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  1. I've just heard that Streets of Rage 2 and Sonic 2 are coming to 3DS in the Sega 3D Classics series. These are ports of Sega arcade or Genesis/Mega Drive games but the word 'port' carries a bad smell which these releases don't deserve to be tainted with. They're made by M2 and so much care and attention appears to go into them it makes you want to buy Altered Beast just to support them. If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading through their interviews on the Sega blog. Anyhoo, my joy at the news of Sonic 2 getting rereleased for the thousandth time started me thinking about reissues or VC releases that match or even improve on the original release. The general consensus for playing old games would be to play them on original hardware for the best experience. But with tech getting old and changing and taking up space and dying, it's often a ballache too far. And, while there are differences in controllers, playing Sonic (which requires a D-pad and a button) on a DS rather than a Mega Drive pad is hardly , is it? You've got good, non-virtual buttons. Do I lose anything measurable in the transition? Audio quality perhaps. Is the original Grim Fandango CD-ROM inferior to the remaster? I know they're both the same game, but is it truly worth the time, effort and expense to find the original and get it running when a beautiful remaster with convenient, modern options is so easily available? Would I get ANYTHING from that endeavour, other than purist self-satisfaction? Is a SNES pad and the CRT 'experience' necessary to get the best from Link To The Past or is that nostalgic BS? What if I've got the Wii SNES controller? It's a minefield! With so many re-releases coming thick and fast (and for much younger games), and with retro steaming services soon to become a reality, I think it's interesting to discuss if the hipster playing original Tetris on an original GB is having a better time than me playing it on a 3DS. Will people in 15 years be ebaying PS3s for the 'authentic' Last of Us experience? My question, boiled down: Can you think or any re-released games that suit their new environment well enough to make the original obsolete?