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  1. So it sounds like this is pretty good from the reviews that just hit. But the fact it's made by Team All Women Have Watermelon Sized Anti-Gravity Water Balloons Strapped To Their Chests Ninja still has me wary.
  2. Project Eternity, Obsidian's Isometric Fantasy RPG

    They did but what they allowed back in was something about how people are too sensitive and SJWs and blah blah blah.
  3. Project Eternity, Obsidian's Isometric Fantasy RPG

    Interesting but I'm not sure I want to go the extra step of backing them on fig after the transphobic backer comments they allowed into the last POE. Though to their credit I don't see any tier that let's someone get anything other then their name in the game.
  4. Destiny

    So the weekend after then? I might have another roleplaying thing that weekend though. That may be on a Saturday so it may not be an issue.
  5. Destiny

    I can also do that Saturday if that works better. I kinda forgot the Superb Owl was even a thing to be honest.
  6. Destiny

    Going through your vault and tossing out everything that isn't close to a god roll is surprisingly satisfying.
  7. Destiny

    Well Vault Of Glass was fun! Still maybe my favorite raid. Anyways we talked about doing Crota next. Anyone down to do it two weeks from now on the 5 starting around noon MT?
  8. Share embarrassing artifacts from your childhood!

    I'm trying to rewrite Wonderwall but about you holding that giant cat but it's late and I can't get anywhere with it.
  9. Destiny

    Whatever we need to do. I can find a goat to sacrifice as well if necessary.
  10. Destiny

    Okay there's a post up on Gamers With Jobs looking for two more people. If that doesn't work we can other go to one of the reddit threads or just fall back on some Iron Banner.
  11. Destiny

    I think they lined up fine but if something comes up it comes up.
  12. Destiny

    I'm two hours behind eastern so about an hour later then that would be better for me. I work odd hours so so I would have to get up two hours early to do 10AM my time
  13. Destiny

    We can move it back an hour or two from noon if we need to. Assuming that works for everyone else.
  14. Destiny

    We can always fall back on just the nightfall so we can plan around noon. And the older raids shouldn't take too long regardless.
  15. Destiny

    Okay how long can anyone go? if we need to keep it brief we can do Crota or if not Vault of Glass is a better and more fun raid. Also what times are good for people? Oh and if any of the people who got the game over Christmas are reading this if you're over level 20 you can do these raids and are welcome to join!
  16. Destiny

    Alright if Mechanations is down for a raid as well let's give it a day for anyone who might want to join around here and if we don't get anyone else I can go post on Gamers With Jobs looking to fill the other slots.
  17. Destiny

    Do we want to try and get a raid going or just the Banner and nightfall?
  18. Destiny

    Anyone want to run a nightfall or some Iron Banner this weekend?
  19. [Art] Flay Learns to Paint and Draw

    Woof a terminal case of Doge is ruff.
  20. Pen and Paper and Games

    I'd prolly be down for that on a weekend. I do have other commitments on the 29 of January though if that matters.
  21. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    If this online service is only like $20 a year then fine but if they think they can charge $60 a year for the five games that I will possibly ever want to play on the system in it's entire lifetime then they have lost their minds.
  22. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I just picked up Mitski's new album and I'm really digging it:
  23. Destiny

    That should work. Saturday might be pretty busy but I should be able to make it.
  24. Pokemon Moon (beautiful) and Sun (more beautiful)

    It eases up a little ways in for sure. And then it does pick up again later on but by then I found myself far more intrested in the story then I expected to be. Which is to say not very but enough I didn't mind it so much.
  25. Destiny

    I can on Saturday but otherwise if you see me on playing Bloodborne feel free to shoot me an invite.