained Reveals it's 30 Classes

    The crafters are finally revaled; All the crafting lovers outthere - prepare for the avalanche! "Camelot Unchained’s Mark Jacobs on economy, crafting, and Star Wars Galaxies inspiration" (interview by Massively OP); "All About Crafting with Mark Jacobs" (MMORPG.com interview); The new crafting document; "Camelot Unchained Crafting System Revealed" (MMO Huts crafting summary); ; Crafting presentation summary (by Vellic); ; Crafting Q&A summary (by Vellic); Besides that, Newsletter 17 is out, same as yesterday's Evening Update, with my new favorite pic inside - Viking caravan master (naturally, I prefer TDD/Arthurians, but the image is kinda nice - so I hope you will forgive me this little betrayal). And now, it's time for some controversy. First of all, I have to make a little intro here before the crowd starts going "looks like crap!" (as many did on Youtube and reddits): this below is an alpha test footage, with pre-alpha low poly/texture models, animations (including even walking) are placeholders etc. - this is NOT the game. What the video below is showing are some alpha biomes (first half) and 600+ players/bots fighting in a very small area, with high framerate, quite big rendering distance, hundreds of trees/bushes fully rendered etc. - at that point basically any other engine would crash and burn long time ago. So here is that (in)famous video: PS There is already quite lively discussion on MMORPG reddit (and couple other places) about that video upthere, including some folks from CSE.
  5. Star Citizen

    Another (quite) fancy update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-yLTm8DZ8s4 For fans, here is the extended version:
  6. Camelot Unchained Reveals it's 30 Classes

    Hey, thanks for kind words =) The RvR balance comes from the people that virtually created the genre some 15 years ago, and "no PvE balance required..." is not even controversial - I heard it a number of times from various developers, besides it being quite simple to grasp as a concept. Edit: another bit of info from tests - https://twitter.com/CityStateGames/status/677642642063237122; Take a minute to let that sink in =)
  7. Fresh Indie Game Compendium Extraordinaire

    Shards Online By: Citadel Studios Available: Official Site (pre-alpha tests) Synopsis: Incoming sandbox MMORPG, roughly described as "Ultima Online meets Neverwinter Nights" Playthrough (by MMORPG.com):
  8. Camelot Unchained Reveals it's 30 Classes

    But of course, the "as long as all three..." wasn't ment to be taken at face value; It was said half jokingly and half about listenining carefully to who is actually very loud and annoyed, since all three factions are going to have vocal complainers no matter what. And of course, that feedback would be only a part in decision making. Tears, ragequits and forum dramas are inevitable part of that landscape. One of my points was that they have a very good reason for somewhat painful, non-mirrored chaos of classes, and that it's actually not as silly as it might look at first glance. I have no illusions about that approach - It will be not easy, but only eased by no PvE & 1vs1 balancing: "Balancing this will be the ongoing nightmare." - Mark Jacobs, the CEO.
  9. Camelot Unchained Reveals it's 30 Classes

    It is good "as long as all three keep on complaining" (Andrew Meggs, CU Technical Director). Very important "detail" is that they don't have to balance, additionally, for PvE and/or 1vs1 which would make it not hard but impossible. It will be some kind of rock-paper-scissors on the level of appropriate trios of classes (one from each realm) and somethng else on the level of Realms. Locking people to one Realm per server, same as non-mirrored classes (and many other details), is very much connected to the Realm Pride and building the community. People that played Mark's previous Dark Age of Camelot remember shouts such as "Hib for life!" very well =) Hard to achieve that if anybody can go anywhere and be anything, which is kind of "modern" approach. Also, horizontal leveling and no PvE gear treadmill will help a lot with eventual rerolls. Finally, perfectly balancing the Realms is, OFC, impossible but there is couple things that can be done, including zergs.
  10. Camelot Unchained Reveals it's 30 Classes

    The final, 10th C.Donkey is out (Rogues):
  11. Books, books, books...

    Where is the like button? =)
  12. Camelot Unchained Reveals it's 30 Classes

    Actually, there was serious consideration of Phouka class sometime 2 years ago (CSE calims it's "still a possibility") - a speed class shapeshifting into mounts and/or summoning mounts for allies. Now, what the game will certainly have are caravans and, likely, pack mules and such, but it will be just "regular" animals.
  13. In a series of live streams that ended this Friday, Camelot Unchained revealed it's 30 classes, with three more (the Crafters) to be revealed in a week or two. The classes of Camelot are not mirrored between it's three Realms (factions), that is - each Realm will have 11 unique classes. Speaking of factions, covers each class (separated in Trios, the way they were revealed) and it's connections to Celtic, Arthurian and Scandinavian lore. Say, here is the first one: PS The game is in alpha testing and still under the NDA (non disclosure agreement - tests are closed to non-backers, no streams etc.) which should drop as current major graphical overhaul ends and beta tests begin in Q1 2016.
  14. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Thanks for the recommendation, I was unaware of that one!? Besides his graphical qualities (one can take lots of his images from comics and frame them straight onto the wall), what touched me here was the story beneath the images, the actual script - it's about us and our dreams and their, often brutal, clash with reality. PS Sorry for late reply, Is there some kind of notification tool here, like "X quoted you" or "Y referred to you by @..." or "Z said something in your thread", anything alike? Or do we have to re-check it all manually on and on?
  15. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Ah, Corto...the color rarely does him justice, thou there are some exceptions. My favorite (sorry for Serbian and the color) would be "The Lagoon of Mysteries" or whatever the original name is; Here's couple scenes, I'm sure you will remember: