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  1. [RELEASE] Disastris!

    I think that might be the reason the fans stop! Thanks for the heads up.
  2. [RELEASE] Disastris!

    So, we've decided to stream around 1:00PST tomorrow. Hope to see you all there!
  3. [RELEASE] Disastris!

    Hey everyone! Group of friends and I finished our first Wizard Jam game. Play Tetris while other users submit blocks through Loosely inspired by the jackbox series and designed to be played over a twitch stream. Hopefully we can get a big crowd of people submitting blocks over next weekend, time to be determined!
  4. [dev log] Creature Thing

    A little aside about the furniture I've modeled: I'm trying to channel the design aesthetic of pre 80s Italian designers: Ettore Sottsass Paolo Deganello, Mark Zanuso etc This chair is based on the work of Mark Zanuso and the lamp and typewriter are inspired by the work of Ettore Sottsass. I haven't bothered to mess with the materials of the objects much because the engine I'm using is going to get a major update in the 3D department in probably half a year.. So, I'm weighing the benefits of learning the current system or just holding out until they implement the new renderer. We'll see!
  5. [dev log] Creature Thing

    The short of it: I'm creating a game in a similar vein to Sea Man, but without the voice stuff. The game will progress day by day and each day the creature you're taking care of (right now in the form of a cat) becomes progressively stranger. Right now I'm focusing on creating the creatures assets (not textured or shaded) and programming the creature's state machine. The first actually playable version should function like a tamagotchi pet. Here is the obligatory gif:
  6. [Dev Log] Dig

    I've made a lot of progress since the jam ended. I scratched the idea of it being a two button game and added conventional controls. I also made it so bombs explode on impact with the ground and I made the ground move downward when nothing is beneath it! I'm heading in this direction because I want to turn this into a cooperative/versus inverted Puzzle Bobble with a chain mechanic similar to Puyo Pop. The terrain will disappear if four or more like tile colors are touching, so the goal is to destroy the terrain in such a way that creates a chain reaction of tiles disappearing.
  7. [Dev Log] Dig

    Hey all, I programmed a little game in godot for a weekend game jam. The theme was two buttons, so each player has only two inputs: Jump and throw bomb. The bomb's fuse length can be adjusted by holding down the bomb button. I thought the mechanics might be interesting to explore more thoroughly. Here is a link to the and the github. Note: The web version only works in Chrome. There is also an issue with the game where the first player will be duplicated randomly. I'm not sure what's up with that.
  8. [dev log] dddSnake

    Hi everyone, I started making a game again. Link to the git hub that should always be up to date As the title suggests, it's a remake of snake in 3d.The first problem I ran into was getting the camera to behave in a nice manner. Made me understand the sorry plight of the men and women who worked on the first adventure platformers. Does anyone know of any good resources on how to handle a 3rd person camera? I have something that is functional, but it only tracks int two axis, it just orbits the player. Perhaps I should experiment with a camera that subtly glides behind the player but can still be adjusted as well... Not the glamorous stuff that I want to tackle in the beginnings of a project though. The next part I implemented was the pellets. Which wasn't to hard actually. I just have a collision event that triggers a function that adds another child block to the end of the snake. Seemed easy, but weird stuff is happening, as you can see in the gif. After that I totally rewrote the controls because they made no sense once I added the ability to move the camera. I found that limiting the movement controls to two buttons (right or left) gave enough of a reference for myself to understand where the character was going to go. Before I had every direction mapped, which was a nightmare if you moved the camera. Another tweak I made to the controls has to do with going up and down. They act more like toggles, you press up and you ascend, but if you press it again, you go in the direction you were going before. That's it for today.
  9. Html5 and WebGL exporting engines.

    The engine itself is stable, html5 export is finnicky. There are fixes people have proposed, but if you want to make something for web now, perhaps you should try something else.
  10. Html5 and WebGL exporting engines.

    Godot has an export to Html5 feature. It uses emscripten to compile c++ into javascript. It's been broken since the release of 1.0, but I believe it's back with 1.1. Maybe something to keep your eye on. **edit:** Was just on IRC asking about and it apparently isn't fixed on the master branch yet. If you feel brave, you can find out who is waiting for the pull request and compile their fork to try it out. I might do that tonight for you and report back, perhaps even compile it for you if you're interested.
  11. TyranoBuilder

    Looks pretty neat! As someone who is somewhat of a programmer, Ren'py already fits the bill. I like how you can export to web though! Plus if you want to integrate something a little more complex, you're going to need to script and I'd much rather do that in python.
  12. Strategy Game Engine

    Your concept doesn't sound like it needs a full featured engine like UE4 or Unity. You may find yourself just getting bogged down wrestling with them. I think utilizing your web skills would be a realluy good idea. Plus web apps are becoming so slick (Neptune's Pride II Triton?). I would look into a Java Script framework to use.something like Impact.
  13. Godot Engine Thread

    Awesome! I've tried to keep the code fairly well commented. All it does now is retrieve a list of tasks from the server, so not really too complex. I feel a lot of the issues I have with it (which are fairly minor) could be addressed. Example: Custom reoccurences (not just weekly) could be implemented by pushing a task to the server depending on date / time.
  14. Godot Engine Thread

    In the same vein as the Unity and Unreal engine threads. Godot is a neat engine as it's simpler than UE4 and Unity and has a more robust system for 2d games (from what I've read). The studio behind the engine has been very active in releasing updates and adding more features, which is fun if you're into following that stuff. The engine is open source under the MIT license, which is great because there are pretty much no strings attached if you want to commercially release a game. On top of that you have the ability to modify the engine to fit a certain need! Documentation is fairly strong now, but if people have questions or want to share some neat tricks that'd be awesome. I've been working on making an app that requests stuff from a todo list service (Habbit RPG) so I'm fairly familiar with http(s) requests and responsive UIs. If anyone uses that service and hates the android app / website, you are welcome to help me. Admittedly it's a strange project for a game engine. Besides that, I worked on a more conventional game for the Idle Thumbs game jam. All that here: Anyways, this project is super neat and the community is wonderful. Nothing like getting help from the actual developer of the engine through IRC.
  15. [Dev Log] In Space

    Update 4: I've refined the arm movement but now there is a problem with the arm when the character moves. I took a look at this tutorial today in the godot wiki: Cut out animation. I wish I'd read it earlier because I believe arm movement would have been significantly easier if I had a rigged character. I made a texture for the background began painting the spaceman. School is getting in the way of serious work though. I'm going to try to make a final sprint Wednesday through Thursday. There is almost a game here..