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  1. The hilarious Human: Fall Flat

    I got annoyed by the fiddly controls and clashed with the puzzle design. It felt like the puzzles required the one perfect solution designed for them, i was hoping for something where you could sort of hilariously stumble to success
  2. Favorite/Best Game Trailers

    Inspired by this RPS article I decided to start a thread of our favorite game trailers. The one that immediately sprung to mind was this trailer for Hitman: Contracts What are your favorites?
  3. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Mad Max I got it on sale an knew it wasn't a perfect game. I had fun blowing up stuff smashing into cars and driving all over the wasteland, but had been avoiding racing because I never enjoy it in any game. Got to a story mission near the end that is a super annoying race. After failing it 4 times I quit. Part of the issue is 99% of the game, even the optional races, are driving in a forgiving open world environment. The mission race I quit because of was very tight corridor race with infinite spawning enemies and walls that love to spin you around when you lightly tap them. Ah well, got enough fun time out of the game where I don't feel like I wasted my money.

    Superhot VR is very hard. That is all.
  5. Favorite/Best Game Trailers

    I think they put that stuff there specifically to get smashed, considering they call out the team picture and the portrait of their dog getting smashed in the behind the scenes.
  6. Favorite/Best Game Trailers

    Another great Hitman Trailer, I really like how little dialog there is This GORN Trailer is a lot of fun
  7. I am just glad we live in a world where we dont have to go to a website called happy puppy to get cheats and guides.
  8. Maybe its just because I watched TOS after seeing all of TNG, DS9 and VOY but I had a hard time finishing the series. There are only 3 or 4 episodes that I really enjoyed and the first episodes are none of those. Part of the issue is that I find the campyness to be rather off putting. But I also find the lack of character development in TOS to be offputting, I generally dislike episodic shows where everything/everyone is the same at the end of the episode/season/series as they are at the beginning. The TOS movies do much better at this, Undiscovered Country is my favorite Trek film.
  9. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    We should just spam minions at Jenna's twitter until slack is back up
  10. Recently completed video games

    I finished Ghost Recon Wildlands last night. The story was pretty terrible, lots of macho bs, drug war apologia and general jingoistic garbage, luckily all cut scenes are skippable so I was able to ignore most of it. The map is very pretty, a lot of Just Cause vibes in terms of terrain variety swampy jungle, snow mountains, salt flats and everything in between. The part of the game I enjoyed the most was actually item collection. Weapon upgrades are scattered across the map and I wanted all of them to fully tune my equipment so I flew around in a helicopter launching little raids. There is something immensely satisfying about slowly picking off guards in groups of 4 with your squad or calling in a bunch of rebel support and just charging in lobbing grenades. I also like how freeform the game is, to get to the ending you only need to complete half the missions most of which can be done in any way you like. If anyone is interested in playing I would gladly jump into a coop session. I am Cordeos on Uplay and Steam, hit me up.
  11. All of Discovery is now on on Amazon, and you can get a 3 day free trial if you are up for binging EDIT: Oops its still broadcasting I guess? So there are two more episodes not on amazon yet, I blew my 3 day free subscription
  12. GOTY of the Year

    What is the best game(s) you've played that came out this year. Mine would be Sniper Elite 4. I hadn't played any of the previous titles, but have always loved sniping in FPS/TPS games. The large, semi-open levels and slow pace really clicked with me in ways no other shooter has for a long time. Spending 1-2 hours slowly picking off guards in a level was a ton of fun, I am still terrible at playing on more realistic difficulty levels but I got a ton of enjoyment out of the game. Also big props for them releasing 3 more maps for free, considering how DLC crazy the industry is I am happy some companies are still willing to give out content they could have totally justified charging for. Also still need to get that Hitler nut shot..... Honorable Mentions: Heat Signature Total War Warhammer 2 Here is a list of what came out this year (I assume its missing a ton of Indie games):
  13. What did you buy / how much did you spend in 2017?

    I bought a lot of games that I don't feel are really 'complete-able', especially the VR titles, which makes my list seem meager. I am getting better about not having a backlog of unplayed games. I think my most played game this year was Hearts of Iron 4 which I got in July of last year. When the China DLC comes out I will dive back into it. Ghost Recon Wildlands is also really fun despite having an awful story. It scratches my Rainbow Six Vegas 2 itch. The squad controls are not super advanced, but slowly marking and clearing a whole base of enemies without getting detected is very fun. Finished: Total Warhammer 2 #Archery Full Throttle (I still remembered the solution to almost every puzzle) Sniper Elite 4 Tacoma Xenonauts Assassins Creed Origins Purchased: Monumental Failure $10 Blood Bowl 2 $11 Genital Jousting $5 AudioShield $20 Total Warhammer DLC $55 #Archery $20 Call of the Starseed $12 Stellaris DLC $20 Full Throttle $12 Everything $12 Cities Skyline DLC $28 Star Trek Bridge Crew $50 Mountain $0.5 Sniper Elite 4 $40 Superhot VR $22 Sniper Elite 3 $12 Sky Rogue $7 L U N E $2 Shogun Total War $2 GORN $15 Tacoma $18 Total Warhammer 2 + DLC $77 Stardew Valley $15 Rez Infinite $20 Xenonauts $25 Heat Signature $13 Darkest Dungeon $10 Assassins Creed Origins $60 HITMAN DLC $7 Europa Universalis 4 DLC $7 Space Hulk + DLC $15 Castle Crashers $3 Crazy Fishing $8 Ghost Recon Wildlands $40
  14. Photos of things

    I tried out Darktable, and Gimp before finding PhotoScape. I haven't dug into the more advanced editing tools but it is a solid app for browsing/deleting photos and doing basic cropping and straightening.
  15. Photos of things

    My girlfriend got me a DSLR! Nikon D3400, now that I have a good camera any suggestions on photo editing software? I used to just use Picasa but I guess Google removed the download link? Couldn't find it for my new PC.
  16. Confused about Social Media...

    I primarily use Facebook. I am super aggressive about hiding pages, especially meme or aggregator pages, I want to keep up with friends and family not what dumb jokes they like. Similarly I have paired Twitter down to just a few people, no celebs, brands, companies etc. I also block retweets from everyone to keep it to just what they themselves tweet. I like Instagram and use it frequently, also love having an infinite feed of red pandas and kittens. I have Snapchat but rarely use it as i find it too much of a bother to use two photo apps at the same time.
  17. E3 2017

    The new assassins creed seems possibly interesting as there appears to be a more open combat system, I am also interested in the boat combat, because I loved Black Flag's but these boats won't have cannons. Open world Metro sounds interesting, my main issue with the earlier games were the linear nature of them. What I really want is a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anything else announced today?
  18. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I enjoyed Homefront The Revolution. It wasn't perfect but the semi-open world urban shooting was nice. I would love a open world shooter set entirely in a ruined city where most buildings can be entered. Homefront The Revolution was the closest a game has come to that. Also being able to customize guns on the fly was super fun.
  19. Looks amazing, I will totally buy it, but could they not have made your partner have Jessica Rabbit hips/butt?
  20. Looking for TBS recommendations

    I just started playing Space Hulk Ascension, so far I really like it. Sort of similar to Xcom but meaner
  21. It was better than i expected and far better than Iron Fist. Considering the source material it wasn't ultra violent. It does an ok job dealing with PTSD and government cover ups of war crimes. It was decent background material while i was playing video games.
  22. GOTY of the Year

    Oh, I must have gotten them together on sale lol
  23. Blade Runner 2049 Sending condoms and anal beads to coworkers sounds more like sexual harassment than 'jokes' to me
  24. Assassin's Creed Origins

    I lit a boat on fire while two lions were loose on it, was a bit of a mess. Also blew myself up in the lighthouse of Alexandria with an accidental sword swing.
  25. Blade Runner 2049

    I have been busy and was only now able to see it in theaters, glad I did because the Visuals were by far my favorite part of the film, especially because overall i thought the film was just ok. Also its not a romance scene in the original its straight up rape, I don't like watching the original because of that scene.