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  1. [Release] Bogost in the Shell

    The UI looks great!
  2. I cannot wait until the epic battle between egg and wolf comes to conclusion.
  3. [Released] Explode Mode (Slight Return)

    I imagine this is what it would be like to do battle inside of a kaleidoscope.
  4. I haven't a clue how you are doing this, but it's beautiful! Maybe I should check out your git repo post-jam. Thanks for sharing your secrets.
  5. [RELEASE] Mr. Puffin in The Dark Castle

    OMG! When this is all over, and there is no time crunch may I please have a wallpaper of this?
  6. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    Thanks @Synnah! I have recently finished up the UVs, and rigged it up, and have a basic idle animation and walk animation started. I'll post some updates this evening. I haven't worked much with 3D in Unity3D yet, but it has been a very satisfying process so far.
  7. This game has such a strong feel to it, I love it!
  8. [RELEASED] Cheatin' Hitman

    Beautiful, and I can't stop laughing.
  9. The return of the "Internalization Meter"! This game is looking great!
  10. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    I love the design of the bears. The liquid sloshing around in there is fantastic!
  11. [Participation Agreement] The Clone Progenitors

    Go ahead. There isn't a whole lot of it though...
  12. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    I have my skeleton model finished. I am now working on UVs and textures!
  13. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    I posted this in slack already, but I wanted to put it in here to show some progress, and keep things together. Here is my current 8-way path-finding on square grid tiles. I wanted to get this working early, and now that it is I'm going to focus on the aesthetic for a while. Now that it works on the player, I'm hoping it will be pretty straightforward to implement for the AI. The only difference being the AI needs to find the nearest tile to be harvested, and then walk over to it.
  14. [Dev Log] Their Building Has A Haircut

    This is a cool idea. Almost like a character creator, but with buildings!
  15. Those characters are incredible! This would make a good VR game! If I knew anybody that had a VR kit I could play with that is...
  16. [WIP] [Released] Robot's Lips

    I don't even know how one would approach something like this. Good on you and good luck. I'm liking what I see!
  17. WJ4 "Why I Jam" Audio Compilation

    Here I am! I tried to get rid of some of the background noise. I'm somewhat in a cave, and my cpu fan is super loud. WizardJam4-Schap-WhyIJam.mp3 WizardJam4-Schap-WhyIJam2.mp3
  18. How to back up your game projects with GIT

    This is great! I have been meaning to make git a part of my life for a long time. Right now I back everything up in Dropbox, but that's a pain in the ass if I need to go back several revisions, or on multiple files. Speaking of Dropbox, how well does it play with Git? I'd like to backup everything, including binary files in Dropbox, but yet have the ability branch through Git. Is that a potential disaster?
  19. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    I really like the idea of Holiday themed diversifiers. <- I don't like that spell checker is angry about the word diversifiers This keeps the semi-annual jams unique, but based on a familiar theme. As far as teams go, I like the opt in option with people that are looking to team up pitching any idea they have and noting their skill set. Personally, I prefer to work solo, because the time I can allot can be quite sporadic, and I don't want to let someone down.
  20. German hour on voice chat

    I think this would be a great way to mix my learning of German with my passion for video games. My German isn't great, but any opportunity to have or even listen to a discussion in German sounds fantastic to me.
  21. Update 3 - 0.14 - I added an "Internalization Meter" to my game as well as putting some more environment scripting events in to help with the level flow. It's an! I have been a long podcast listener, light reader, and this is my first game jam. I have done a fair amount of prototyping in flash, gamemaker, and just started playing with Unity because I missed 3d but HEY here's my 2D project! The podcast name randomizer bestowed upon me "The Three Antidotes", which fit well with my desires to create a "metroidvania" type 2D platformer. The basic idea for the game is to defeat 3 bosses, each holding the antidote to a limitation placed upon the player before they encounter the final boss of the game. I'm thinking I might make the final boss encounter available but very difficult without the 3 antidotes, but that may be more than I can achieve. The main character is a turtle because turtles are quite good at defending themselves, and I gave the turtle a sword so it may defeat it's enemies. I plan to use the Uniquely Systemic diversifier along with the Crowd-sourced by using some drawings my son did, and having the enemies randomly spawn as one of those sprites. If I have time, I'd also like to use the Uncle Who Works at Nintendo one as I think it sounds super fun. I have maybe bit off more than I can chew as I'm going to be gone for a week during the jam, but I can maybe scale things back last second. Here is my level design so far. And some animations with my turtle. I hope to post one more update before I leave tomorrow evening. Maybe I can get some concepts and such done on the flight.
  22. [Release] The Three Antidotes

    Thanks! Yeah the platforming is my main focus now to make this better. Which version did you play? The elevator should be fixed in the latest build.
  23. [Release] The Three Antidotes

    Thanks! The smaller enemies that jump around were done by my son, and the larger stationary boss characters were drawn by my daughter. I should update my game with some of the diversifier stuff.