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  1. THE EVIL WITHIN: Slurms MacKenzie

    I read your review and it's pretty fair. I felt like the game mechanics were a bit schizophrenic at times. For example, the game emphasizes stealth in the beginning but then completely abandons it in exchange for shooter action towards the end. I wasn't sure if I needed to conserve ammo (always conserve ammo in these games) or just go gun crazy and shoot all the things inventory be damned. Sometimes you had to clear out areas of all enemies in order to proceed forwards, sometimes you didn't. Other times there are invincible enemies that you aren't even supposed to kill, just slow them down enough for you to get away. Not to mention invisible enemies? Dear God! Why? I kind of accepted the crazy game design because the game is set in an asylum, but it could have been more consistent. The whole game has a very fragmented level design-- from gameplay mechanics to environments. I really enjoyed the whole haunted house full of traps design in the end. I saw a post on Twitter that said that this game was made by a Troll. It kind of is-- that's why I enjoyed it. I'm curious to see the DLC for the game. Nice review man!
  2. THE EVIL WITHIN: Slurms MacKenzie

    I just finished the game and I'm pretty satisfied with the experience. I finished a little over 20 hours and I wanted more. I believe that the DLC does have to do with Kidman, or the female detective that was running around the game. I loved the atmosphere and sound design. It does feel like a retro game in a lot of ways, and I don't mean it in a bad way. I hope Mikami makes a sequel or at least more horror games.
  3. THE EVIL WITHIN: Slurms MacKenzie

    I'm glad to hear this. I just started CH9 and I was wondering if or when the game would start getting "bad". I've enjoyed most of what I've played so far. This game is crazy, but in a good way!
  4. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!

    The devs are from Australia and I think they said the people on the moon are Australian. They used their own voices as place holders and just left it that way.
  5. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!

    This game just showed up on my radar too. I'm not much of a fan of the series but the spacey environment and short campaign made it more appealing.
  6. THE EVIL WITHIN: Slurms MacKenzie

    One thing that bothers me about this wide screen format is that it is inviting the comparison to film but there isn't much of a narrative or character development to support this style. I'm enjoying the game but the lack of story disappoints me a bit. I'm only half way so I could be wrong.
  7. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    I just started playing this game and I'm not very good at it. When I head towards my target kill sometimes I get ganked by mobs of orcs. Even if I'm stealthy, if I mess up a bit and one Orc spots me, it turns into a mosh pit. I saw a dude beat the "hard" parts of the game by hitting his head with his keyboard, so I feel like I'm missing something. The concept is neat, open world Middle-Earth, but I'm like target practice for orcs.
  8. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!

    I did a search for this game in the forum search and it didn't pop up, so if it is a re-post or old thread my apologies. I think the game is fun! I don't play a lot of FPS or multi-player games and the emphasis on grinding and co-op put me off the first two games. However, I've been playing the solo campaign for this game and I'm really enjoying it. In particular I like the environment. This game takes place on the moon, or some moon, so your character has a very floaty jump. There is some emphasis on vertical game play which I think might be new? There are jumping platforms that shoot you across over large areas. There is one boss fight early on where the arena looks like a multi-player map from Quake with jumping platforms everywhere. The game sort of feels like Metroid Prime series, except more action based. I also unlocked vehicles early on and I feel like getting around the map is much easier and fun. I'm not an expert or fan of the series but this game caught me off guard. I really enjoy it and I can't stop playing it. My friend is a super fan of the series and he's been playing non-stop. So we kind of met in the middle with this game. It's nice when that happens.
  9. THE EVIL WITHIN: Slurms MacKenzie

    I agree with @twmac and @Mington. I came into this game open minded and just went along for the theme park ride of the first two chapters, but then Chapter 3 really changes up everything. It's a total paradigm shift and more reminiscent of Resident Evil 4. I spent like 2 and a half hours exploring Chapter 3. I like that I was able to stealth kill the boss too. I'm currently in Chapter 5 and I'm just playing a chapter or two a day. I like it a lot so far. It's both Silent Hill and Resident Evil together. Weird but it works.
  10. THE EVIL WITHIN: Slurms MacKenzie

    I'm curious if the director has given an explanation for this style choice? It feels more claustrophobic and it makes me feel nervous when I'm playing. Was that the intended effect?
  11. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Alan Wake (PC) I like the opening to the game, but I would have preferred a more story and character driven game than a shooter. I seem to keep running out of ammo and it's really frustrating. I want to like the game. I might give it another go. I don't think the game is impossible to beat, and I've played harder games. I shouldn't judge after just 2 chapters. Dilemma.
  12. eReaders - What is everyone's thoughts?

    I own a kindle fire and ipad. I prefer to read on the kindle fire, usually short novels that other people recommend. If I enjoy the book enough I will purchase a hard copy and re-read it. I still like the feel of a real book in my hands, but sometimes if I hate the book I will rage quite and throw into a dark corner forever. I prefer iPad for comic books and graphic novels, e-book for casual reading and hard copy for nostalgia.
  13. iOS Gaming

    Terra Battle - This game is very good. Tile based RPG with awesome soundtrack. It's pretty challenging. I feel the Final Fantasy all over. Star Wars Commander- Resource Gathering and Tower Defense game in one. It's has very good graphics and sound. Rebels vs. Empire! Pokemon Trading Card Game - It's like the physical card game but on iPad. Slow loading times to start but it's pretty good. All free on iTunes.
  14. THE EVIL WITHIN: Slurms MacKenzie

    I just got this game on PC and so far I'm intrigued by it. I like the widescreen cinematic vibe and visuals as well as sound design. I got headphones on and playing in the dark. It's pretty spooky. It feels more like Silent Hill than Resident Evil so far but that's okay. I'm liking it.
  15. Nintendo 3DS

    I love my 3DS. It's the original small version and I'm fine with it. I need at least one portable system and PSVita is too big.