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  1. Wow! I really appreciate the nice words! I'm happy you guys like some of my design decisions, because I've convinced myself I'm not great with gameplay. The whole concept of "how to I make this fun?" escapes me...and I just make a thing, haha. I think I oversold the "secrets," and mainly wrote that to trick people into keep playing to the end! What a jerk I am! Here are the references: And the big (in my mind) secret (That I am hoping Jake will get): Lame secrets....I'll get legit ones in next time!
  2. [Release] Punch Wizard

    How did you do the level art? Was that "found" resources too?
  3. Wow cool! I nearly didn't play due to Zombie Aversion, but this was smartly done. I love the simple cinematic presentation and clever bits like joining the zombie passengers when you die. It was a cool moment, "Oh no, I'm one of them!" The style of the charaters was cool too, like a mix of Brendon Chung and South Park that works super well. I'd like to see more in this vein.
  4. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    Game is awesome. Really simple 2 levels, but everything is so concisely designed. I really enjoyed it. A full game would def be great. And you can't go wrong with a title like Rigid Body Rat King. Why Golblum hate rats so much? Is that canon?
  5. [Release] Punch Wizard

    Very cool game. I want...more lore though! Who are these characters and what is their world? The stop-motion toys thing is beyond cool. I'd like to see a full Metroidvania in this style!
  6. [RELEASE] The Eyes of Luigi

    Okay, I beat it this time. So it's pretty much "escape the room" starring Luigi. Mario gets way way too much fan mail. I like the idea of Tall Mario. You should make him the real antagonist.
  7. That's one vote for "didn't get the ending." Well, the ending makes no sense really (my friend described it as "da-da"). But didn't get the reference I mean.Hint on reference: Uh, don't look too hard. It's not that cool. Edit: Also, thanks for the Lynchian comparison! It's cool to be Lynch.
  8. To those that have "won" the game (aka got the credits splash image): Did anyone get the "joke reference" of the endgame. I'm thinking it's too obscure, haha. Thanks! You remember my old game? haha, awesome. It's definitely "of a piece" with Pause Screen From Battletoads. I did some design things here that, in my mind, make it a quasi-successor. Weirdness comes naturally to me, and that's how I knew this was the episode title for me! I nearly ditched "Twenty Year Old" early on and just was gonna use it as an excuse to have a weird house main character. But a story idea hit me, so I kept it and am glad I did! I was a little worried that the sucking up would get boring. But then thought of Viscera Cleanup Detail. It's a meditative thing! I dodged the physics thing really. This made me realize I've got a ways to go with Gamemaker. Thanks, man! Yes! That rules. I love that I made a stress-free game!
  9. [RELEASE] The Eyes of Luigi

    I was trying to figure out the inventory system, but soon got assaulted by Too Many Ghosts. I'll try again later. I love the vibe of it.
  10. Super extreme! I don't know how you are so good. Everything just looks, sounds, feels great! And just like effortlessly fluid. I missed the controls screen cuz I'm dumb and it took me several tries to beat the boss (I didn't know you could hit upwards!). I see from the gif that you can hit the title screen too. What an awesome detail! I liked that you put the enemy key at the end as well. It's important to know that all these guys are Thumbs refs in some way! That Drifter's fireballs are OP, haha.
  11. [RELEASE] Dot Gobbler

    I think that mentioned bug with the mouse is preventing me from playing. Or I'm dense and need a "How to Play." But I really like the meta story: maybe Dot Gobbler shouldn't be played/exist. We've got all this weird forgotten art and broken game fragments that pretend to be a game...but no real game. Haha. Edit: ah, I'll grab the new version (saw that after I posted). The 3d render splash image is freaking incredible. Also, that Dot Gobbler theme. Holy crap, was that on a Thumbs episode or?...Where does that come from? It's a revelation. And hilarious. It may sound reductive, but you've knocked it out of the park with the title screen/theme song combo alone! I love that Dot Gobbler is pretty much the mascot of Wizard Jam. It's got this addictive quality to it, and I was similarly obsessed with atte's dungeon crawly Dot Gobbler. It makes me want...more Dot Gobblers. And like a Dot Gobbler Compilation with some overarching framework/plot that ties them together! Haha, I may be rambling here...
  12. I'll post here too... RELEASE! TWENTY YEAR OLD WEIRD HOUSE IS HERE! Download here on itch.io! Here's what I wrote on itchi.io:
  13. I got it done! Let me know if you run into any bugs so I can ninja-fix it maybe... RELEASE! TWENTY YEAR OLD WEIRD HOUSE IS HERE! Download here on itch.io! Here's what I wrote on itchi.io:
  14. Pretty good progress. There's an intro cutscene and the "gamefeel" feels like a game...or something.
  15. Just letting you guys know this is still going okay and I intend to work like crazy this weekend to get something pretty cool out! Not much new in terms of art though, but, why not, here's the Help screen!
  16. Whoa. Weird Igloo sequel confirmed.
  17. [Release] Punch Wizard

    Oh snap! The sprites are stop-motion toys? I've seen some gifs on twitter, but I didn't realize that until now! Genius and awesome, dude. The Idle Community is like a creativity, uh, fountain.
  18. [Dev Log] The Classic Alien Form

    Cool. I love a roguelite-a-like.
  19. Yes! Yes! This flipping rules! Rygar & Shadow of The Beast are great inspirations. I love the sorta "alt platformers" like that.
  20. Thanks for the comments and advice, thumbsmen! Essentially I was trying to get the debris (pieces of building, people being sucked in, etc) to react, bounce off, stack, with each other. But I've decided: forget that! I've rethought some things and am gonna make it waaaay more simple. Since essentially the radius of "suckage" is super close to the house, all that in-depth collision stuff would be a waste of time. You'd never see it really. Plus, all the colliding trash would get in your way when you start moving around (spoiler). Also (more spoilers) I'm paring down the "leveling system." When you eat junk a meter fills, you gain a level, and evolve into a new form. There were gonna be 5 levels: 1) immobile, 2) snail (move across ground), 3) feet (gain jumping), 4) elevator (infinite vertical movement), and 5) flying. But I'm axeing jumping and flying. It's just a 4 room game ffs! Thanks again. Hopefully my pace will be better since I curbed my ambition.
  21. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    Nice! You are managing to do what I can't re: physics.
  22. [RELEASE] The Eyes of Luigi

    Excellent! Looking forward to this one!
  23. I am currently failing at making progress at this. The physics stuff is....too dang hard. I'm trying to get the debris to all react and bounce off each other. Here's a gif: Going to chip away at it, but I'm afraid this game may just be a few cool gifs by the end and that's all. Help me, #wizardjam. You're my only hope!
  24. Thanks fellas. Well the game can't do much yet. Just getting some junk into the game proper, but here's this:
  25. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    Revive #wizardjam on twitter! Okay, I think I've got something for Twenty Year Old Weird House. Shooting to make it even weirder than my Battletoads madness last year...