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  1. E3 2018

    Pumped for Just Cause 4 I am still not sure about cyberpunk, I am interested but Witcher 2 & 3 both failed to grab me. We know so little that I can't form a real opinion.
  2. South Park

    The problem more generally is that there is no room for people with genuine beliefs in the world of South Park. Everyone has ulterior motives.
  3. The Leftovers (HBO)

    Has anyone else watched The Leftovers? I am on the fence about this show, it seems more concerned with the same kind of human drama that other shows do, but sometimes there is weird magical/mystical stuff I find interesting. Probably going to see how I feel after season 1 is over.
  4. Missions that made you quit

    This came up on the most recent Crate & Crowbar. Has there been a mission in a game that was so hard, so fiddly, so stupid, so poorly written, so offensive etc. That you simply couldn't continue. Two games immediatly came to mind. Mad Max had a racing mission, before that 100% of the driving was out in the desert so you could drive like a crazy person swinging all over the place. Suddenly you are racing against a bunch of respawning cars in tight corridors full of traps. I found in insanely frustrating and since I was mostly done with the game I just abandoned it. Similarly Starlancer had a mission where you had to defend you spacecraft carrier from long range torpedo ships. There were too many shooting too quickly and your AI buddies we're useless. I failed over and over and over again. I am sure I will think of more games as I pull this over. How about y'all?
  5. I had a random thought about movies

    Is there a term for when a director/writer inserts a monologue or dialog that has a distinct feeling of the director/writer just wanting to spout some of their personal philosophy at the audience? Might not be the best example but Tarantino seems very guilty of this, the feet conversation in Pulp Fiction and the tipping conversation in Reservoir Dogs come to mind. (Its possible I am just misinterpreting ham handed character building)
  6. Legion (FX series)

    Anyone watching Season 2? I am loving it so far, it seems like they got a bigger budget to make the show even weirder visually.
  7. Quitter's Club: Don't be afraid to quit the book

    I just quit Daemon the writer has no idea how to write female characters or dialog, it was really painful. Good thing I can't remember who recommended the book to me or they would get an ear full
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    I have watched a few episodes, I have gotten a little annoyed with the narrative of the show that a makeover and remodeling will create giant changes in these peoples lives, I really wonder how many are actually able to maintain the new habits they are shown.
  9. Hot In Space: Heat Signature

    There isn't a thread about this game and there probably should be. I am starting to feel brave and equipped enough to to do Hard missions. I am usually wrong.
  10. Far Cry 5

    Most of the articles I have read say it has done little to nothing to upgrade the gameplay systems, is it worth getting now to coop or should I wait for a sale/when I get bored of Surviving Mars?
  11. LucasArts adventure games on GOG and Steam

    No Sam & Max Hit The Road
  12. I watched the whole season, while overall its still the best of the Netflix Marvel shows, S2 is a definite step down from S1 in terms of plot, especially the side plots
  13. Was shocked there wasn't a thread for Into The Breach yet. I have already played 6 hours of it, main goal is trying to unlock more squads. I enjoy how tense the game is and how many trade offs you have to make. So far my attempts at venturing beyond Easy difficulty have ended in quick death. Maybe I will try later with a custom squad of my favorite units. Two Squads I found particularly useless were the Fire squad (Flame Behemoths) which simply didn't do enough damage and one based around pushing (Zenith Guard) where a units only move damaged itself. Right now I am using the weather based squad (Rusting Hulks) and am really enjoying them. Over all I like it more than FTL partially because its hard to limp along to the end, if you mess up you will usually die pretty fast. Blitzkrieg is also a pretty good squad.
  14. Best Third-Person Shooters

    Hitman 2016 and Blood Money are fantastic although they are more stealth than shooter. Just Cause 2 & 3 are absolutely bonkers but have probably the best systems for moving around an open world. Spec Ops: The Line is cover based but does a better job than most shooters of having an interesting story. Ghost Recon Wildlands has a terrible jingoistic story but I found sneaking around in the jungle and stealthily taking out outposts to be super enjoyable. I loved my time with Mercenaries 1 but I don't know how easy it is to play these days, Mercs 2 wasn't as good. Smashing buildings in Red Faction Guerilla is pretty fun Red Dead Redemption was far superior to any of the GTA games I've played in terms of shooting If you can tolerate the sense of humor Saints Row 3 & 4 can be a good time
  15. So far I am enjoying it aside from having no idea what I am doing, how to do anything efficiently (or correctly in general). I am finding it to be a lot more compelling than Cities: Skylines due to everything feeling a lot more critical, I had a water shortage that I was scrambling to deal with so as to not have my colonists die. In Cities I doubt I would have cared as much. The smaller scale probably helps a lot with that since having 1 of 12 colonists die feels a lot worse than hundreds of people out of tens of thousands (am I a monster?)
  16. Its funny because I feel exactly the opposite, I found cities got really dull as soon as I set up the basic city. Where as in Surviving Mars I feel like I'm always on the edge of cascading failures and colony collapse which keeps me going.
  17. Marvel movies

    Thats true, I did appreciate the lack of a random villain flip. I just meant that JJ s1 felt far more impactful and interesting, I liked s2 but it was not nearly as good as s1.
  18. Marvel movies

    I finished Jessica Jones season 2. Not nearly as good as S1, not that i'm super surprised, its just felt more like all the other Netflix Marvel shows than S1 did.
  19. Far Cry 5

    I am going to get Far Cry 5 because open world games with sniping are something I cannot resist. I am not sold on the DLC, I get annoyed with DLC that is totally separate from the base game and though I enjoyed Blood Dragon well enough the FC4 Yeti DLC was uninspired. I am especially wary of that Vietnam one, I fear it will be the classic Ra Ra USA portrayal. We were super duper the bad guys in South East Asia and they way it calls out facing vietcong made me cringe.
  20. Movie/TV recommendations

    The new Tick tv show on Amazon Prime is surprisingly good. One of the better comedy shows I've seen lately and a very good antidote to the overly self serious Marvel shows/movies.
  21. To unlock all the normal squads you only need about 50% of the achievements however there is a special squad that costs 25 coins so getting every squad would require all achievements.
  22. Some of the pilots that have special powers have more character. I got a guy who game me 1 extra redo turn per battle and he was extremely talkative.
  23. The discussion on podcast theme licensing made me think of Turkish Star Wars due to production issues they stole scenes and music from a bunch of movies.
  24. Movie/TV recommendations

    Netflix has a new series called Dirty Money its really good. From the guy who wrote Smartest Guys in the Room about Enron. It looks at how damaging and integral criminal levels of greed are in our economy. The only episode I didn't like was the one about the Maple Syrup Heist in Canada because I felt like it didn't really explain the issues very well, other then that a great series.