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Favorite Games

Found 1 result

  1. Warcraft 3 FFA

    What's Warcraft 3? Who wants to play some WC3 free for all melee maps? 6-12 side FFAs are great in WC3 as opposed to most RTS games I've tried, at least older games. You have 3 additions that help a lot in FFA games: You have an incentive to leave your base and kill neutral creeps/whatever you find. Your heroes get exp from that so even even trades with an enemy has you gain an advantage as opposed to trying to avoid any and all conflict until you are maxed out. Army maintenance, the food cap is 100 overall but when you go above 40 food you lose 30% of your income from gold mines and some higher % gold loss when going above 70 food. Again a benefit not to sit in a corner and max out tech/food, even ignoring the level 1 hero problem. Town Portal Scrolls, your first hero starts with one but you can buy more easily from shops (neutral and your own shop building in base). Target them at a friendly town hall and they'll make your hero immune as they channel it (maybe interruptable? can't remember) and after a few seconds the hero and all units nearby will be teleported away. Good things that result from this: You can fuck up but still leave without losing your entire army. You can attack things away from your base and still come back in time to defend it! WC3 FFA is IMO the the best multiplayer FFA RTS. is still up but we can also play over LAN. Or we can do team games. If you're interested please post here so we can see what timezones/continents we're looking at.