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  1. Nintendo 3DS

    Much of my 3DS playtime is before I go to bed, or right after I've woke up (if I have nothing to do that day). For better or worse, playing my 3DS has replaced reading books when it comes to "things to do while lying around in bed".
  2. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    (Edit: Apologies for the useless pageking. I suppose I'll make some use out of it by emphasising that I'm always looking for more 3DS buddies. I don't really battle since I don't have the roster for it but I'm very willing to trade!) I wish I had the drive to not only breed for shinies (I've done it with success once through the Masuda method. That purple-haired Zoroark is still my precious baby, even if it sucks in battle) but to put in the extra work to try to make sure they're battle ready as well, like IV/nature/egg move breeding on top of it. I imagine that getting a shiny charm is a big part of the process, but all that effort needed to fill the Pokedex, bleeeh. (I know the GTS makes doing that a lot easier than before, but bleeeeeeeh)
  3. Nintendo 3DS

    If you don't mind adding a chronic lurker, I still play Animal Crossing daily, though Xenoblade has been quite the distraction since I got it last night. Friend code: 5129-3269-3257 You can also add me on Steam to easily let me know when you're interested in visiting/being visited. (That also goes for anyone else in the thread. I'm always interested in more 3DS buddies)
  4. Broken Age - Double Fine Adventure!

    They also worked through a huge pile of name suggestions from backers in the forum, but the big problem with a lot of them (particularly the good ones) was that they were already copyrighted, largely by old obscure things. I think the name Broken Age was Lee Petty's suggestion? I don't recall for sure but it's somewhere in the documentary.
  5. Cartoons!

    (Look, ma, I'm actually posting!) I've yet to catch up with Steven Universe but I feel compelled to chime in here due to the current conversation. As someone who is aromantic and at least to a certain degree asexual (I'm not totally turned off by the idea of my reproductive bits engaging in physical contact with someone else's reproductive bits but I've never really felt any desire to seek that sort of thing out), better representation in media feels like a bit of a pipe dream at the moment because so many people still get utterly confused at the simple idea of asexuality or aromaticism, some refusing to believe that it's real at all or convincing themselves that it's a mental disorder. I definitely have a desire to be around people (I have a tight-knit group of friends and I get lonely fairly quickly if I don't have an opportunity to interact with any of them, either over the internet or IRL), just not in a romantic or sexual way. Something I would love to see in media, and it feels like an simple baby step that can be taken towards better representation of asexual and aromantic people, would be more platonic friendships between men and women without one of them having to have the "excuse" of being LGBT. Much of media in general (and a worrying number of actual people) seems convinced that it's impossible that men and women can just be friends without sexual tension (such as one side getting "friendzoned" (I abhor that word with a passion)) or an inevitable romance.
  6. World of Warcraft

    I play Alliance side on Wyrmrest Accord (US), and I've been playing WoW since late BC. I should probably be ashamed in myself for never taking a break longer than about a week from the game. Despite the length of time I've been playing WoW, my list of social contacts is pretty tiny because I've always been horribly shy and terrible at reaching out to people outside of whatever guild I'm in at the time, but I'd definitely be open to buddying up with some Thumbs if any are willing. I've always been weary of posting this sort of stuff out in the open, so just send me a PM and I'll gladly share my Battletag.
  7. Webcomics

    I'm quite fond of String Theory. It's a science-fiction comic set in an alternate timeline where the cold war never ended, and the plot focuses on a scientist's descent into supervillainy. It's still ongoing, and the art improves significantly as it goes on.
  8. Cartoons!

    Anyway, to make a post that's not rife with potentially massive spoilers, the episode of Gravity Falls that aired tonight was amazing and I really want to discuss it with someone but I don't personally know anyone that watches the show, and that brings me physical pain. Sock Opera might just be my favorite episode of the entire series so far.
  9. Cartoons!

    Almost certainly huge spoilers on that subject lie beyond this point. It involves a (supposedly, but looks really legit) leaked picture from a future episode.
  10. Feminism

    I know it's definitely impracticable to take that approach with every hostile person on Twitter (there's far too many of them and not nearly enough time in the world) and my skin isn't thick enough to give it a go myself, but it tickled the stupidly-optimistic part of my brain that wants to believe that there's hope for at least some of these people.
  11. Feminism

    This is a pretty good read. The ending is a positive one.
  12. I have no consoles at the moment (I'm eying the 3DS but I'm gonna wait on that new model) so all of my game playin' is on the PC. I play the Spelunky daily challenge every day that I can if anyone's looking for more people to populate their leaderboards. There's no other Steam games that I play at that level of regularly but I do have a stupidly massive backlog that I occasionally dig through.
  13. It's difficult to control a character in a 2D game with it for the reasons that have already been stated above. It feels like it was made with weapon selection wheels in mind. I've tried playing precision platformers with the 360's d-pad and it just sent me running and screaming back to the analog stick or a different controller. I've been considering buying a modkit for my 360 controller that would replace the d-pad with something more accurate.
  14. Listening to casts whilst gaming

    MMOs and Spelunky are my podcast-listening games. For Spelunky, I still have the music turned on, since it's a useful tool for knowing when there's still an angry shopkeeper to be concerned about, but I have it set very low.
  15. Feminism

    It looks like he deleted that retweet.