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  1. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    I have indeed added sound effects created using my mouth, and some Audacity magic. There is also a Mac build out there for those Apple people who are interested.
  2. I've been holding off until Episode 2 to check this game out, but I enjoy all the gifs coming out of development!
  3. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    Congratulations you two and thank you for sharing the metrics. One thing doing this game jam has taught me over the year is a little bit about that dark and mysterious void between making a game and putting it out there and then having people notice it and play it. This is fantastic example of that, and I wish you guys continual success in all your game development adventures.
  4. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    I recently patched in the UI improvements mentioned by @atte and @Nappi. I also put in some particles because I thought it would be fun. Next, I think I'm going to do some sfx and maybe make all of them with my mouth. We will see.
  5. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    Thank you! That's a good point on the timer. I'll add it to my list.
  6. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    @atte Thank you for the feedback. I have since fixed the weird material glitch. I also think it makes sense to have a 'Quit/Back to Start' button. I'll definitely put that in there. @hedgefield Thank you! I have been neglecting the forums, but I have fixed, and added a number of things over the past couple weeks. Changes since submission: More art! Leaderboards: Try to topple the Idle Thumbs hosts! You must now pick up the wheat that is harvested by your skeleton clones! Clone harvesting is a bit more stable, and actual wheat harvested is now accurate. You can no longer summon spam Right now the leaderboard are populated with 10 Idle Thumbs network hosts. Instead of incorporating a name input field, I just created a random name for you at the end of the round, and update the leaderboard.
  7. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    You saying that makes me wonder if I should fix it or not. Right now the coloring is a result of the material not exporting correctly. Thank you. That's an interesting idea.
  8. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    Thanks for the the kind words! I have so much more art I want to put in there, and there are some annoying bugs I couldn't quite track down, but it's now available to play!
  9. [released] Avocado Smash

    That looks delicious, and I'm excited to see just how exaggerated your claims will become.
  10. B-E-A-Utiful! The gameplay looks super smooth.
  11. [RELEASE] Mr. Puffin in The Dark Castle

    In the spirit of "My uncle works at Nintendo" it would be great if Alt+F4 would spawn an enemy directly in front of you! Also, you nailed it when you said GREAT hall texturing! The shade and small touches really uphold the atmosphere well.
  12. [RELEASE] The Hypersonic Effect

    You are really capturing a time in my life, say mid-late 90s, where I watched VHS and played one of the few games we had on our computer - Asteroids! Great style and design as always!
  13. Godspeed, Wizard Jammers!

    I've missed not seeing your progress around the forums, but I'm excited for you on your new adventure. Jam on!
  14. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    It has been said, but it cannot be overstated, those sprites are dope.
  15. [Frozen In Carbonite] Sorrow and Horror

    I might just die if given the Luigi stare as the screen fades to black.
  16. Ms Petman: A Very Meowy Christmas 2

    If you can find time to finish it up before the stream it's still a decent win!
  17. [RELEASE] Another Chill Hell

    I have been putting a few games off. Haha. This looks super fun! Don't let FF deter you!
  18. [RELEASE] Uwaki Hittoman

    The transitions and effects are looking great.
  19. [Released] Most Memorable Maid

    I love those robots! trash ideas: robot parts crumpled metal sheeting with springs human food human parts
  20. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    Spent some time on art, and getting some actual objects into the game (in various levels of completion). Behold! Clone-Ridden Fields of Grey!
  21. [RELEASED] Clone-Ridden Fields

    I haven't gotten around to texturing this thing yet, as I've been getting distracted by animation. Last night I did the idle, walk, and summoning animations. Left to do are chopping, and picking up. Maybe a walk with carry animation as well. There's are a couple hitches in there, but that's just a product of the 15 fps gif recording.
  22. [RELEASE] Uwaki Hittoman

    I feel like I should go lights out on this for fear of spoilers. I'm very excited to play this!
  23. a divine exodus of snakes

    The color palette is fantastic, and I love the art so far.