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  1. Took a second shot at the first two exercises
  2. Hey everyone! I'm also learning to make games, but as an artist, not a coder. This thread will (hopefully) be a record of my progress. I don't actually have any work in the industry yet, but hopefully I can get there! Enjoy!
  3. Hm, never heard of that book before, I'll have to check it out. Also I've never thought of separating it like that before, but that makes a lot of sense
  4. Since there seems to be a lot of love for speedrunning here, I'm going to point out that the European Speedrunner Assembly is about to start its winter marathon on the 17th. It's very similar to Games Done Quick - better, in a few ways. Also, I know you guys were talking about learning to draw casually, but I've been trying to learn to draw for a few years, I thought I'd share a bunch of resources that I've discovered that might be useful for anyone looking to try Websites: www.drawabox.com www.proko.com www.schoolism.com (in particular 'Fundamentals of Lighting' by Sam Nielson) Books: Everything by Andrew Loomis 'How to Draw' by Scott Robertson 'How to Render' by Scott Robertson 'Colour and Light' by James Gurney 'Artistic Anatomy' by Paul Richer 'Animator's Survival Kit' by Richard E. Williams 'The Charle's Bargue Drawing Course' by Charles Bargue There's a lot more that I could suggest but those are the best that I've found so far
  5. Exercise 3 coming along, not sure how to take this one any further Note that I did NOT paint the background, and a ref was provided for the reflection
  6. @theschap I'm not sure I can answer that, but I do a lot of thinking before each spitpaint. Normally I'll look at the prompt in the morning, giving me all day to think about it. Sometimes I don't come up with anything, but the best paintings I do are the ones where I can basically already see the image in my head before I start painting. I have a background in graphic design, and it's a very similar process. Hey guys, had some health issues that prevented me from doing much art, but I'm back now! Currently I'm working through the fundamentals of lighting on Schoolism, here's exercise no. 2 Crits appreciated, as always
  7. I'm almost certain the crow bar is just another step towards the drone/hawk war that was posited in episode 2 I'm also thinking about what other animals you could possibly give jobs to. Cephalopods are extremely intelligent, maybe you could somehow train them to pick up trash off beaches? On that topic this week I'm going to endorse listening to this recording of an orca imitating human speech EDIT: Oh man, I work as an animator, and syncsketch looks crazy useful
  8. The Link to the Past randomiser race is a fantastic watch
  9. The moment Chris said 'British TV show' I knew it would be Would I Lie to You. It's pretty well known in Australia too. I'm going to endorse this BBC podcast about plastics. The idea of exporting plastic to China to be recycled is fascinating
  10. The AI robot copy of the Colonel is definitely called The Kernel
  11. Wait, Vinnie and Brad... Production guy writing on the screen... Did Giant Bomb make a cooking show?
  12. As some who aims to be as insightful and funny as you guys specifically in my own life, the beginning of this episode was pretty real. But I guess everyone has a gooey insecure centre if you probe hard enough As for having three days to find a mate before you die, have some pity for the poor mayfly. Many species live less than a day, once they reach their mature form they have no mouths, and their only purpose is to find a mate as quickly as possible before they die. The females of one species have a lifespan of about five minutes. Incidentally this was the topic of my final animation at university By the way Second Life actually has a VR sort-of-sequel coming out very soon called Sansar. I'm weirdly excited for it
  13. Oh man Late Night Work Club! The stuff they've made is excellent! To follow on from this I'm going to endorse motionographer.com, an animation blog that also collects together a bunch of really good animation and motion graphics Also an amazing animation released by Australian animator Felix Colgrave just a few weeks ago:
  14. The real question is whether or not Gone Home can somehow be connected to the brainverse.
  15. I was thinking a little bit about the history of idle thumbs, and perhaps a little bit about how you each joined the cast. I posted that about ten minutes before finishing the cast, and you guys did talk a little about the old podcast. Maybe that's enough. Also are the endorsements going to be the IIT recurring end segment? That spatula sounds pretty sweet, I'd use it to spatch my spatchcock.
  16. Doctor Corgi is the pride of the hospital Speaking of dogs I painted a greyhound as a Valentines day gift
  17. Great episode! This might be an unpopular request, but since the pod count has been reset, but it'd be great if you guys could take a little time to introduce yourselves again next episode. Reason being is that I feel like the low number is a good opportunity to link the podcast to some friends, and promote the show a little.
  18. With regards to the empty minecraft server discussion, I can't remember if you guys have talked about this before?
  19. After catching up on a few podcasts I missed, I'm really interested in learning more about the layout of Disneyland and the psychology behind theme parks in general. Does anyone know any good podcasts or books on the topic?
  20. Heh, thanks guys. I've gotten into the habit of doing a 30 minute speedpaint every day. Here are some of the better results:
  21. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    Cheers guys, it ended up being a busy weekend, so I haven't reviewed any of the pitches yet, but I'll get back to you soon
  22. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    I'm curious about this buy not ready to commit just yet. Is there any demand for pure 2D artists with no development experience? I've also got a fair bit of experience with motion graphics, although I'm not sure if that's at all helpful
  23. Guys I figured out how to promote the podcast