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  1. Update 6/14: The game is now print and playable! Holy cow there's some good looking stuff so far! Hi everyone! In 2015 I entered a tabletop game - The Lord of the Donk - into that Wizard Jam, and wanted to take a shot at entering another tabletop game into this one! It doesn't specifically say video games only, and I realize tabletop games are a bit harder for people to test and play, but I hope some will venture into the print and play documents when it's all done and I'll also do my best to get a working version into Tabletop Simulator! Here's where it's at so far: It's a 2-player co-operative athletic training subterfuge game. You and a partner act as the trainers of THE HERO who are working to get them up to snuff for an upcoming race / fight / battle with THE BAD DUDE. THE HERO and THE BAD DUDE will move around the city to locations decided at random and interact with those locations to draw a token which will either increase or decrease their physicality, mental sharpness, or spirituality. Locations start with only positive tokens, and the players can interact by adding negative tokens into those stacks. Stacks can be shuffled, swapped, etc. through use of cards, and there'll be an event deck to throw a wrench in it all by doing things like swapping if the BAD DUDE or HERO moves first, swapping their destination, discarding a token off the top of a stack, etc.
  2. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    I can't tell you how happy I am that someone printed out everything and got a play in! Thank you so much for all the feedback. - Yes! I will specify in the rule book that movement is orthogonal; no diagonals. - I suppose you don't have to take actions, but there's not really a reason not to draw cards if you don't want to do anything else. We found that starting with 5 and without drawing up being in this game that you run low quickly. We need to test some ideas we have for other uses for cards! - Tokens should be face down! Probably doesn't change too much knowing the top token though. - We considered a location deck instead of the die so each character would basically have to cycle through each location before shuffling them all again. That's given me a great idea for an event card though! Change the bad dudes destination to match the Heros destination or vice versa. We plan to keep on playtesting and narrowing down the design and balance! Thanks again!
  3. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    It's submitted! I started work on the Tabletop Simulator but don't think I'll be able to get it all set by the deadline. Mid next week should be able to round it out and have it good to go for showcase weekend. Thanks to @Mythalore and @BigJKO for sharing the Dot Gobbler and Danielle sprite assets! https://oldnewsbelida.itch.io/stat-decay
  4. Sad to hear you've run out of time, I hope you keep developing the idea!
  5. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    Print and play documents are here! This has magnitudes more components and complexity than my first Wizard Jam game The Lord of the Donk, so if you see anything that is confusing or seems to be missing please let me know. I've done my best to triple check things but something has likely still slipped through the cracks. Will start work on importing it all into Tabletop Simulator in hopes of having it all set by Friday! Make sure you DON'T scale to fit when printing the cards and art. Make sure it's set to 100% size. wizardjam_statdecayrules_170614.pdf | wizardjam_statdecay_printandplay_170614.pdf
  6. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    There will be! The last thing I need to do is the event cards. Should have it all together for printing tomorrow some time!
  7. [Released] Sit in a Row and Stare at the Wall

    Yay! An immobile trashbot that wants to follow you but has no means of locomotion is also just sad. In a good way?
  8. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    Ohhh man. Ready to record a play through tomorrow morning!
  9. [Released] Sit in a Row and Stare at the Wall

    You COULD add just an immensely sad trashcan on wheels that follows the player.
  10. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    So the aesthetic I'm going for with limited time is "public domain stock images."
  11. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    Started on card layout tonight! Because each of the three stats has two different locations that can affect it- all of the add a token cards are flippable for either location. Some sort of appropriate art or imagery will go in the in-between blank spots. I haven't determined yet if flipping cards is going to be annoying. If it is I'll just stack them. Green = mental stat, red = physical stat, blue = spiritual stat, purple = power card.
  12. What a rad idea, looking forward to seeing where you end up with it!
  13. The panini grid with snapable vegetables. We are indeed in the digital frontier.
  14. [Release] Super Hollyweedland

    Yeah this is super charming. Hope to see more!
  15. [Release] Nick Breckons: 1, Mackle: More

    This is an amazing paragraph.
  16. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    The document now has the full deck and token lists at the bottom of the rules! I've also attached a straight up .pdf if that's easier for anyone. It'd probably take about 30 minutes of scribbling / arts & crafts, but if you're feeling ambitious the rules document has all the information you need to know in order to play! In addition to getting the Tabletop Simulator and Print & Play versions together, I'm hoping to record a video play through in the next day or two. wizardjam_statdecayrules_170611.pdf
  17. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    Rules draft! There are two or three things missing right now on how to resolve some edge cases, but I'd love any feedback on the rules! If anything is confusing etc. I'll be tossing up the full list of components and card list for the decks later today, then hope to get it loaded into Tabletop Simulator Monday or Tuesday!
  18. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    Had a superb design / playtest session. Stats listed are in Physical, Mental, Spiritual format. The characters are on a scale of 1-10 for each stat. We decided that if either character hits 0 or 10 on any stat it's game over. Makes for a nice balancing act and gives you a reason to sometimes play negative tokens on a location THE HERO is going to. We tweaked things over three games that took it from an easy victory to a much tighter game. Rules 1 - Hero 8, 6, 4 Bad-dude 3, 3, 1 Rules 2 - Hero 5, 7, 9 Bad-dude 5, 5, 6 Rules 3 - Hero 8, 10, 6. Bad-dude 6, 0, 6 (lost in the last round from Baddude zeroing out) We ended up giving the Bad-dude one extra movement and making the Bad-dude draw two tokens at each location to THE HERO's one. Seems to have worked out so far in making it it more of a challenge. At this point we have a fully workable game, so I'm going to type up all the rules and the list of needed components!
  19. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    ! Will have to have a spicy themed card as flavor text on one that adds a negative token to the health food shoppe stack.
  20. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    The locations right now are tied to the 3 stats so that each stat has 2 locations that will affect it. Physical - Gym - Health Food Shoppe Mental - Library - Chess Club Spiritual - Nature Park - Coffee Shop I'd love some suggestions on possible replacements for the ones we're testing with now- Idle Thumbs-related or not. Given time I think I would like to have both a generic version and a Thumbs version. THE HERO would probably just become DANIELLE.
  21. [Release] The Purity of a Child's Boredom

    I like the way you've lasted out minimal needs and nice to have! Probably a good idea to set goals, may have to post up something similar to keep myself accountable.
  22. [Release] The Pizza, the Bee, and the Trash Can

    This is good.
  23. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    I always forget how much I enjoy taking part in a game jam and the process of designing a game. The game started off as a sort of "reverse deck builder" with the players buying negative cards into THE BAD DUDE's deck. The guy I'm designing with and I spent a day apart just thinking on our own then came back and both had jotted down that it felt too abstract and needed a map of some sort. That in turn led to splitting that reverse deck building into the different locations. All I'm sayin' is synergy feels good. Have another design session tonight!
  24. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    I dunno about proper, but I'll take any thumbs up thrown my way! The tokens are just white plastic poker chips from a cheap set. Values scribbled on with a marker. It's just a collection of extra components myself and the guy I'm designing with have gathered over time! Old cards from various games as backings in sleeves with a piece of scrap paper, wet erase map with squares on one side and hexes on the other from a sale I saw the other week, and some dry erase cards for the locations and stat cards up top!
  25. [Release] Stat Decay - Tabletop Co-op

    Thanks, y'all!