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  1. These are great! I love the claymation aesthetic.
  2. [Dev Log] The Eyes of Virtual Boy

    I can't listen to Hotline Bling without hearing Luigi thanks to you. Please improve more songs in this way.
  3. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    Amazing as always!
  4. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    Everything is allowed! Twine can be really fun to work with. I used it for my Wizard Jam 4 game because I ended up not having a ton of time to work on my project and I loved the way it came out. Important to note: Twine 2 is definitely easier to use if you don't have a lot of experience with game development but it doesn't support embedding images, music, etc like Twine 1 did.
  5. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    What engine are you planning on learning? If it's Unity I'm always down to help out and answer questions.
  6. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    Yes! So excited for this! I have a pretty ambitious plan for my game but I'm quitting my job soon so I should have plenty of time to make it.
  7. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    I'm down with this.
  8. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    Heading over to the bar. See you all soon!
  9. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    I stumbled across Beppo's Hole (not sure how I never saw it before). GDC is upon us.
  10. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    Only a week till GDC!
  11. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    Despite being across a bridge, Oakland may be your best bet. There's better public transport service from what I remember.
  12. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    If you end up needing to go for a hotel instead of Air B&B, book it through the GDC website if you can, they have special deals and it's often significantly cheaper (my hotel costs nearly 50% less through the site)
  13. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    5ish is fine for me so long as wherever we go has food. Also hell yeah for that.party! It's been my favorite GDC event for years now.
  14. It's done! (mostly done, still a few little things to add). Here's the itch link: https://nkornek.itch.io/build-the-nublar Build The Nublar is a game about making your fantasy dinosaur theme park and watching it all fall apart as your dinosaurs escape their pens and rampage through crowds of innocent bystanders. The design, programming, and art was all done by me, and the wonderful music was created by Patrick Ripoll (Patrick R on these here forums). Here's some screenshots!
  15. So because I felt like it, here's a Build the Nublar update, now up on itch.io v0.4 - Improved visitor behavior to make them more consistent - Fixed a bug where the wires from the dino pens wouldn't render when you were far away. - Fixed a bug where the wires from the dino pens would sometimes be rendered crooked. - Fixed a bug where Guard towers placed during a dinosaur break out wouldn't deploy guards properly. - Fixed a bug where you could trap visitors on the island by destroying all your docks. - Rebalanced economy: Days are now faster but amounts earned per day are lower. The total amount of money earned over time remains the same.
  16. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    Not a drinking-related suggestion but if it's your first time in SF and you want to eat the tastiest burgers in the world, go to Pearl's.
  17. Holy crap I would love to see that.
  18. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    I'd be super down to grab some drinks with fellow thumbs to cap off my GDC week.
  19. [RELEASED] Cheatin' Hitman

    This game is super cool! Well done!
  20. I spent today away from my dev pc so I decided to put together a quick twine game. Grab a warm beverage and enjoy... https://nkornek.itch.io/the-sad-story-of-a-modern-idiot
  21. Thanks! I quite enjoyed writing it. When you spend every day working on big fancy games it's easy to forget how much fun making a quick little game can be.
  22. Wizard Jam time! I'm actually going to be using this as an excuse to try and make a game that I've been wanting to prototype for a while now, because it actually fits well as a pun on this episode title. The idea would be to create a 1v1 pistol dueling game (think Nidhogg but with pew pew guns) where every following round you can see a time echo of you and your opponent from previous rounds. In order to win a round, you need to kill your opponent, and then kill them again before they can kill your time echo before it kills their's. It sounds confusing to write out, so here's a shitty mockup.
  23. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    I ended up having an extremely busy couple of weeks and I highly doubt I'll be able to finish this by the weekend :'( Thankfully I was at least able to get my twine game done so I do still have an entry in the jam.
  24. Deep down we are all modern idiots.