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  1. Melee: Battlegrounds - Medieval Combat Sandbox

    Oh but it is not pre-rendered, it's all in-game footage done with our testers who were instructed what to do, using the movie mode who record actions, so anyone can now make quick machinima style videos like this in our engine. Maybe we should have said that or add an overlay somewhere. Gotta add, constructive feedback like this is very valuable. Jacko said several hundred, it's just his accent, none of us is native english speaker, we added subtitles because of this in the end At the moment we are running 250 players in a single match, but we want to push it as much as possible, lot of work ahead to make it happen, but for now, it's promising. Although kickstarter have failed, well it was bad timing really, running kickstarter before christmass wasn't good, also lack of advertising skills made info about project not widespread. But we learned a lot from this, and of course, we are continuing to work on project like we did in the past two years, slow and steady due to our daytime jobs, and we will keep public updated on our channels in the meantime, follow us on twitter and facebook for updates. http://www.twitter.com/meleegame https://www.facebook.com/meleebattlegrounds
  2. Melee: Battlegrounds - Medieval Combat Sandbox

    Just 20 more hours to go! https://imgur.com/gallery/hvsHv/
  3. Hi folks, I am one of the cRPG (Mount&Blade:Warband mod) modders that have dedicated past 2 years into making their own medieval genre themed game, because we want the genre to evolve, become better and with more players on the map, new fighting systems, with strategy and action rpg incorporated into one game, total availability of SDK and tools used to modders, and brand new engine. Game itself is First and Third Person view Medieval Action-RPG (Battle, Siege and Duel game mode) with strategy elements such as real time base building (Stronghold game mode) and social interaction including in-game real estate property ownership (Social game mode). After 2 years of working on the game from all around the world, we came to a point, that if we want this to be done properly, with full time working on it, we need to quit our daily jobs and get together in one place. So on november 19th, we opened a studio and named it "Donkey Crew" (name based on internal cRPG players joke ), and launched a Kickstarter campaign for our game "Melee: Battlegrounds" For more info visit our kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1601737664/melee-battlegrounds-spiritual-successor-to-the-crp Melee: Battlegrounds - Medieval Combat Sandbox by Donkey Crew https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1601737664/melee-battlegrounds-spiritual-successor-to-the-crp Best regards; Sinisa "Zimke" Vuckovic