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  1. I love this so much. I don't know who's doing the music but it would be sweet if there were three tunes for each general area. Descending in tone; Becoming darker and more static as you approach the angry god.
  2. [Release] In Search Of Paradise

    Oh woops, https://www.dropbox.com/s/fx58xf68twgcu0u/Engines.7z?dl=0. Looking good !
  3. [Release] In Search Of Paradise

    I was just listening back to the Idle loops and noticed a few problems. Here's some amendments. Type1Fix.wav Type2Fix.wav
  4. [Release] In Search Of Paradise

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/fx58xf68twgcu0u/Engines.7z?dl=0 Here's some sounds. I had a go at making some fixed pitch stuff. There is only one level of fixed High RPM at the moment so if you want more (higher or lower) just let me know. If you decide to go the complexe route and need ramp downs I can make those too. I've also included some full ramp up stuff in case you go with that method. If you do I think you'll get a better result but it will cost a bit of time. Hope these work
  5. [Release] In Search Of Paradise

    How do you plan on integrating engine sounds? I might be able to make you some sounds but I'm not sure how to handle pitch change length between gear shifts etc.
  6. [RELEASE] The Eyes of Luigi

    Yup, thanks. Looking good so far
  7. [RELEASE] The Eyes of Luigi

    Have this if you think it works. Lord Fluffingtons High Court.mp3
  8. Asset Sharing

    I made a small pack off sounds and music this past week if anyone is looking for some audio. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ro88s6gg47elt8i/SamplePack.7z?dl=0
  9. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    I've seen it twice now and I really liked it. I had no expectations before and I was surprised how much it pulled me in.
  10. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I agree but id like to say that legit dreads are not unfeasible for white people. I've know a few white people who's hair curls tightly and will naturally dread(tightly) if left long and uncombed(but still clean). I get thats not the point though.
  11. I Had A Random Thought...

    "If you don’t like uptalk or vocal fry, fine: with language as with fashion and music we’re entitled to our personal preferences. But with language, people have a bad habit of presenting what are actually personal preferences as if they were objective facts." from second article. People do this with music all the damn time and it's the bane of my life. More on topic though I agree completely with the article. I'd imagine traveling 200 years into the future i'd encounter an english considerably changed to what i'm used to today. Does scifi stuff ever tackle this kind of thing? I haven't read much sci fi.
  12. Video Game Pricing - Fair or Not Fair

    I don't mind personally. I also agree with mooses point about not pricing to a standard by default.
  13. The ASTOUNDING thread of science!

    Yah I think its cool to see that on a larger scale than a table top for sure.