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  1. 3MA has a Patreon

    I listen to 3MA more than I use Netflix so it only seems fair.
  2. Warcraft 3 FFA

    Sign me up then, I'll dig around for my copy of WC3, should be here somewhere.
  3. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    It says "The poll was created with the following time zone: Central Time." But mine is Eastern so my first option was 7:00 to 10:00PM which seems like the correct conversion? Edit: got overexciting about FLCL, so I'm editing the time to be more 'realistic' (damn reality)
  4. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    FLCL is my life, yeahhhhh (I do check this thread whenever someone posts on it ;P )
  5. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    Thanks, that explains why it was good.
  6. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    are you playing vanilla/EW, not long war right? If you have EW you got MECs as a major option (or stealth gene mod that breaks the game), otherwise by the time robots show up you should have some nice snipers with squad sight built up, and heavies with HEAT for some consistent result with rockets (or double try of low accuracy but high damage fire).
  7. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good Is it just me or is this review weirdly competent for theguardian, or have they always been pretty good with reviewing games?
  8. Social Justice

    itsamoose you are brave to post such topic. I'm a coward so I'll leave it at that unless I deem it safe for my fragile ego.
  9. There is this sci fi movie called "Enemy Mine" about downed human pilot in a war against this alien race and he ends up befriending another downed pilot of the said alien race... I enjoyed it when I watched it as a child but it kinda got panned by critics? :x Evangelion has this theme hidden within but it's amongst dozen other stuff just scattered among its convoluted teen angst ridden mecha anime genre deconstruction :x Can I fit Gundam 0080 into this theme somehow (problem is that main protagonist is neutral sandwiched between brother/sister figure who are on opposite side)?
  10. Yeah, that was my favorite bit and more discussion on this topic would be amazing. I also like the inclusion of lot of fluff though. I think Civ 4's cottages were an excellent marriage of town/city in most simplistic management terms. I miss cottages so much that right now that's like 90% of what empire building is like in my dream game. Cottages grow. It's automated. It visually changes. It's just amazingly beautiful. We need more cottages in our 4X/empire builder games. Endless Legend's district comes close but outside of the cultists, the districts only grow to lvl 2 which isn't as good as cottages. Please empire builders out there, let me have more cottages... If Soren visits this forum and reads this, please talk about how the amazing cottages came to be in design process. Please I need more cottages.
  11. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    Oh dang this sounds so likely, dang it. That's certainly the impression I got from the trailer since it was all about that central story.
  12. Yeah 2001 Metropolis anime is... well animated but just weird, slow and boring. Also the ending is super weird.
  13. This and 500W actually works for almost all single card setup (minus those weird 'single card' GPUs that are actually two GPUs built into one).
  14. Black Lives Matter

    Most cops I have heard from were paid pretty abysmally (I think they make about 30k or less a year so I heard they have to take part time security jobs to support themselves better) so I wouldn't think too highly of average training. Trigger discipline that most westerners expect out of combatants exist only among like top elite soldiers so I'm actually 'impressed' that she only fired twice and when his left hand was under his body. That's the reason why jury acquitted her because they thought his hand at that time (around 1:11) could have looked like he was reaching for a weapon and the audible sound of the taser in video is suppose to mean that connection was poor (so defense's argument is that at the time of shooting, victim had full motor control of the body). Of course he was unarmed... and he was more likely reaching for drug (think it was heroine?) in his possession. Bug I digress because I don't want to sound like her defense lawyer nor think she did a good job, but do keep in mind she was acquitted by the jury AFTER seeing this video which means we not only have police brutality issue, but that American public seem to have extremely high tolerance for one (and somehow thinks running away pretty much make it open season). Also it sounds like prosecution just fucking dropped the ball hard (no expert witness, no question about possible previous history between the two, the fact that she gave zero shit about victim's brother yelling at her from behind going completely unexamined for examples). Also the escalation issue is kinda borked because cops carry guns... if they have legitimate concern about their safety, because they have weapons on themselves, they have to escalate to maximum very fast because otherwise their weapon is also at a risk... like I recall reading (on other news sites) complaints about how cops should never fire upon unarmed suspects even if they fight back but you can see why having a fistfight with someone else while you have a gun on you is just outrageously dangerous and dumb. Like this whole shit is so fucked because we have so much guns among the population, have a group that's armed to control such population and then have the said group paid like shit. On a positive note, at least we got this one on camera :x
  15. Black Lives Matter

    Here is the video.
  16. Ilitarist I know you jest, but I'm with Rob about how I end up enjoying Civ games, which is primary as this weird war themed game with other stuff attached. That's why I really enjoyed Gods & Kings expansion because religion pretty much eliminated practical barrier to wide empires (not infinite city sprawl (ICS)) because religions gave you so much happiness. BNY... I really liked addition of caravan but outside of that I didn't think game changed that significantly for me. Similar with EU4, diplomacy is there so that you can pick and choose who you fight. But also I agree with you that there is this... 'role-play' element that by having all the peaceful paths exists, make the game better? At the risk of sounding like a total asshole, 4X world becomes better one to stomp with my military boots, than say most pure war games, because there is so much peaceful stuff in it. It is just that I see and enjoy them in a framework of a war themed games (not wargame or Wargame). If I were to try to enjoy a game about civilizations in a non-war-like ways, I think concept of factions would have to be thrown out or if it has to have multiplayer, be a cooperative game. Also yeah, Quill18 is a smart and insightful guy. Doesn't stream excel of Eve Online like Arumba does but instead he does game jams and make rockets in KSP. And you know if you disagree, Rob and I will invade your puny cultural nations with our horde of army dudes. On side note, is it better for 3MA to listen to podcast on itunes?
  17. anime

    My only exposure to Ideon has been through Super Robot War F Final, where I used its special move (beam of light coming out of both fists with infinite range) with really awkward activation trigger to one shot the Guest army's boss with one of the most BS stats in Super Robot Wars history.
  18. Rat Fur Dead - Warhammer: Endtimes - Vermintide

    I'll never quit on you if I can be a friend. Probably. Gaizokubanou is my steam ID, I'll probably get this game within this week?
  19. Rat Fur Dead - Warhammer: Endtimes - Vermintide

    Yeah... it looks like I'm getting it. Sorry Gorm looks like CK2 teaching sessions will have to wait (unless you think vanilla is still solid) since I'll have to spend some $$$ on this first :x Or we can play this together too if you want!
  20. Rat Fur Dead - Warhammer: Endtimes - Vermintide

    Hmm, video game grinds do not scare me though. I'm a full blown Korean. I got MMO grinding built into my genes. Apologies for that self deprecating racist joke but I love it. Melee combat bit though, I guess it is time to do some research.
  21. Rat Fur Dead - Warhammer: Endtimes - Vermintide

    I'm eyeing this one really hard. Probably going to buy sometime soon unless I hear some horror stories about it.
  22. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Oh yeah I second this sentiment.
  23. Cibele

    I'm so not the target audience but a game about sex that isn't creepy/exploitative about sex sounds like something I have to experience even if I'm so sure it'll bounce off me hard...
  24. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    ??? I thought it was her space bar item that added copies of your familiars (including certain flies, meat and bandage (the last two lvl up first)) for the room?