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  1. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    Alright I did it! It's not amazing but I consider it finished. Obvs. the gamejam proper ended a while ago but I've uploaded it here anyway: https://cejlindkvist.itch.io/dr-dna
  2. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    I just started watching the stream archive. Clearly I have no choice but to finish this for the glory that is Build The Nublar! The Thumbs Wizard Jam Stream is also really inspiring, so many good games and I still have like two hours left to watch of it! Thanks for the comments everyone!
  3. [Dev Log] Build The Nublar

    This is already the best. First prediction: Campo Santo makes a deal with whoever owns the Jurassic Park license and makes official game. Second prediction: A fully 3D scanned Jeff Goldblum makes cameo in said game but voice is only stiched together by audio clippings from previous performances.
  4. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    Computer and desktop now with textures! @Stackel, Yes its gonna be good!
  5. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    Desktop simulations are the best! I have a pretty crude setup for the mouse cursor but it seems to work well. This is how I did it, I am mapping the normal mouse position to the virtual desktop by placing a couple of gameobjects as reference points. (The virtual desktop is in the same scene as the computer.) I only need two reference points. One in the corner that represents the screen coordinate (0,0) which in unity is in the bottom right, and one in (1,1) which is top left. I made a mapping function which does the trick. The first arguments, Vector3 screenZero and Vector3 screenOne are the screen coordinates (0,0) and (1,1) on the virtual desktop. The final argument bool useZ was needed because you can see that I am also mapping the position of the 3D model (the mouse) using the same function. The 3D mouse is moving on the x,z plane while the virtual cursor is moving on x,y plane, so this is only used for that case. Here is the entire script: http://pastebin.com/Vs0faQbv Vector2 mapMouse(Vector3 screenZero, Vector3 screenOne, bool useZ){ Vector2 mouse = new Vector2(Input.mousePosition.x/Screen.width, Input.mousePosition.y/Screen.height); float cursorX = Mathf.Lerp(screenOne.x, screenZero.x, mouse.x); float cursorY; if(useZ){ cursorY = Mathf.Lerp(screenZero.z, screenOne.z, mouse.y); } else{ cursorY = Mathf.Lerp(screenZero.y, screenOne.y, mouse.y); } return new Vector2(cursorX,cursorY); } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { //Cursor Vector2 cursor = mapMouse(cursor00.transform.position, cursor11.transform.position, false); transform.position = new Vector3(cursor.x,cursor.y, transform.position.z); //mouse Vector2 mousePos = mapMouse(mouse00.transform.position, mouse11.transform.position, true); mouseModel.transform.position = new Vector3(mousePos.x, mouseModel.transform.position.y, mousePos.y); }
  6. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    I'm finally putting some more time into this, now with some new art! I put a lot of time into the background art for the 2D game, and also some time into the 3D world. I finally also decided upon a new control interface for the 2D game, which is partly done. The 2D character is now controlled with classic a point & click control scheme. Movement works for starters, so I have at least proven that I can map the real mouse to the ingame mouse properly. The main problem now is that I have been putting off designing the gameplay, I was mostly excited to create the character and art stuff and also the desktop simulation. I am ditching the dig dug idea though, so this will be more like one screen of an adventure game at best. I hope to finish one puzzle, your goal is still to excavate the ambered mosquito. I would also like to add some sound effects, like some computer humming, mouse clicks and some game sound from the 2D game too hopefully. So I have a lot to do tomorrow if I want to finish before the deadline. I would also like to add some tiny environmental storytelling in the 3D world, we will see.
  7. I'm continually delighted by how sparse environments in video games are often more evocative than their triple A, hyper realistic counterparts if that makes sense. Those suitcases are very cute and the zombies.
  8. [Dev Log] Build The Nublar

    That looks lovely!
  9. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    Yeah, I was worrying about that, so that's good to know! I am using Unity with Spriter2Unity plugin. I also linked their forum thread above. There is also which was good.
  10. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    The other aspect of this game is that I want to this to play on an ingame monitor in a desolated laboratory. I noticed Jake had the same idea so now I feel silly! Edit: At least the monitor idea that is. Edit2: and Jurrasic Park theme. Anyway this is where I have got with this so far, I am using the render texture from a camera to capture the 2D game and I want to make a cool monitor and computer to put it on. Here's what currently works in the game: You can walk up to the cube and press E-key to switch from FPS-controller to the 2D-controller. I am using Unitys default player controller for 2D. I also found this Unity plugin for Spriter called Spriter2Unity which allows me to easily import the character from spriter. Here is the Spriter2Unity forum thread also if you are interested.
  11. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    The first thing I started with this weekend was the character, I figured the character animations would be a lot of the work. Although I haven't finished all of the animations, I need to figure out gameplay specifics and focus more on programming now. This will be player character, I have animated and rigged it in Spriter which is working quite nicely I think! I have made a few more animations that I neglect to show because they are so similar. I have so far made an idle animation and also a dig forward and pickaxe forward. I might need to do dig up and pick up, but I haven't decided if I want to do this for gameplay reasons.
  12. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    Haven't decided yet if I'm doing something! But I sure felt disgustingly nostalgic when looking through old idle thumbs episodes for some reason! Anyway here are the titles I found inspiring. Mostly idle thumbs, but the Terminal7 ep. title was the first to jump out at me! Anyone is more than welcome to use these ideas even if I do/don't. Terminal7 26: Life as a Dung Beetle <-- Could be a classic SNES platformer but you are a beetle that have to roll a dung ball through all of the levels. Idle Thumbs UK 2: Conversation Killer <-- You are some kind of grim reaper that kills by calmly conversing your target to death? Idle Thumbs 186: Doctor DNA <-- some kind of puzzle game where you are completing DNA strings Idle Thumbs 147: The Titan Falls <-- just sound ridiculously dramatic and I like it, I imagine this would be a literal titan guy where you avoid birds and stuff while falling down Idle Thumbs 137: Data Complete <-- a fast paced game where you have to fill in missing Data in some kind of data stream? Idle Thumbs 122: Mario's Picnic <-- mario clone where you eat food but the goomba are trying to steal it? Idle Thumbs 89: The Ship Economy <-- you manage the on ship economy: the ship will move forward when you are making a profit but backwards when you are taking losses
  13. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Well I recall him talking about doing crossword puzzles daily/weekly so that might explain it. Also; Looking forward to the next stream!
  14. Grim Dawn

    Oh man, I've played 25 hours of Grim Dawn the last two weeks, it's been really good. I am playing as an pyromancer (demolitionist + occultist). Playing as a Pyromancer gives you tons of options as far as ranged attacks, curses, bombs, poisons. I can also summon a hellhound and some kind of magic raven. It's dope. I've hardly played Path of Exile or Diablo 3, only a couple of hours of each them, so there's that. I don't know that I can add very much to that discussion. So far as I have been able to tell Grim Dawn feels like the most idiosyncratic of the bunch. Like you can stumble upon bosses that are +10 levels above yourself, there have been a lot of secret or secluded areas/caves/dungeons. Even with it's creatures it mixes Titan Quest-esque skellies/huge ogres with demons that's straight out of Diablo 2 and even throws in some cowboys on top of that and some lovecraft looking creatures. The progression through the world has also had some elements of non-linearity so far, where you can repair different bridges and unlock new areas. I unlocked an area that was full of level 32 - 35 dudes when I something like lvl24 . There has also been a few choices in conversations, like you choose which character to side with in some argument and this then changes which character becomes a blacksmith in town later.
  15. I concur! I really fell for him when he did the Far Cry 2 stream for Giant Bomb. Edit: The stream in question:
  16. 2-Hour Jam

    I wanted to make a linear 3D first-person adventure game. Here is a Lets Play in the form of a shitty gif, if you want to spare the effort of downloading the game. https://giphy.com/gifs/26tnilc3iitMPhj3i In the end I didn't have time (suprise) to add real gameplay. You can basically walk forward with 'w'-key and push around stones with your mouseclick, and there is a shitty jump on the spacebar. You are constrained to walk along a track, there are two lanes, so side-stepping ('a & d' keys) switches between them. You cannot walk backwards, so be careful. Download is available here: http://cejlindkvist.itch.io/a-small-step
  17. Oh boy, somehow missed this until today! Congrats on a great first ep.
  18. I just bought this game a couple of days ago and it's awesome! There's a shade of what it's like to rob the black market in Spelunky but greatly expanded upon with new mechanics. I hope Chris streams this game at some point, I did enjoy his Spelunky streams greatly!
  19. Nonviolent and Alternative mechanics

    Gone Home. Offworld Trading Company, still early access but it looks pretty sweet. I think there are a few violent mechanics, like sabotage, but it seems to be pretty light on that stuff. Shelter *Badger simulator That's all I got. No two more different games have ever been on the same list. Edit: *I had to add the prime badger simulator to this list of lists to cover every market.
  20. Post Your Game for Playtesting and Feedback!

    I guess I'll chime in, @Tasty Shrimp, short and sweet, I'd be interested to see the concept expanded on. The Half-Life intro could have played something like that, would have been pretty sweet. @Lork, I think I mostly managed to figure out the controls without reading any of the tutorial, the combat feels nice and it looks nice too, I didn't play for very long but I would've liked a little bit snappier/faster reload times, the dash move and the neon blade was very nice. I played with xbox controller.
  21. I'll say! Good job.
  22. The largest projects I have worked on have almost only been in a school setting with at most like 20 people, we are at the moment like 13 I think. The actual games are scoped very small though and they are for learning purposes. But I think for any project of any size, documentation is quite valuable, especially larger projects. I get paralyzed if I try to keep it all in my head, so I write it down. For example, a lot of games needs to have an art pipeline, animation pipeline, level design pipeline. Like, what are the steps you need to do to import a 3D mesh or animation. Of course when you are working with other people, you get the luxury of not having to worry about the other disciplines as much. The only reason I specifically mention researching and documenting the content pipeline is because that's an important part of what I personally do as a Tech Artist at school.
  23. Burning out rapidly on ideas

    I just try to record my ideas in a notebook, that way you can forget about them and read them later, a lot of ideas won't hold up well upon reviewing. For me ideas typically only exists in two states, either it's living or dead. A living idea sprouts branches, just thinking about it gives me new ideas, there are many directions to take it. When I have a living idea I usually spend a lot of my free time obsessing over it, researching things and so on, if I find things in my research I write that down in my notebook. Dead ideas to me are just that, it doesn't matter how much energy I pour into them, they won't grow, they don't give me anything back. If it's dead I just bury it in my notebook with the rest of it. I always try to dig for the root of an idea, the root of a tree has the potential to feed on the water of the soil, and the branches will sprout if you feed it. The idea that dies is the broken branch of a much larger tree when I cant find the root. At this point, I'm just indulging myself with the metaphor. I'm so sorry. Go on with your business.
  24. Motivation.

    I like the idea, it's easy to set aside an hour now and then, and you don't have to feel bad if you don't have time.