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  1. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    Oh yeah that was really weird. Shulk and co jump super weird in Xenoblade Chronices on the Wii, too. I'm going to pretend it's because this is set on a planet with lower gravity than Earth. It also explains why megafauna can sustain themselves!
  2. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    Not nearly enough love for Xenoblade X here! Now I never actually finished playing Xenoblade Chronicles (got about 50 hours into it), but I'm really excited for this one. I love mechs and the sheer scale of the game world makes me giddy. Super excited for Splatoon as well. Shame I couldn't go to PAX Aus so I haven't had a chance to check it out.
  3. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Gamergaters need to pack up and move to the moon, since nothing on Earth will satisfy them. Oh wait, the dogecoin community already claimed the moon, and we don't like bullies and misogynists.
  4. Honestly I enjoyed Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword more than what I played of Ocarina of Time (I got up to the Shadow Temple, I think? So I played most of it). Maybe it's because the newer ones are more streamlined and control better, but I'm really having to push myself through OoT. I recognise that it's an amazing game, and it would have blown my mind if I played it in '98 though!
  5. I'll finally get around to playing Majora's Mask. Now excuse me while I finish Ocarina of Time first...
  6. Tha Wondahful Wahld ah Dad Jokes

    Omg you can jump!
  7. whatcha been playing?

    Pretty late to the party but I'm partway through Mass Effect 3. I recently finished The Shroud mission, which is the first time a game has actually made me cry. I think I'm going to have withdrawals when I finally finish this trilogy. Besides that, I've been playing a ton of Smash Bros, mostly For Glory. The lag is a bit off-putting but 9 out of 10 games are smooth enough. My win ratio is almost exactly 50% so I suspect there is actually some form of matchmaking being implemented.
  8. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    The current She-Hulk series is written by a practising lawyer (Charles Soule), so it's almost entirely about court cases. She starts her own firm in the first issue, and right now she's defending an aged Steve Rogers. Just a note: the interior art is NOTHING like the cover art, so have a look at some previews before you decide to check it out.
  9. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Is anyone else sad that She-Hulk is ending at issue 12? I guess I was the only one who liked the art in it (except for issues 5-6, that art didn't work for me).
  10. Hey my friend code is 3969-5180-1975 have you got time on the weekend to play? I mostly play as Villager or Captain Falcon.
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi all, I only just recently discovered Idle Thumbs but the podcast is great and you all seem to be wonderful people. I hope you also find me wonderful so I can belong. Hope everyone's been well!
  12. The main thing I think a new player should focus on is movement in this game. This game clearly shows its nintendo roots by being a hybrid of a platformer game as well as a fighting game. So why is movement so important? The aim is to knock the opponent off the stage rather than to deplete their health bar. This means positioning relative to the stage is extremely crucial. A smash attack that hits towards the right will likely not defeat the opponent if you are standing on the left side of the stage. Likewise, an attack that hits upwards is more likely to KO when you are on a platform above the main stage rather than on the ground. Therefore, a good player will always be mindful of where they are on the stage and use that to their advantage. Another reason movement is important is because many attacks will hit your opponent away from you. This means to effectively follow up an attack, you must be able to quickly close-in on your opponent so you can continue the assault before they have a chance to re-orient themselves. This means mastering the timing for jumps and dashes or rolls, and also being able to read which direction your opponent is likely to move to try to avoid you. Getting used to shielding and dodging is also important. If you want, you can add my friend code and we can practise together, since I'm in Australia too so the lag will be minimal.
  13. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    I've played a bit of the demo and I must say, it's rather oddly done. Basically you're given tiny little bite-size "adventures" that end very quickly and you're given a trailer at the end of each one. Then the game resets and you're given a new "adventure" to do, which again is very short. I'm not sure how many of these adventures there are and if the later ones are longer, but I got bored after the fourth time the game restarted and the same trailer was shown to me (fortunately you can skip these). Might try it a bit longer since I haven't come across Mega Steelix yet and I may as well get it.
  14. Nintendo 3DS

    This is what I do for uni. My 3DS just lives in my backpack. You gotta get those play coins too now. I'm glad Smash Bros lets you make use of play coins.
  15. Smash is definitely still best when you're playing in front of friends, but I have been playing For Glory way too much. I found out recently my uni has regular Smash meetups though, which is awesome.