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  1. [Participation Agreement] The Clone Progenitors

    I'm down. 90% of my posts are Wizard Jam related.
  2. WJCU Asset Depot

    Looking for other people's assets to include in your game to make it join the Wizard Jam Cinematic Universe? Look no further! Post some of your assets here and feel free to snag some from someone else. Either upload the files directly here or post a dropbox link. Make sure to tag assets from older Wizard Jam games as "LEGACY" so that we can easily tell what qualifies for the "Building A Legacy" sub-diversifier. If you're posting an asset here, know that it can be used in a Wizard Jam game for any purpose whatsoever unless you specify otherwise. (If someone could pin this topic I would greatly appreciate it!)
  3. WJCU Asset Depot

    Go nuts! That's what I shared them for! I actually kind of hope that some people don't tell me in advance that they're going to use my stuff so that it's just a nice surprise.
  4. [Dev blog] Pizza Tonight!

    Really looking forward to seeing how the ludonarrative dissonance factors in!
  5. WJCU Asset Depot

    That thread seemed to be mostly about sharing tools and royalty free resources but if you think it's best to have everything over there I'll move my stuff and delete this.
  6. WJCU Asset Depot

    LEGACY Here are the sprites I made for the first-ever wizard jam: Rich Uncle and Cool Uncle
  7. WJCU Asset Depot

    Let me kick this off by sharing the sprite sheet of my character's for my current jam game:
  8. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    Spent all of tonight doing art after all. My goal is to have players able to select one of 6 different characters to play. They are: -Red Remo -Breckon the Blue -Rosy Rodkin -Violet Vanaman -Dark Danielle -Grob Zacny (why can't any of the hosts have names that worked well with green?)
  9. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    For some reason the only hand shape I could manage for the death sprite that didn't look weird was to make everyone flip you off, which I think is kind of appropriate.
  10. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    Did a bit of art today. Trying to get a good pixel-art style that I'm happy with. Here's one of the new playable characters, Red Remo.
  11. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    Oh, I think I've forgotten to mention this at some point, but I own the http://averyidlethumbs.christmas/ domain and it redirects to the wizard jam forums.
  12. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    Progress update: Didn't end up having as much time to work on it this weekend as I would have liked, but I've now implemented some basic shooting mechanics (as well as the code that makes your time echoes also shoot).
  13. This sounds neat! That idle animation is amazing!
  14. This sounds like it could make a sweet screensaver
  15. [Release] Cool Blob Future

    What if instead of just pushing you could convince the humans that the blob future was cool and have them go on their own?
  16. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    Party with your Past Self Simulator 2017
  17. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    First progress gif! TIIIIIME ECHOOOOES
  18. So it's Tom Francis's Gunpoint starring Tom Francis?
  19. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    Yup. I'm hoping that once you start playing the game it will be fairly obvious, but I've already begun thinking about ways to tutorialize it quickly. My go to reference for this stuff is always the Duck Game tutorial, which is genius.
  20. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    Could be something that players can enable. It'll depend on how much time I have.
  21. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    Not sure if I'll allow for friendly fire, but that would be hilarious.