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  1. [Dev Log] Historical Beef

    I think our workflow is working out okay...
  2. [Dev Log] Historical Beef

    badatstuff re fancy string quartet music - VERY INTERESTED!
  3. [Dev Log] Historical Beef

    Much historic, many meats
  4. [Dev Log] Historical Beef

    Development += Wine & pizza Development == improved
  5. [Dev Log] Historical Beef

    Historical Beef™ is a meat curation simulator featuring meat from game history. You play the protagonist, the meat curator, whose job it is to prepare museum displays of exquisite meats for public consumption (with the eyes, not the mouth). When your exhibit is opened, you arrangement of meats will be judged and graded. Will your displays get the brisket, or be a load of tough rump? This is being made by two dudes with no game dev experience but a lot of aesthetic meat guile. Fingers crossed!
  6. laser game - devlog

    As a fellow lurker I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the demo levels, especially that last one from the screenshot - very clever! Looking forward to following your updates Any thoughts on doing a tablet version later on?
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello! Wonderful to make all of your acquaintances!