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  1. Mass Effect Andromeda - Thumb Drive Engaged!

    I really like DA:I and also thought the previous ga!es were some of the beat shooters of last gen so I suspect I'll be fine even if I've tempered my expectations a bit.
  2. Mass Effect Andromeda - Thumb Drive Engaged!

    Sorry butt I posted first which means you have to spend an hour updating Origin and send ME the friend request. It's like calling dibs but for not having to remember how to do things in Origin.
  3. Mass Effect Andromeda - Thumb Drive Engaged!

    I'm just Vulpes_Absurda.
  4. Mass Effect Andromeda - Thumb Drive Engaged!

    That works for me! I should also say I'm on PC. I should also also say that there is a non zero chance I will just blow through all my playtime as well so no guarantees.
  5. Mass Effect Andromeda - Thumb Drive Engaged!

    Anyone want to set a time this weekend to try and meet up for an early access multiplayer match? Just tossing it out there.
  6. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Yeah that screen protector is pretty nice. I did screw mine up a little bit but it's just an air bubble over the top right corner so I'll wait until I pick up another two pack and install the other one it came with
  7. Oh man, if you thought that was tough, well, you'll see. You'll see.
  8. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    I believe that that is part of the criticism of the games use of Native American cultures. It's a largely negative take on tribal societies which is salt in the wound of it's use of words that are often used as racist slurs against them. I found that as it moved on from the Nora it gets a bit more nuanced but it's never not negative especially towards faith as the basis of any kind of society.
  9. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    For me there were a lot of moments of downing one creature with fire arrows, overriding another and then blowing off parts from another to trigger an explosion and then finishing them all off with a few well placed arrows and melee attacks. It's all super dynamic. Though you may need to be on higher difficulties to really get any of that. And for my own experience I've never been one for grenades rolling down hills. That stuff is fun once but it's rare it's repeatable so it always feels like a fun but pointless gimmick over any kind of interesting design to me. Things like Dishonored do it better but on the whole that's the exception that proves the rule.
  10. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    I just beat this so I guess I'll repost my Mastodon hot take here: Horizon does compare to BOTW and it's a better game by a fair margin. It's less novel for sure but it's far better executed and the writing is so far above BOTW it's not even funny. The combat is better, it looks far nicer and yes I am accounting for art style I do think Horizon has the better art style, and no I don't care that it wasn't made in Japan. And frankly BOTW's much hyped systems are shallow as all hell. Overriding machines and the elemental weapon types lead to far more interesting system interactions then anything that happened to me in Zelda. And yeah Horizon has issues with appropriation of Native American cultures and it's gross and it shouldn't be there but I'll take it over BOTW's homophobia and Transphobia.
  11. The Last Guardian

    I never posted anything in this thread but it topped my game of the year list and I wrote something about the game there:
  12. Oh also it needs to be said that the game has a really transphobic plot moment detailed here:
  13. Well I beat the game. It uh, sure has an ending. I'll put the rest of this in spoiler tags but it shouldn't have any real spoilers in it:
  14. Destiny

    So the Raids will be doled out one a week for a month ending with the newest one last. Also there will be another book of achievements and if you get to rank 7 in it you can buy a T shirt with your username on it.
  15. Destiny

    Called it: Old raids are coming back as part of the last live event.
  16. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Invisible Inc came out the year before XCOM 2...
  17. Mass Effect Andromeda - Thumb Drive Engaged!

    Yeah the thing people forget about the facial animations in Bioware games is that there's so much talking that there's kind of a limit to how good it can be with out the budget ballooning out of proportion.
  18. My first horse was named Epona because I don't like horses and wasn't going to waste time naming one. She was also my last horse due to the horse controls being SO BAD.
  19. I don't know that I dislike the game I just don't think it's descended from on high to rescue open world games. I'd say it's an 8 out of 10 not an 11.
  20. I unlocked a few more things and the random stuff makes a little more sense though it hasn't really made things feel less empty. They say Skyrim is a mile wide and an inch deep but this game is about six miles wide and maybe an inch-and-a-quarter deep. I also came across a character that I would all but guarantee was a homophobic stereotype that was plastered over by the translation team. So that's less the great.
  21. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    This is a neat piece of tech for sure but there's so many points of failure on this thing that it has the potential to be a Red Ring Of Death level disaster. Between the left joycon issue, the people reporting scratching on the screen when using the dock, the way the joycons attach to the tablet having about six different ways it could fail, this thing could turn out to be a real nightmare. Or if could be fine. Who knows.
  22. To be entirely honest I'm finding this game to be a bit dull. There's lot's of stuff to do but all of it falls into two categories: Shrines, and Stuff. Stuff being crafting ingredients, weapons, and so on. But the Stuff is super boring. "Here's a sword! It has about five hits in it!" or "Here's some monster intestines you can make a potion with it!" The exception being the seeds which are the only thing I ever find myself interested in finding but even it's use is pretty dull. So far it seems like a whole lot of interesting systems with no real reason to use them and it mostly makes me appreciate the things Dishonored and Horizon do right. On the plus side it looks nice on the Switch screen. In a "Studio Ghibli should hire a lawyer" kinda way.
  23. Destiny

    I'm inclined to focus on the new stuff as that's likely to be limited. I'm still down to do the rest of the raids though.
  24. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Switch carts taste really bad.