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  1. Beautiful Unity Art Pack

    I was just browsing the Unity Asset store the other day and saw this amazing forest art pack. I didn't make it or anything, but if anyone is looking for a awesome art pack check this out Art Pack
  2. [Dev Log] Bogost In The Shell

    V0.0.3 Changes Fixed bullet aiming Enabled bullet collision Todo Figure out angular velocity Make Big Dog Model Environment objects Nightly Build
  3. [Dev Log] Bogost In The Shell

    Yea. That should get better once I add obstacles and enemies and fix the bug were the 3d model for the bullet doesn't showing up. Bullet movement is also turned off at the moment, to help me debug bullet aiming, which could also be contributing. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. [Dev Log] Bogost In The Shell

    V0.0.2 Changes Added bullet hit effect Made bullets destroy themselfs when they hit an object Started work on bullet aiming Todo Figure out why 3D models do not show up in Web Player Make Big Dog Model Continue work on bullet aiming(Forgot Atan2 existed) ​Environment objects Nightly Build
  5. [Dev Log] Bogost In The Shell

    Github Repository Based on episode 199 Using Unity 5 Concept Bogost In The Shell is a game were you are a weird floating orb, some might call it a Bogost. Your goal is to survive as long as possible while endless waves of Big Dogs attack you. Current Progress Created the Bogost character in Unity Basic WASD controls are working The Bogost can shoot Todo Make Big Dog model Make it so the Bogost shoots a bullet where you clicked, instead of straight up Add environment objects Nightly Builds V0.0.1 - Failed, will fix in V0.0.2 V0.0.2 - Play V0.0.3 - Download
  6. Podcasts similar to Idle Thumbs

    Hmm. I went to listen to Video Games Hotdog but their RSS feed only has the episodes past ep100.
  7. Podcasts similar to Idle Thumbs

    After about 7 months of binge listening to Idle Thumbs I have finally caught up to present day. This has left me with a dilemma. When binge listening to Idle Thumbs, I would typically do so durning long bus rides, while playing games, or while programming. Now that I am done, I have nothing else to listen to. I could listen to music, but when a task is not super engaging, I prefer a podcast over music. Are there any other podcasts you thumbs would recommend? Preferably with the same poop joke to intellectual discussion ratio?
  8. Advice on hosting & running a Small Forum

    XenForo in my opinion is one of the best forum soft wares out their, $140 though You could just make a WP site and use the WP forum software as well.
  9. Pretend I don't know the first thing about making games

    If you know how to code: LIBGDX is really nice if you know anything about programming. It lets you get knee deep in the code and really mess around and see how to implement all the fun things. If you don't: I would recommend learning how to code so you can be able to script in engines like Unity. For learning I would recommend something like Scratch so you can figure out the basic ideas. Then play around with something like Javascript(Note: Javascript has nothing to do with Java). Try creating a webpage with some fun Javascript in it. JS is nice because it doesn't require any compilers and if you are using it in a browser it is easy to create a UI if you know HMTL. The Most Important thing ever ​Always plan out your programs on paper or with an outliner(I use Fargo). This allows you to get the general idea of what you want to do, and then figure out how to do it. This is especially critical when you are creating a larger project like a game, not planning ahead can end up in situations where you write half the game and then relize your structure is shit(I learned the hard way). Another thing to remember when programming is you should never have to type the same thing out twice, instead of copy and pasting the same code, just make a function. IDE's IDE's are text editors, but with a bunch of coding functions stuffed in. I would recommend using Android Studio for Java and Android programming(It has all the nice build systems pre configured) If you are not doing java stuff use Atom, its like Sublime Text but free.