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  1. [Release] Carved the eyes out of my head

    What an imaginative story and world. I'm impressed by how smoothly the narrative zooms through an entire lifetime, and your acting gives it weight throughout. I got stuck on the first level a couple of days ago, but I went back to it today and had no trouble. Either there was a patch, or I found my osu flow state.
  2. Hey everyone, here's my game: The Purity of a Child's Boredom. I think the Showcase Weekend is a really good idea, and it makes me wish all jams did that. For the last jam I participated in, I ended up playing every game and posting about my favorites. It was super fulfilling, even more so than making a game. Looking forward to doing that this time too.
  3. [RELEASE] The Purity of a Child's Boredom

    Thanks, @atte and @z_bill! Super nice to hear. :] Yes, you might have . . .
  4. [RELEASE] Super Pools n' Ghosts

    Such a surprising blend of moods---I really dig it. Unusual entries like this stand out for me in a big way. Your 2D and 3D art are both fantastic, too.
  5. [Release] Disable Enemies to Reveal Enemies

    The visuals and the movement system reminded me of playing DOS games like The Magic Candle II, and I'm always glad to have those memories resurrected. Love the retro sound effects, too.
  6. [RELEASE] The Purity of a Child's Boredom

    Phew, ok good. Thanks!
  7. [RELEASE] The Purity of a Child's Boredom

    @ryanfb Ah, that's too bad. Thanks for the heads up. I know it works on my Mac, so I wonder why it doesn't for yours. Just to be sure:
  8. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    Thanks, Ben X and fabian! I followed your instructions and everything worked well. The issue that happened earlier was: In any case, I reached the ending this time! Very well done---an incredibly impressive game. The story, acting, environmental art, models, lighting, and music are all top notch and combined seamlessly. I enjoyed this a lot!
  9. [Release] The Pizza, the Bee, and the Trash Can

    Awesome, I just tried it and I think those changes helped!
  10. [Release] Order Order

    Ha, wow. I definitely picked up on the fact that groups are slower than individuals, but I guess something in my animal brain also assumed that bigger = slower. It didn't affect how I played most of the time, though.
  11. [RELEASE] Transmission Lost

    What's the correct way to launch this using the two .rar files? Do I merge the folders? I tried that and got to the sample analysis part, but then the game froze. I'm wondering if my graphics card just couldn't take it, or if I did something wrong. Also, good lord, these production values. I was talking out loud to my partner as I played, wondering how huge the team had to be for this. I mean, even the basketball comes with its own sound effect. I hope you slept soundly for at least 48 hours straight after finishing this!
  12. [Dev Log] The Return, Part 1

    All right, there's clearly something going on here, but I can't quite figure it out. I opened the list of names as a .csv, and I formatted the numbers as dates. There's an Alexis at 756 and 1/25/1902, but that doesn't seem to help. I narrowed the list to names alongside November 17th (referencing the terrorist group mentioned in the first message), and I got ten names. I'm tempted to guess "Alberto" might be important, because it's the only one with a unique number, it's usually considered a male name, and it starts with "Al." That's pretty thin, though. I can't draw anything useful out of the .exe, and I'm not sure what is meant by "rooster girl." Did anyone else have more luck with this?
  13. [Release] The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

    It's the negative-first anniversary of my wedding today, so that clip that plays at the gazebo hit very close to home (and made me laugh). The voice acting was well done--- ---and I agree that the humor usually lands. Nice work teaching yourself Unity LIVE ON CAMERA (or, at least, semi-publicly in this forum). That's pretty impressive.
  14. [Release] The President's Dog

    Very cute and the perfect length. Adding the carriage return as another "instrument" was a nice touch.
  15. [RELEASE] Disastris!

    Super cool idea! Can't wait to see this get played on Twitch! That's a good-looking arcade room, too (that classic carpet... yesss). I got some kind of animation glitch (according to the debug log) when I pressed the button on the wall, but I'm not sure if it affected anything. It didn't crash the game, at least. I can try to replicate it if you want me to get the exact error message.
  16. [Release] Super Hollyweedland

    Others have already said this, but the graphics and mood in this are lovely throughout. @infamous space turtle put it well with "nostalgic mischief vibe." It made me want to go outside and do something unusual but wholesome. I don't know if the Virginia-style cuts are a deliberate poke at Thumbs (since I remember them discussing those quite a bit a while back), but imagining that was funny to me anyway. They work really well here.
  17. [RELEASED] Odds and Ends

    Nice work! I enjoyed the way the music synced up with stuff (falling through the stars, furniture freaking out), and that cheesy owl was a good cheesy owl.
  18. [Dev Log] Hamburger Mode (Now live!!!!!)

    This is sufficiently absurd and made me laugh more than once. An impressive amount of content; good sparing use of all-caps. I didn't get all of the endings, but I came close. In case you're still tinkering with this, I found a tiny continuity error: Also, I thought it was a smart addition to have the hamburger-mode status on the top of most/all of the screens. Kept the tone on point. Edit: Change the title of your thread to say "[Release]," and include a link to your game somewhere up top!
  19. Psyching Out That Bear

    I like that the bear's platform has a fence around it but Kobayashi's doesn't. 10/10 for realism. :P Nice work with the taunt animations---and with the sprites in general. The bear hunched over his hot dogs looks good and probably wasn't easy to accomplish given the perspective.
  20. [Released] Suddenly, the King of France!

    This is a great riff on the episode title. That cannon animation is top-notch, as is the 90s-toy look of the revolutionaries. Blasting everyone away from my tower was also satisfying, although I'd initially expected all of the revolutionaries to be hit (rather than just the ones right up against the wall) to give me a little breather. Either way, though, I always enjoyed doing it.
  21. [Release] Order Order

    This is wildly well-engineered. At one point, I started running groups into each other in weird ways just to see if the system could handle it, and it could. This game already looks and sounds like something you'd see on the premium shelf on iOS. Concisely tutorialized with solid feedback throughout. I almost had to admit defeat at the turret level, but eventually I made it through. Getting many different groups all moving simultaneously to execute a plan was challenging. I also kept accidentally dumping half my troops off the map whenever I tried to split a group (because the line straightens out when you do that), and I gave up on a run once or twice when my eggs spawned only slow troops. I couldn't find a "restart level" command, so I just ran my troops off the edge whenever I needed to start over. All in all, very impressive!
  22. The retro look of this is really authentic. I like the way the car sprite subtly shifts to match the side of the screen it's on.
  23. [Released] Sit in a Row and Stare at the Wall

    I heartily approve of that ancient ticket-printing animation/sound, as well as the button on the wall. Also,
  24. [Released ] The Wizard

    There's just so much in this, it's fantastic. I was on board as soon as I noticed that the sun's/clock's face had little animations on it. I really like how you spent your time on fun details that I'd normally expect to be lower priority, like making the speech-bubble text appear in interesting ways. It gives this a ton of charm, and it made me want to keep going despite struggling with the mechanics a bit. I had issues with picking stuff up and manipulating it into place, but I felt like that fit the aesthetic. Like Octodad with alchemy. One funny thing that happened is that, right as I served the evildoer, I dropped the ingredients book without noticing, and it clipped through the floor and disappeared. I thought that the evildoer had stolen my book. It was only later (after brewing a lot of badly guessed potions) that I clicked on the floor by accident and realized the book was still there.
  25. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    This is super impressive. I ended up playing it a lot, changing strategies until I found one that worked. I love the contrast between the sterile, marble environment and the goopy slime. Very well done.