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  1. Destiny

    Neat! Aim to do some raids or whatever it is?
  2. Letterboxd

    Ooh, more people to follow! I'm on Letterboxd as well.
  3. Other podcasts

    Thank you both for the recommendation. This is now permanently on my feed.
  4. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    I'm not really sure I get how communities work? Is it not a thing I can join so I can broadcast to it?
  5. Other podcasts

    I'm still working through backlog, but damn, this show is a pure joy. I'm on their call-in episode and it's just so good!
  6. Other podcasts

    I've been listening to Reply All lately and it's just plain great all around. It's equal parts bizarre, touching, funny, and interesting. Per their about page:
  7. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    After not really streaming for a while, I've kinda picked it up again (from my PS4). Did some ABZU over the weekend, which had a couple viewers. I'll have to see how well my laptop can handle streaming and maybe do some games on there too. I don't really know what people look for with streaming though, as it's not really a thing I usually go for? If I watch someone playing a thing, I generally just want to get an idea of what a game is to see if I may like it. Many streamers I've seen try far too hard to be "personalities" and end up being intolerable.
  8. Destiny

    I likely will not be able to do Saturday.
  9. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    I'm in the same boat. I got a fair ways into Seasons and stopped playing for some reason. Having to restart is kind of off-putting.
  10. Destiny

    Should be good for that one!
  11. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    You're not alone.
  12. Destiny

    Saw your post. I've also had decent luck with The 100, so that's another option.
  13. Destiny

    Noon EST is 9 am for me, so I could probably do an hour earlier. 2 is pushing it a little.
  14. Destiny

    Works for me!
  15. Destiny

    I've got most of the day. Sundays are usually just groceries for me, but I'm going to try to do those Saturday so I don't have to go out Sunday.
  16. Destiny

    I'd be down for a raid. I still haven't done any of the older ones, so wouldn't mind a shot at those if people were up for it.
  17. Destiny

    As it stands, I've got no prior commitments on Sunday, so if that works for others, I'm good to go!
  18. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    I just got this over the weekend and I am sad it took me this long to get it. If anyone is still playing let me know and we can ink some fools!
  19. Destiny

    Saturday this weekend is a write-off for me. Taking my mom out for dinner.
  20. Destiny

    I'd be in, but my work schedule is absolutely screwed right now (OT everywhere). If you see me online and need one more, shoot me an invite though!

    They do not!
  22. Recently completed video games

    Finally was able to wrap Xenoblade Chronicles. It almost did me in at the end when I was essentially forced to grind so that I wasn't missing attacks 75% of the time.
  23. Destiny

    So long as timing works for me, I'm in for most raids. Raids I've done with Thumbs have been the best raids! If you've got me on your friends list and see me online, or even if you don't (I've got the messages app on my phone), shoot me a message to see if I'm around to play!
  24. Infinite Jest

    Yeah, after typing that I realized there are a lot of parallels for how they are talked about vs the actual experiences. Unlike most "Dark Souls of" comments, this one may actually work!
  25. Infinite Jest

    Would you say it's the... Dark Souls of books? Seriously though, it's not a hard book, it's just huge, and likely to take you a while so some things may not be clearly remembered. The thing I had the hardest time with was keeping the years of Subsidized Time straight in my head.