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  1. Part of me can't help but fear that Twin Peaks the Return is going to end St. Elsewhere style with Audrey being "The Dreamer" from that ancient phrase from Cole's dream.
  2. Unity Tutorials

    I've been toying with the idea of a random seed for generating enemy patterns for stages in a shmup. For me it would be pretty easy I'd probably work in strings of waves that I know work well together then assigning each string to a value in an array, generating the seed, and matching individual seed values to spots in the array for the spawn order. I'd probably also pair the spawn wave with a random value to spawn along the X-axis, to increase the variation. ...of course first I need to create working enemy movement patterns.
  3. Unity Tutorials

    I was looking at that last night before leaving work, what did it end up being?
  4. Unity Tutorials

    The Unity video tutorials are pretty great because they come with files to follow along. Also the guy doing the videos has a delightful accent. I liked starting with JS and then going to C# because of the way I learn, mostly. I was able forced to apply logical thinking across two languages with different syntax rather than rely on cut and paste methods to achieve goals. I think my coding is stronger for it, but ymmv. I can't speak to the individual quality of the Unity tutorials, because I've only done a couple. Though I think that the ones that are game/project specific, like the space shooter one, are better to start with than the general engine ones, like the 2d Unity one.
  5. Unity Tutorials

    If you're an absolute coding beginner then I would start with to get the basics of coding in general (I'd start with javascript, personally). If you understand the basics of coding and thinking with that type of logic then grab a beginner tutorial from the asset store. I started with the space shooter tutorial, for example. I ripped through that quickly enough to get the basics of both C# and the Unity engine and rolled right over into my project.
  6. Unity Tutorials

    Velocity is probably what I should have said, yeah.
  7. Unity Tutorials

    Oh I am definitely checking this out tonight.
  8. Unity Tutorials

    Attractors is an interesting idea... I'm going to look into that I think.
  9. Unity Tutorials

    I've been going back and forth and the three methods to move things around the screen in my 2d shmup. I could hand-animate every ship's path through the play area, but then I either have to do a ton of them and then I still limit the variation possible. I could move them mathematically, as in make is so X=Sin(Y) with a constant increase to Y, but that's difficult to get complex paths working, and when you only update Y every frame update, you can get screwy results when you increase your speed. Or I could use the physics engine and apply forces to the enemy ships to move them. I'd be into new territory on that, though, so I'm not sure what issues could crop up.
  10. Introverts, social anxiety and multiplayer games

    I played WoW for years and the whole time I said my headset was broken and couldn't afford a new one. I chatted with the guild via text, but never voice once. These were people I'd met exclusively online but just never got the courage to speak to "strangers" with my voice. It was just the easiest way for me to play multiplayer games that required communication without tripping whatever switch it is in my brain that gets anxious in social situations. Now I play LoL probably daily and if I don't have a friend in the game with me I communicate exclusively through pings and text. Even if the rest of the team has decided to get on a vent or skype call.
  11. Recently completed video games

    Holy CRAP I loved that game. Good for you! Somebody needs to play and beat Star Control 2 now.
  12. Unity Tutorials

    I decided to start with the Space Shooter tutorial. I've now been trying to adapt the little bit I got from that into creating a space shooter of my own that has all the trimmings like bosses, multiple stages, etc. but using 2D instead of 3D. It's been pretty enlightening so far. I decided to work exclusively in C# since I don't know anything about C#. First thing I did was spawn a random set of stars at random move speeds to give the illusion of depth in the star field. Now I have a player ship that shoots, a single enemy that comes down in 3 different movement styles (simple sine wave, stepped straight path, and straight at the player), and they shoot as well. The difficulty increases in 30 second increments by increasing enemy speed and enemy fire frequency. And every enemy that gets past you does damage to the Earth in 5% increments, with a game over screen when the planet dies. I want to figure out the 2D animator next. The player ship (which is totally just an F14 Tomcat) should launch into the screen on a new life, then have the wings move out to the ready position as it settles into the player's origin position. After that I will probably work out a couple more enemy types so it's not just one purple circle moving in 3 different patterns, and maybe the first mini-boss. If I go as far as the mini-boss I will also want to do some basic power-ups. That's more just putting in the hours, though. I think I know how to make them all work. I also need to figure out an art style and do some permanent art assets, but that will be nearer to the end of the gameplay loop being finished. I've been blogging a little bit about it, though I think it might be more interesting to talk specifics about the code and how it relates to the gameplay. I'll tackle that in my next post this weekend, I think.
  13. R.I.P. Ryan Davis

    Ryan's passing was the first time I was really affected by a 'celebrity' death. It was the oddest sensation. I devoured Ryan Davis content for days until the next bombcast, which I listened to several times. Things became more 'normal' again, months later, but after yesterday it's all back again. What a tremendous dude. Stupid to say but stupider not to, but he will be missed.
  14. No Man's Sky

    All I know is I saw a ship fly from the surface of the world out into space without a loading screen and that the front page to the official website makes the graphic designer in me fucking cry it's so goddamn perfect.
  15. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Far Cry 2 is $2.49 right now for 2 more hours. If anyone was curious what the fuss was about.