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  1. [RELEASED] A Wish Upon A Star

    Cool, thanks for offering! My previous game jam game had me just picking a random piece of royalty free music from a website. I was planning on choosing a similar piece of music as I did last time (Gymnopedie no. 1), basically a slow piece on piano or similar instrument. I'm probably going to use for sound effects again. Edit: I just checked your portfolio and (A Wish Upon) Some Kind of Star Drifter is really close to what I'm after!
  2. [Dev Log] Sneksodus

    This sounds really cool but also my head hurts already. Looking forward to it!
  3. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    This will be my first Wizard Jam! I'm excited!
  4. Cheese and Wine

    I've updated the game a bunch in the last two days, so here's a short trailer video, I guess? I've updated the game more since then, thanks to some help from phill and some other suggestions from other folks in the idle thumbs slack, and I'm really happy with the camera sway effect now. Below is the v0.6 version of the game. I've just published v0.7, which you can find in the dropbox link above.
  5. Cheese and Wine

    Hey everyone. I joined a game jam hosted by Nina Freeman's stream community (dev on Tacoma; made Cibele). The theme is wine, so I decided to give it a crack by making a simple shooting game where the reload animation is the character taking a sip of wine. I started development in game maker a few days ago and to my surprise, I have a working exe up already. This is my first game besides a simple asteroids game I made by following a tutorial step by step, so I'm really happy with how simple game maker is to use for a first-timer. I'll drop a link to the exe in a dropbox folder below, but also here are some sprites from the game: Just a warning with the game: the screen WILL SHAKE partway through the game after a certain requirement has been met, and gets worse progressively. While this is an intended mechanic, ideally I would like the screen to sort of "sway" rather than shake violently the way it does now. If anyone can help me with that, I'd love the help!
  6. I should probably give that a rewatch since I think I'm trying what it says in the video but it's not really working out too hot for me. Also the devs stated that the new map should be live within a month (by the end of June), so that's pretty exciting. I've played it already in the alpha test/experimental stage, and I really enjoy the faster rounds when I feel like a change of pace in PUBG.
  7. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Can't you also sort by price, and filter by genres and some other parameters? So it's not too too bad. Could definitely be better though; it's a step down from the Wii U eshop for sure.
  8. Recently completed video games

    I finished Batman: Arkham Knight yesterday! Or at least, I finished the main story, which I quite enjoyed despite the obvious twists that were happening. The whole Joker inside your mind business was pretty cool, since most other Batman media can't really ever show the relationship between the two in quite the same way. I intend to go back and do more side-quests to see what this "Knightfall" thing is about, since I imagine it won't have anything to do with the namesake, but I'm a sucker for that storyline anyway so I'm hooked. It took me a while to get through this game since I really wasn't feeling the Batmobile stuff early on, but I got over that and started enjoying the feel of the car eventually.
  9. BIIIIIIIIIIIG game update! Almost all weapons are being re-balanced, they are adding 3 new grips and 2 new scopes, adding a new weapon, adding a new vehicle, and once again, tweaking the Miramar map. There's also a bunch of changes to other elements of the game, so this one's gonna be a big difference. I think it will feel as big a jump going from early access to 1.0. I welcome basically all of these changes though. I just want those circle speed changes to come back and I'll be very happy with the state of the game.
  10. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Snipperclips was an indie game that got snapped up by Nintendo as a first party exclusive. It's a multiplayer puzzle game that I highly recommend.
  11. Recently completed video games

    I finished Mirror's Edge: Catalyst today. I put it off for about a year because I reached a section of the game that I found quite infuriating. Usually it's all about death-defying leaps, and the game presented me with a platforming section that required precision jumping in a very narrow space. Your character is so accustomed to making those long jumps that trying to jump half a metre next to you becomes an exercise in frustration, as your character will either clear the target platform completely or grab onto it, then vault herself over the edge, to her doom. Anyway, so I came back to that, finished that section in a few attempts, and then realised that I was actually less than an hour to the end of the game by that point. I'm not going to talk too much about the ending, I guess, but I'm still bemused about the whole "this isn't a sequel" business; in both Mirror's Edge games, you have a sister and she plays a relatively large role in each game, but they are completely different characters. I suppose the developers didn't really know what they wanted to do with the story after the first game, so they decided to just tell a completely different story with a similar premise. I look forward to the third game, which I hope will tell a completely unrelated story to the previous two games yet again. Oh and I sort of just returned to it because I'm close to finishing another game (Batman: Arkham Knight) but I don't want that one to end just yet so I ended something else.
  12. Yeah I was enjoying the new circles. First two circles are like, whatever. Most players are dead by the time that circle locks anyway, so I can't believe they're complaining about them. Youuuuu're all dead! You have no idea what the late-game circles are like! They were good! If only you survived to the end to experience them! Anyway, war mode is cool and I think it should stay as a permanent fixture, if only to give people an avenue to practise shooting, and also to siphon of some of those folks who drop into this game just to immediately die anyway. I didn't play regular games much while the event was going on, but I wonder if it has a sizeable impact on the pace of the game due to the remaining players being more likely to be the ones who are committed to the battle royale and staying alive. Bad luck on the almost hat-trick! You'll get there
  13. The upcoming map, Savage, is making a return to testing! to sign-up for keys. This map is 1/4 the size of Erangel and Miramar (4x4km as opposed to 8x8km) and is covered in dense vegetation. Last test round, it was missing textures on many structures and the interior of buildings were devoid of furnishings, but it gets the point across that this map is for those who want a faster pace in battle royale. As always though, the game does sometimes struggle to balance the rate at which people die, though small map means you're more likely to run into someone just running around. Vehicles aren't as useful due to the smaller map size, as well as difficult terrain, not to mention the noise they make alerts a greater number of nearby players due to the denser population. I didn't get too many rounds in last time, so I didn't really form a strong opinion about it. I'm looking forward to seeing textures this time around
  14. Sooo I downloaded and played one round of PUBG Mobile. The enemies were mostly, if not all, bots, so I won pretty easily with 9 kills. The last one I killed might not have been a bot, since they did things a real person would like open a door as distraction while they appeared in a window upstairs (and didn't completely expose their whole body in the window frame). Supposedly as you rank up (there's a typical progression system and daily login bonuses and such), you'll play against less bots and more humans. However, having also played the Xbox version of PUBG, I gotta say the mobile version was a way smoother experience, from both a gameplay and technical perspective, which is kind of shocking, and kind of sad. There are lots of quality of life improvements that are necessitated by the control scheme, but also additions that I hope make it to the PC version someday, like showing you the line for the plane path, showing distance to the playzone/markers, ping indicator, and apparently the Chinese version of the mobile app has a shooting range. There's an optional gyroscope aiming method for mobile too, which helped a lot for someone like me who plays a lot Splatoon.
  15. Best Third-Person Shooters

    Splatoon is a fantastic third person shooter, though part of it is that it sort of feels more like a regular third person action game (not all the weapons are shooters), and therefore also focuses on movement/platforming. The single player campaign is really just a platformer with shooting involved (kinda like Portal in that sense). The multiplayer is super fast paced, though it can reward making effective use of cover as well, especially when sniping is involved.
  16. There's been a bunch of tournaments going on recently in IEM Katowice and currently Starladder in Kiev. They're both 16 team tournaments played in first person, and although both tournaments have differing rules regarding the points system involved, it seems that the professional PUBG community has come to some sort of agreement regarding a custom ruleset for their tournaments. The circles behave differently (first circle smaller, and subsequent circles close in slower), the red zone is removed, and I believe assault rifles are set at 1.5x frequency. Also it's really interesting to see that most teams have favoured spots to loot, and completely avoid as much confrontation as they can until the 3rd circle or so, meaning there is often 50-60 people still alive in small spaces, compared to regular games where half the players immediately die upon landing (keep in mind these tournaments start with only 64 players). Points favour survival heavily over kills, which is also true in the regular game anyway (in terms of both rating and brendan points rewards), but it's rare to experience a regular public game where players/teams play for survival over fragging out early.
  17. Oh okay. Mostly I play duos/squads with people from the Idle Thumbs Slack or Waypoint discord. There's a few other groups I play with from time to time, but I definitely get that playing with a close-knit group helps a ton because you more or less understand how someone plays and that is a big deal in forming tactics and such.
  18. Good luck with that! I've only ever been top 1% in the Oceanic servers, but I'm happy with that given I don't have a background in shooters. Do you play much in duos/squads?
  19. Oh yeah for sure I pay attention to weapons in the feed a lot. I also pay attention to names though in case I see player X kill a bunch of people, then if I kill player X, then I can rest easy knowing a dangerous player is out of the equation.
  20. That checks out haha. Do you ever notice top streamers/pro players names in your games? Like in the kill-feed or directly interacting with them?
  21. Good stuff, surely you're like, top 0.1% on the rankings by now? Maybe even top X where it starts showing you your actual # ranking? What kind of FPS experience did you have before playing PUBG? I never really played a military-style shooter game (besides like 15 hours in BF3) so it's taken me a long time to slowly get better at shooting in this game.
  22. What you can do instead is sell that crate on the steam marketplace for steam credit, so not all is lost. But yeah now they have multiple crate types, one of which requires a paid key to open, and it's random which one you get, I think.
  23. [RELEASED] The World Begins With You

    This title appears to have made some people on twitter a little upset! Upset isn't really the right word but I'm no good with those. Anyway, congrats on getting the RPS article! I'll have to check it out soon
  24. AGDQ 2018

    That second one doesn't look legit at all. Probably just a random channel trying to leech views by uploading the archives before the official channel gets around to it.
  25. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    It'll stick around for 60 days. Regardless of if you're an affiliate or partner or regular user, you can always highlight a video (and like, make that highlight the entire archived video if you want) to save it forever (until Twitch's servers crash and burn).